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Rezolvarea exercitiilor de la Unit 8: ONCE UPON A TIME … din caietul de lucru la limba engleza pentru clasa a IV-a intitulat SET SAIL 4 - Activity Book, Editura Express Publishing, Autori Jenny Doodley si Virginia Evans, Editia 2004

SET SAIL 4 - Unit 8: Once upon a time… = A fost odata …

Set Sail 4 - ex 1 / page 36

2. He played
3. She sang
4. He traveled

Set Sail 4 - ex 2 / page 36

Aici raspunsurile pot varia de la elev la elev.

·        Clean my room = a face curat in camera
·        Wash the dishes = a spala vasele
·        Paint a picture = a picta un tablou
·        Visit a friend = a face o vizita unui prieten
·        Play a game = a se juca un joc
·        Watch TV = a se uita la televizor
·        Help my mother = a-mi ajuta mama
·        Cook lunch – a pregati (gati) pranzul

I cleaned my room but I didn’t cook lunch.
I painted a picture but I didn’t wash the dishes.
I watched TV but I didn’t play a game.
I helped my mother but I didn’t visit a friend.

Set Sail 4 - ex 3 / page 37

2. She cooked and cleaned all day.
3. The prince invited the ugly sisters to the palace.
4. One day a Fairy Godmother visited her.
5. She asked the Fairy Godmother for help.
6. She danced with the prince at the Palace.
7. The prince married her.
8. They lived happily ever after.

A. Seeping Beauty = Frumoasa Adormita
B. Cinderalla = Cenusareasa
C. Snow White = Alba ca Zapada

Set Sail 4 - ex 4 / page 38

Ascultati .

1.    v
2.     v
3.     x
4.     v

Set Sail 4 - ex 5 / page 34

A: When did you watch a video?
B: I watched a video on Tuesday. What about you?
A: Oh, I watched a video on Wednesday.

A: When did you paint a picture?
B: I painted a picture on Wednesday. What about you?
A: Oh, I painted a picture on Monday.

A: When did you clean the room?
B: I cleaned the room on Thursday. What about you?
A: Oh, I cleaned the room on Friday.

A: When did you stay home?
B: I stayed home on Saturday. What about you?
A: Oh, I stayed home on Sunday.

A: When did you wash the dog?
B: I washed the dog on Monday. What about you?
A: Oh, I washed the dog on Tuesday.

A: When did you visit grandmother?
B: I visited grandmother on Friday. What about you?
A: Oh, I visited grandmother on Saturday.

A: When did you play tennis?
B: I played tennis on Sunday. What about you?
A: Oh, I played tennis on Thursday.

Set Sail 4 - ex 6 / page 39

1. girl and her dog   
2. mountain
3. fox
4. mom
5. fox
6. tree  

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