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Rezolvarea exercitiilor de la UNIT 9 din caietul de limba engleza pentru clasa VI intitulat READING AND WRITING TARGETS 2, Editura Express Publishing, Autori Virginia Evans si Jenny Dooney, Editia 2011

UNIT 9: Every Picture Tells a Story!
Pages 36 - 39

Exercise 1

Feelings: excited/ surprised/ happy
Time of day: early morning
Weather: cold and snowy
Words to be explained: mail, shout, outside, still, even, silent, whistling, mail box, package

1. Jim and his mother.
2. He was outside his house.
3. It was morning.
4. The weather was cold and snowy.
5. He walked to the mail box and saw a package.
6. He probably felt surprised and very excited.

a ”Please collect the mail!” Jim’s mother shouted to him that cold snowy morning. (Direct speech)
b cold, snowy (weather)
c still, white, silent (atmosphere)
d Then, he saw the package. (mystery/ suspense)

You can begin a story by using direct speech, by describing the atmosphere and the weather, or by creating mystery or suspense.

Suggested title: The Package

Exercise 2

“Keep still, Barkley!” said Peter to his small, brown and white dog. It was a sunny morning with a clear blue sky, and Peter and Barkley were in the middle of a busy, noisy road. Peter was trying to carry Barkley across the street, when he suddenly noticed a man with a camera on the other side of the road. He was pleased to see his friend Paul after so many years.

1. Peter, his dog, Barkley, and a man with a camera were involved in the story.
2. Peter and his dog, Barkley, were in the middle of a busy, noisy road in a town/ city.
3. It was morning.
4. It was sunny and there was a clear blue sky.
5. Peter felt pleased.
6. He saw that the man with the camera was an old friend of his, Paul.

Exercise 3

It was a beautiful, sunny morning and the birds were singing in the trees. Danny and his family were on a camping holiday near a big forest. The forest seemed exciting and magical. Suddenly, Danny heard a strange noise, which puzzled him, so he decided to go into the forest alone and explore.

Exercise 4

1. Jim felt really glad and excited.
2. “Was it from you?”
3. The teacher smiled at him but didn’t answer.
4. The mystery was that Jim never discovered who sent the package.

You can end a story by describing someone’s feelings or reactions, by using direct speech or by creating mystery.

Exercise 5

I think Barkley became a film star.

1. Peter felt proud of Barkley.
2. The film was a big success.
3. “Well done, Superdog!”
4. Peter received a letter that morning.
5. He was surprised because someone famous wanted Barkley to star in his next film.

Peter felt proud of Barkley. The film was a big success. “Well done, Superdog!” said Peter. That morning he received a letter. Can you guess who wanted Barkley to star in his next film?

Exercise 6

Unknown words to be explained: relieved, safe, forest, dark, mysterious, alone

Danny felt relieved as he was safe again with his family. The forest was a dark and mysterious place and Danny was very lucky to be home again. Ha felt guilty because he still remembered his father’s words: ”Don’t ever go into the forest alone!”

Exercise 7

1. collect
2. mail
3. still
4. silent
5. package
6. certain

Exercise 8

Regular verbs: walked, asked, didn’t answer
Irregular verbs: were, saw, had, felt, sat, knew, sent

Exercise 9

S3: Mary walked for hours in the forest.
S4: They were frightened when they heard the noise.
S5: Rob and Sue sat at the back of the cinema, etc.

Exercise 10

Words to be explained: stone wall, barking, deep breath, side, desperately

1. looked
2. was raining
3. heard
4. wanted
5. was
6. didn’t sound
7. took
8. began
9. knew
10. was
11. was waiting
12. shouted

Exercise 11

3. cloud
4. rain
5. snowy
6. stormy
7. fog
8. icy
9. mist
10. chilly

  • It was a bright sunny day, so we went to the beach.
  • We nearly had an accident driving on the icy roads.
  • A strange man was moving towards us through the misty forest, etc.

Exercise 12

1. angry
2. scared
3. worried
4. happy
5. tired
6. confused

·       Tom felt scared when he saw a huge snake in his garage.
·       Ann felt worried when she didn’t have enough money to pay her bills.
·       Bob felt happy when he heard his sister was having a baby.
·       Sue felt tired after working all morning.
·       Steve felt confused when he looked at the box.

Exercise 13

2. Alex touched the old wooden door with his hand.
3. Ed went swimming in the beautiful calm lake.
4. John walked through the big cool forest.
5. John was afraid of the dangerous grey wolves.
6. Jim sat next to the burning hot fire.
7. Christine watched the strange old man getting into the big car.
8. Danny saw a big brown package.

Exercise 14

·       I think this story is about a woman who wants to grow plants in her garden but she doesn’t know how to do so. In the end I think she succeeds and grows a big pumpkin.

a. “Oh no. What am I going to do? She cried. She remembered her grandmother’s wise words: “Never give up! After all, tomorrow is another day!” (direct speech)
b. sunny, dry (weather)
c. peaceful, beautiful (atmosphere)
d. sad, happy, proud, relieved (feelings)
e. “Oh no! What am I going to do?” she cried (mystery)

Exercise 15


     It was a cold, misty winter night and Christine was sitting at home next to the fireplace. She was knitting a scarf for her little boy, Peter, when suddenly a strange noise broke the peaceful silence of the night. Christine felt nervous. “Who’s there?” she called out.


     Christine and Peter were standing outside the house. They felt exhausted, but they were glad because their nightmare was over. They were watching the dangerous man getting into the police car. Just then, he turned around and looked at them with cold, black eyes: “I’ll be back!” he threatened. “That’s a promise!”

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