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Rezolvarea exercitiilor de la UNIT 5 din caietul de limba engleza pentru clasa VI intitulat READING AND WRITING TARGETS 2, Editura Express Publishing, Autori Virginia Evans si Jenny Dooney, Editia 2011

UNIT 5: Happy New Year!
Pages 20 - 23

Exercise 1

A – 4
B – 1
C – 3
D – 2
E – No picture

Exercise 2

National Holiday: 2
Religious Holiday: 1

Exercise 3

1. Scotland, December 31st (New Year’s Eve)
2. The arrival of the new year.
3. They send invitations and decorate their houses with colourful balloons and banners saying “Happy New Year”. They also buy drinks and prepare delicious food.
4. People dress in their best clothes and go to parties. They dance, eat and have fun. At midnight everyone shouts “Happy New Year!”.
5. They sing a traditional Scottish song, Auld Lang Syne.
6. It tells us to forget the bad things and all be friends.
7. They feel happy.

Exercise 4

New Year’s Eve, colourful balloons, Happy New Year, delicious food, best clothes, traditional (Scottish) song, bad things, Scotch whisky, magnificent fireworks, good luck, perfect way.

Exercise 5

1. a
2. b
3. a
4. b
5. a
6. a

Exercise 6

1. celebrate
2. prepare
3. join
4. visit
5. strikes
6. feels
7. fireworks
8. invitations

Exercise 7

1. traditional
2. Happy
3. colourful
4. magnificent
5. perfect
6. delicious
7. best
8. good

Exercise 8

A.   At a birthday party children usually wear 1) smart clothes and 2) colourful party hats. They eat 3) delicious food and they play some 4) exciting games.
B.   The wedding day is a very 1) special day for the couple. The bride wears a 2) beautiful white wedding dress and the groom wears a 3) formal suit.
C.   Carnival in my country is like a 1) huge street party. We stand at the side of the road and watch the dancers in their 2) magnificent costumes as they perform their 3) difficult dance routines.

Exercise 9

A.   St Valentine’s Day
B.   Mothering Sunday
C.   Halloween

Exercise 10

Carnival takes place in the last few days before Lent in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. During Carnival people eat, drink and dance. They celebrate Carnival to have fun before Lent begins.

Exercise 11

During: a, c, e, g, h.

Exercise 12

2. People buy pumpkins to make special lanterns. (Halloween)
3. People buy flowers for their loved ones. (St. Valentine’s)
4. People put beautiful decorations on the tree. (Christmas)
5. People play tricks on each other. (April Fool’s Day)

Exercise 13

·       It’s a wonderful day. Everyone has fun and enjoys themselves.
·       It’s a very special day. Everyone feels proud and pleased with themselves.
·       It’s a fantastic day. Everyone is excited and feels lucky to take part in the celebration.

Exercise 14

1. c
2. a
3. b

1.     2nd paragraph
2.   4th paragraph
3.   3rd paragraph
4.   1st paragraph

Exercise 15

-        hire a magician
-        decorate the house
-        make a birthday cake
-        write invitations
-        buy crisps and popcorn

-        wear paper hats
-        play games
-        give bags with little presents to guests
-        dance
-        open presents
-        blow out the candles on the cake

Exercise 16

        Birthdays celebrate the day we were born. In my country we celebrate birthdays every year at home with a birthday party for friends.
        There are many things we do before a birthday party. We usually decorate the house with balloons and banners. We make a birthday cake and hire a magician. We also buy crisps and popcorn. We write invitations and send them to our friends.
       During the party everyone wears paper hats. Some people dance and others play games. We put candles on the cake and light them. The person who is celebrating the birthday blows out the candles and makes a wish. Then he/ she opens the presents that everyone has brought for him/ her. We also give bags with little presents to all the guests when they leave.
      Everyone enjoys themselves very much at birthday parties. Having a party is a great way to celebrate your birthday!

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