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Rezolvarea exercitiilor de la UNIT 7 din caietul de limba engleza pentru clasa VI intitulat READING AND WRITING TARGETS 2, Editura Express Publishing, Autori Virginia Evans si Jenny Dooney, Editia 2011

UNIT 7: It’s a Bargain!
Pages 28 - 31

Exercise 1

1. Letter A asks for information.
2. Letter B gives information.
3. Letter A – starts: Dear Mark; finishes: Thanks, Jane Roberts
Letter B – starts: Dear Jane; finishes: Mark Peters
4. Letter B includes a detailed description of the TV.
5. No, it doesn’t.

Exercise 2

Words to be explained: first of all, screen, remote control handset, batteries, portable, inches, handle, everything
1. Jane is interested in buying the TV./ Mark is interested in selling the TV.
2. Jane is asking for information about the TV./ Mark is giving information about the TV.
3. The screen is twenty inches.
4. The TV comes with a remote control handset (with brand new batteries.)
5. The TV is in excellent condition.
6. It costs fifty-five pounds.

Exercise 3

a). A, B, F
b). C, D, E

Exercise 4

1. student’s name
2. old is
3. colour is
4. big is the
5. it portable
6. it come with
7. are you selling
8. much do you want

Exercise 5

A: Hello?
B: Hello, I’m Jack Hamilton. I’m interested in buying your hair-drier. How old is it?
A: It’s five years old.
B: What colour is it?
A: It’s black.
B: How big is it?
A: It’s very small.
B: Why are you selling it?
A: Because I have bought a new one.
B: How much do you want for it?
A: I want £5 for it.
B: Oh, that sounds great! When can I come and see it?
A: Is tomorrow okay for you?
B: Yes, that’s fine.

Exercise 6

1. badly
2. slowly
3. quickly
4. wonderfully
5. well

Exercise 7

15 years old
six months old
ten years old
black (with a brown leather strap)
blue with black plastic arms
red, blue and white (with chrome handlebars)
work very well
need a new leather strap
needs one new mirror
he/she wants to buy a new pair
he/ she is moving
he/ she needs the money

A: What conditions are the binoculars in?
B: They work very well.
A: Is anything wrong with them?
B: They need a new leather strap.
A: Why are you selling them?
B: Because I want to buy a new pair.
A: How much do you want for them?
B: I want £18 for them…

Exercise 8

1. It works very well.
2. I want £20 for it.
3. It needs a new handle.
4. It’s a green leather bag with a gold handle.
5. The radio needs new batteries.
6. I am selling it because I need the money.
7. It’s an excellent condition.
8. There is nothing wrong with the lamp.

Exercise 9

1. some
2. with
3. only
4. well
5. anything
6. but
7. because
8. also
9. for
10. everything

Exercise 10

It is an electric desk lamp. It is red and yellow with a blue plastic base. It needs a plug and a new light bulb. There isn’t anything wrong with it and it works well. I am selling it because I have bought another one. I want £10 for it.

Exercise 11


Dear Eve,
    I’m interested in buying your clock radio but I have some questions.
    First of all, can you tell me how big it is and what colour it is? Secondly, is it portable and has it got a handle? Also, does it take batteries? Your advertisement says that it’s five years old, but what condition is it in? Can you also tell me exactly how much you want for it and why you are selling it?
    Please let me know when I can come and see it.
                                                                  Dave Barker


Dear Dave,
          Thanks for your note. Here is some information about the radio.
          First of all, it is portable but it needs a new handle. It comes with two brand new batteries. The radio is five years old, but it’s in excellent condition. I want £7 for it. I’m selling it because I want to buy a new one. You can come and see it anytime after 5 pm.
       I hope this tells you everything you need to know.

                                                                                    Eve Dyllan

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