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Rezolvarea exercitiilor de la UNIT 12 din caietul de limba engleza pentru clasa VI intitulat READING AND WRITING TARGETS 2, Editura Express Publishing, Autori Virginia Evans si Jenny Dooney, Editia 2011

UNIT 12:
Pages 48 - 51

Exercise 1

1. At an amusement park or a fairground.
2. Karen Morgan.
3. In a fairground.
4. Because something went wrong.
5. It’s about Karen’s bed experience in a fairground.

Exercise 2

1. It happened one weekend at a fairground.
2. Her friend Sarah.
3. They were excited.
4. No, she wasn’t sure.
5. Yes, she did.
6. It was like flying.
7. There was a loud crash and everything stopped.
8. Two mechanics.
9. At first they were amused, but after a while it became scary.
10. The wheel started moving two hours later. Karen was pleased.

Karen’s feelings: excited, happy, frightened, amused, scared, pleased
Srah’s feelings: excited, worried, amused, scared

Exercise 3

1. b
2. a
3. b
4. a
5. b
6. a

Exercise 4

1. magical
2. bright
3. amusing
4. great
5. tiring
6. amazing

Exercise 5

2. a thrilling      b thrilled
3. a frightened     b frightening
4. a amazing      b amazed
5. a worried       b  worrying
6. a tiring          b tired

Exercise 6

b had broken
c my
d was calling
e what
f stolen
g but
h later
i arrived
j everything
k were
l rang
m nervously

Exercise 7

1. while
2. until
3. At first
4. Just then
5. later
6. As soon as
7. before
8. Finally

·       Paragraph 2: panicked, couldn’t see clearly, miserable, scared, walk towards it, strange little hotel
·       Paragraph 3: in bed, hotel room, had decided to spend night there, frightening cry, large black shape outside, screamed, ran downstairs
·       Paragraph 4: noisy old owl lives outside, silly, relieved

Exercise 8

a – 6   b – 4   c – 1    d – 5    e – 2   f – 3

Exercise 9

A. summer evening, arrived home, was carrying shopping bags, about to open front door, looked behind, scared, brown bear in garden, was coming towards me, front gate open
B. shocked, dropped the shopping bags and keys, climbed an apple tree, bear angry, shook the tree
C. red truck from Medrano Circus arrived, men with pole and a fish, caught the bear with the net
D. bear in truck, I was happy, two free circus tickets

Exercise 10

·       Red truck appeared, men with fish came to help – C
·       Relieved, thanked men, free tickets for circus – D
·       Summer afternoon, arrived home after doing my shopping, saw bear in garden – A
·       Shocked, climbed apple tree, bear followed – B

It was a summer afternoon. I had arrived home after doing my shopping when I saw a bear in my garden. I was shocked, so I climbed an apple tree. The bear followed me. Suddenly, a red truck appeared. Two men with some fish came to help. I was relieved. I thanked the men and they gave me free tickets for the circus.

Exercise 11

Para 1: where – garden, when – summer afternoon, who – me, what – bear in the garden, shocked
Para 2,3: climbed the apple tree, bear followed me, bear started shaking the tree, men in a truck arrived, men caught the bear, I came down the tree
Para 4: men gave me free tickets for the circus, was safe

        It was a summer afternoon. I was coming back home carrying several shopping bags. Just as I was putting the key in the lock I heard a noise. I turned and saw a great big brown bear! I was shocked.
       I ran and climbed up an apple tree. The bear followed me. It looked angry. It wrapped its big brown arms around the trunk of the apple tree. I was very frightened.
     Then a red truck appeared. Two men got out of the truck with a net, a pole and some fish. They managed to catch the bear in the net and put it in the truck.
        I felt very relieved to be safe from danger. I thanked the men and they gave me free tickets for the circus. I was very happy about that.

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