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Rezolvarea exercitiilor de la UNIT 4 din caietul de limba engleza pentru clasa VI intitulat READING AND WRITING TARGETS 2, Editura Express Publishing, Autori Virginia Evans si Jenny Dooney, Editia 2011

UNIT 4: Having a Wonderful Time …
Pages 16 - 19

Exercise 1

1. D
2. B
3. A
4. E
5. C
6. H
7. F
8. G

Exercise 2

1. The letter is to Rachel.
2. Suzanne is on the island of Santorini.
3. She is staying at a hotel.
4. She is sitting outside a café by the sea.
5. Paul is snorkeling in the clear water.
6. Suzanne’s mother is buying souvenirs at the market.
7. Suzanne’s father is visiting some ancient ruins.
8. Her favourite restaurant is by the sea.
9. She always orders souvlaki.
10. Yes, she is.

Exercise 3

1. d
2. c
3. f
4. b
5. a
6. h
7. e
8. g

Exercise 4

1. clear sky
2. noisy beach
3. ancient ruins
4. delicious cake
5. noisy hotel
6. clear sea
7. ancient/ noisy town
8. clear lake
9. noisy cafe
10. delicious souvlaki
11. ancient temple
12. delicious seafood

Exercise 5

1. visit
2. snorkelling
3. buy
4. take
5. go
6. watch
7. order
8. stay

Exercise 6

2. The hotel

nice/ quiet

3. The café by the sea

4. Ancient ruins

5. The market


6. Seafood


7. Souvlaki


8. The sunsets

9. The local people

10. Donkeys

patient/ gentle

2. Suzanne likes the hotel because it’s nice and quiet.
3. Suzanne likes the café by the sea because it’s fantastic.
4. Suzanne doesn’t like ancient ruins because she finds them boring.
5. Suzanne doesn’t like shopping at the market because it’s noisy.
6. Suzanne doesn’t like seafood because it’s horrible.
7. Suzanne likes Souvlaki because it’s delicious.
8. Suzanne likes the sunsets because they’re spectacular.
9. Suzanne likes the local people because they’re (really) friendly.
10. Suzanne likes donkeys because they’re patient and gentle.

Exercise 7

I like snorkelling because it’s fantastic.
I hate visiting ancient ruins because it’s/ I find them boring.
I love watching the sunsets because they’re spectacular.
I love lying in the sun because it’s lovely.
I like staying at seaside hotels because they’re /it’s wonderful.
I don’t like writing postcards because it’s boring.
I like shopping for souvenirs because it’s interesting.
I like cafes by the sea because they’re quiet.
I hate rainy weather because it’s horrible.

Exercise 8

1. am sitting
2. am writing
3. are singing
4. are learning
5. is skiing
6. is falling

Exercise 9

Winter – A
Spring – C
Summer – D
Autumn – B

A – a
B – b
C – a
D - b

Exercise 10

1. Rome is on the west coast of Italy.
2. Naples is in the south-west of Italy.
3. Sicily is in the south of Italy.
4. Milan is in the north of Italy.
5. San Marino is on the north-east coast of Italy.

Exercise 11

1. D
2. A
3. E
4. B

Exercise 12

A. Mum is visiting the indoor market.
B. My favourite one has delicious fresh clams!
C. This is a picture of some shoe-shiner in front of our hotel.
D. Rob is learning to scuba-dive.

Exercise 13

Raspuns posibil:

Dear Andy,
   I am having a great time here! We are staying at a ski resort in Italy. It’s called Courmayer. The chalet we’re staying in is really pretty.
    The weather is cold and it’s snowing, but it’s good for skiing. At the moment I’m sitting by a big warm fire. Jane is having a skiing lesson; she loves it here!
   It’s so clean and fresh up here in the mountains. During the day we are usually out on the ski slopes. In the evenings we go to the local restaurant. The food is home-made, so it’s delicious.
   See you when we get back.

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