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Rezolvarea exercitiilor de la UNIT 10 din caietul de limba engleza pentru clasa VI intitulat READING AND WRITING TARGETS 2, Editura Express Publishing, Autori Virginia Evans si Jenny Dooney, Editia 2011

UNIT 10: A Summer’s Tale!
Pages 40 - 43

Exercise 1

1st picture: flippers, mask, beach
2nd picture: net, seal
3rd picture: fishing boat, rock
4th picture: knife

1. A young girl/ woman and a fisherman.
2. She was on the beach.
3. It was a sunny day.
4. She was happy/ relaxed/ enjoying her holiday.
5. Perhaps she was hot/ wanted to go for a swim.
6. She saw a seal trapped in a net.
7. She called out to a fisherman in his boat and asked him to help her.
8. The fisherman cut the net and freed the seal. Then the girl played with the seal in the water.

Exercise 2

Words to be underlined and explained: put on, have a look, short distance, caught, engine, wave, immediately, hole, free, decided, Good luck.

Paragraph 1: setting the scene (who – where – when – what)
Paragraph 2: describing of events before the main event
Paragraph 3: describing of the main event
Paragraph 4: ending (feelings and reactions)

Exercise 3

-        weather: wet, cloudy, sunny, windy, foggy, calm, rainy
-         atmosphere: fresh, magical, still, silent, noisy, calm

Everything was still in the garden.
It was cloudy Sunday morning.
The sea was very calm.
It was a strange house.
It was a sunny summer morning.
It was a windy and rainy day.
The earth was wet.
It was a foggy night.
The students were very noisy.

Exercise 4

1. was raining, was driving, had
2. was snowing, were making, appeared
3. was sitting, heard, was coming, went
4. was shining, were singing, decided
5. was blowing, were howling, felt

Exercise 5

2. washed, had finished
3. went, had hurt
4. had done, went
5. had left, arrived
6. got, had forgotten

Exercise 6

1. was/were sitting
2. was cooking
3. walked
4. was
5. had promised
6. had eaten
7. told

1. was/were playing
2. was dancing
3. ordered
4. started
5. noticed
6. was holding

1. was
2. was standing
3. saw
4. heard
5. went
6. had landed

Exercise 7

·       a – 3     b – 1    c – 4   d – 2
·       a Before, When        
b As, Then

Exercise 8

a. The sky was clear and the stars were shining brightly. (weather)

b. … the night seemed to be full of magic and mystery.

c. puzzled

- It was around midnight and there was a full moon.
- … the night seemed to be full of magic and mystery.
- As they were rowing to the middle of the lake they saw a huge, black shape in the water.
- When they looked back at the lake, nothing was there, not even their boat!

Exercise 9

·       2 e     3 b    4 f    5 d    6 a
·       3 – b    6 – a   2 – e   1 – c   5 – d   4 – f

It was New Year’s Eve and it was snowing heavily. Tom was upstairs getting ready because he was going to a party. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Tom went downstairs, opened the door and saw an old man standing there. The old man needed help because he had got lost in the snow. The man was a millionaire. He gave Tom a large reward for helping him.

Exercise 10

1. B
2. C
3. A
4. C
5. A
6. A

Exercise 11

·       1 C    2 A   3 D   4 B

1. It was cold and wet.
2. A girl, Jennifer, and a man.
3. It happened in the street at night.
4. She saw a man behind her.
5. I think she felt very frightened.
6. The man’s hand.
7. He said, “Don’t worry! You left your handbag on the train!”
8. Jennifer probably apologized, thanked the man and went home.

     It was a cold. Dark evening and the streets were empty.  Jennifer left the station and started walking home quickly because it was raining. She was very tired.
       As she was walking, she heard footsteps behind her. Jennifer looked over her shoulder and when she saw a man running towards her she was scared. Jennifer ran to the first door, rang the bell and shouted, “Help!” suddenly she felt a hand on her arm. She was frightened. “Leave me alone! What do you want?” she shouted. The man smiled, then said, “Don’t worry! You left your handbag on the train!”
    Jennifer smiled. She thanked the man, took her handbag and went straight home.

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