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Rezolvarea exercitiilor de la Unit 7: COME RAIN OR SHINE din manualul de limba engleza pentru clasa a V-a intitulat ENTERPRISE 1 Beginner - WORKBOOK, Editura Express Publishing, Autori  Virginia Evans si Jenny Doodley,  Editia 2012

Unit 7: Come Rain or Shine

ex 1/ page 28

1. Barry is wearing a T-shirt and shorts. He is climbing a tree.
2. Linda is wearing a skirt and a blouse. She is picking flowers.
3. Anne is wearing a shirt and trousers. She is eating a sandwich.
4. Ryan is wearing a T-shirt and jeans. He is drinking a Coke.

5. Amanda is wearing a dress. She is taking photographs.
6. Tony is wearing a T-shirt, a cap and shorts. He is riding a bicycle.
7. Stanley is wearing a hat and jean shirt. He is reading a book.
8. Mavis is wearing a jacket and a skirt. She is listening to music.

ex 2/ page 29

1. B

2. C
3. A
4. B

ex 3/ page 29

1. snowing, cold/ snowy

2. blowing, windy
3. clouds, cloudy
4. sun, shining, sunny
5. raining, rainy

ex 4/ page 29

Raspunsurile pot varia de la elev la elev; un posibil raspuns poate fi urmatorul:
1. It is sunny.
2. It is autumn.
3. My favourite season is winter.
4. I like the snow.

ex 5/ page 29

1. swimming

2. shining
3. making
4. running
5. decorating
6. sitting
7. reading
8. doing

ex 6/ page 29

1. Ben is wearing a suit and tie. He is dancing.

2. Hannah is wearing a dress. He is dancing.
3. Joanna is wearing a jacket and a skirt. She is drinking. 
4. Thomas is wearing a suit and tie. He is speaking.
5. Amanda is wearing a blouse and a skirt. She is speaking.
6. Adam is wearing trousers and a shirt. He is eating.


1. No, they aren't talking to Adam. They are dancing.
2. No, she isn't eating. She is drinking.
3. No, he isn't dancing. He is talking to Amanda.
4. Adam is not talking to Amanda. He is eating.
5. No, she isn't drinking. She is talking to Thomas.

ex 7/ page 29

1. Are you cooking dinner?

2. Is Jennifer riding a bicycle?
3. Are you having a shower?
4. Is the dog sleeping in the garden?
5. What is he doing at the moment?
6. Is she cooking dinner?

ex 8/ page 30

1. No, he isn't. He is working on a computer.
2. No, he isn't. He is sleeping.
3. No, they aren't. They are playing on the beach.

ex 9/ page 30

1. works

2. am having
3. makes
4. snows
5. decorate
6. is feeding
7. goes
8. drive
9. is listening
10. is cleaning

ex 10/ page 30

1. a

2. a
3. b
4. b
5. a
6. a

ex 11/ page 30

1. goes

2. gets
3. leaves
4. go
5. cleans
6. goes
7. plays

8. is sitting
9. is reading
10. is not cleaning
11. is talking
12. is having
13. am watching
14. is not playing
15. is sleeping

ex 12/ page 31

1. am writing
2. are viting
3. come
4. rains
5. is shining
6. are
7. is working
8. are cooking
9. (are) making
10. am having

ex 13/ page 31

1. Can I help you?
2. How old is she?
3. What about a nice dress?
4. What's her favourite colour?
5. What size is she?
6. What do you think of this T-shirt?

ex 14/ page 31

1. Can I help you?
2. Have you got any?
3. How many would you like?
4. How much are they?

Raspunsurile pot varia de la elev la elev; un posibil raspuns poate fi urmatorul:

A: Hello. Can I help you?
B: Yes, I'm looking for some envelopes. Have you got any?

A: Yes, of course. How many would you like?
B: Fifty. How much are they?

A: They're  twenty pence each. ok.
B: Thank you.

ex 15/ page 31

1. They are in Jamaica.
2. It's very hot and the sun is shining.
3. Sonia is near the pool.
4. She is wearing her swimming costume.
5. She is sunbathing.
6. Paul is on the balcony of their hotel room. 
7. He is enjoying the wonderful view.

ex 16/ page 31

Raspunsurile pot varia de la elev la elev; un posibil raspuns poate fi urmatorul:

  Dear Jack, 

    Greetings from Jamaica! Sonia and I are having a wonderful time. It's lovely here.
    The weather is very hot and the sun is shining.
    At the moment Sonia is sunbathing in her swimming costume near the pool. I am sitting on the balcony of our hotel room enjoying the wonderful view.
    See you soon. 
                                                 Best wishes,

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