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Rezolvarea exercitiilor de la Unit 5: AN EARLY BIRD OR A NIGHT OWL? din manualul de limba engleza pentru clasa a V-a intitulat ENTERPRISE 1 Beginner - WORKBOOK, Editura Express Publishing, Autori  Virginia Evans si Jenny Doodley,  Editia 2012

Unit 5: An Early Bird or a Night Owl!

ex 1/ page 20 

a. six o'clock in the morning

b. six o'clock in the evening
c. ten o'clock in the evening
d. two o'clock in the morning

e. half past eight in the morning
f. a quarter past nine in the morning
g. a quarter to five in the morning
h. twenty past seven in the evening

ex 2/ page 20 

two thirty
ten to eight
nine twenty
a quarter to four

ex 3/ page 20 



ex 4/ page 20 

Philip has a shower at 7:15 a.m.
Philip has breakfast at 7:30 a.m.

Philip leaves home at 7:45 a.m.
Philip catches the train at 8 a.m.
Philip has lunch at 2 p.m.
Philip leaves work at 5 p.m.
Philip cooks dinner at 6 p.m.
Philip watches TV at 8 p.m.
Philip goes to bed at 10:30 p.m.

SA: What time does Philip have a shower?
SB: He has a shower at a quarter past seven. 

SA: What time does Philip have breakfast ?
SB: He has breakfast at half past seven. 

SA: What time does Philip leave home?
SB: He leaves home at a quarter to eight. 

SA: What time does Philip catch the train?
SB: He catches the train at eight. 

SA: What time does Philip have lunch?
SB: He has lunch at two. 

SA: What time does Philip leave work?
SB: He leaves work at five. 

SA: What time does Philip cook dinner?
SB: He cooks dinner at six. 

SA: What time does Philip watch TV?
SB: He watches TV at eight. 

SA: What time does Philip go to bed?
SB: He goes to bed at half past ten. 

ex 5/ page 21

Tim feels bored because he does some things again and again.

Sarah feels tired because she doesn't get much sleep.
James feels stressed because he's got a lot of problems.
Karen feels happy because she likes the way she lives.

ex 6/ page 21

HAVE: a bath/ shower, breakfast/ lunch / dinner 

DO: your homework, the washing-up
GO: home, shopping, on a picnic, out (with friends/ family)
GET: up, dressed

Raspunsurile pot varia de la elev la elev; un posibil raspuns poate fi urmatorul:

I usually have a bath/ shower every morning.
I have breakfast at 7 a.m. 
I do my homework every day.

ex 7/ page 21

Brett is a life-guard. He works at a swimming-pool. He starts work at nine o'clock in the morning. He finishes work at a quarter past seven in the evening.

Jean is a reporter. She works at a newspaper office. She starts work at a quarter to eleven in the morning. She finishes work at half past six in the evening.

ex 8/ page 21

1. Faye usually has a shower in the evening.
2. Faye sometimes plays tennis in the afternoon.
3. Faye always eats a croissant  in the morning.

4. Faye never drinks coffee at night.
5. Faye often goes to the theatre at the weekend.
6. Faye rarely listens to music in the evening.

ex 9/ page 21

1. Sarah never gts up early.

2. Alan usually has lunch at two o'clock.
3. I often meet my friends after school. 
4. Claire reraly goes on picnics.
5. We sometimes go to the cinema.

ex 10/ page 22


1. On

2. in
3. at
4. at
5. at
6. on
7. in
8. on

Adverbe de frecventa: always, usually, sometimes

Sally always gets up very early on Saturday mornings.
Sally always goes to bed late on Saturday nights.
Sally usually goes shopping with her mum after breakfast.
Sally usually has dinner with her family on Saturday evenings.
Sally sometimes goes to the cinema with her friends on Saturday afternoons.


Raspunsurile pot varia de la elev la elev; un posibil raspuns poate fi urmatorul:

I always gets up very late on Saturday mornings.
I sometimes goes to the cinema with my friends on Friday evenings.
I never do my homework on Sundays.

ex 11/ page 22

1. Do, do
2. Are, aren't, are
3. Does, doesn't
4. Is, isn't
5. Are, am, is
6. don't, is
7. Does, doesn't, does
8. Are, am not/ 'm not, am/ 'm
9. is, isn't, am
10. Are, am not/ 'm not

ex 12/ page 22

IN: May, spring, 1959, the evening, winter, the orning
AT: 5 o'clock, the weekend, night, 11:30, noon, 2 o'clock
ON: Monday, 13th May, Friday, Wednesday morning, 4th January, Tuesday night

ex 13/ page 22

SA: What's on at Screen 2?
SB: Lost in Space.
SA: What time does it start?
SB: It starts at a quarter to three / two forty-five.

SA: What's on at Screen 3?
SB: Independence Day.
SA: What time does it start?
SB: It starts at ten past three.

SA: What's on at Screen 4?
SB: Titanic.
SA: What time does it start?
SB: It starts at twenty-five past three.

SA: What's on at Screen 5?
SB: Godzilla.
SA: What time does it start?
SB: It starts at thirty-five past three/ twenty-five to four..

ex 14/ page 23

1. gets up
2. has
3. has
4. goes
5. works
6. has
7. goes
8. meets
9. listens
10. has
11. reads
12. goes
13. goes
14. goes
15. says

1. Gordon gets up at five o'clock.
2. He works from six till twelve.
3. He sometimes meets his publisher in the afternoon.
4. He always listens to the nsew on the radio at five.
5. After dinner, he usually reads a book.
6. He usually goes to bed at ten o'clock.
7. He's very happy with his life at the moment.

ex 15/ page 23

Aici raspunsurile pot varia de la elev la elev; un posibil raspuns poate fi urmatorul:

       Kyle Thompson is a tennis coach. He gets up at eight o'clock every morning and has breakfast. He goes to the gym at eight thirty. He has a shower at nine thirty. Kyle goes to the tennis club at ten o'clock and gives tennis lessons to children from ten thirty till twelve thirty, when he has lunch.   He gives tennis lessons to adults from one till four thirty and then he goes home. From five till six thirty, he plays with his children and helps his wife cook dinner. Kyle has dinner at six thirty then, from seven till eleven, he usually watches TV or listens to music. He usually goes to bed at eleven o'clock.

        In his free time, Kyle often goes to tennis matches or plays the guitar.

        Kyle feels very satisfied with his life. "It's a great way to keep fit and earn a living at the same time!" he says.

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