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Rezolvarea exercitiilor de la Unit 6: BIRDS OF A FEATHER din manualul de limba engleza pentru clasa a V-a intitulat ENTERPRISE 1 Beginner - WORKBOOK, Editura Express Publishing, Autori  Virginia Evans si Jenny Doodley,  Editia 2012

Unit 6: Birds of a Feather...

ex 1/ page 24

1. fins

2. a mane
3. a long tail
4. skin
5. legs
6. claws
7. whiskers
8. a trunk

ex 2/ page 24

1. eggs

2. warm
3. have
4. seas
5. black
6. play
7. feathers
8. claws
9. funny
10. smile

ex 3/ page 24 

1. live

2. strong
3. weigh
4. feed
5. easily
6. friendly
7. groups
8. world
9. kittens, puppies

ex 4/ page 24 

a. 1 c  ; 2 d  ; 3  a ; 4  b

b.1. crocodile

2. duck
3. dolphin
4. penguin
5. ladybird
6. parrot
7. fly
8. snake
9. butterfly
10. cow 
11. lion

ex 5/ page 25 

Reptiles1. crocodile

2. snake

Mammals1. dolphin
2. cow
3. lion

Insects1. ladybird
2. fly 
3. butterfly

Birds1. duck
2. penguin
3. parrot

ex 6/ page 25

I can see two sheep.
I can see two deer.
I can see four mice.
I can see three geese.

I can see five fish.
I can see four butterflies.
I can see two oxen.

ex 7/ page 25

1. Deer have got a very short tail.
    They have got very big antlers.
2. Elephants have got a very long trunk.
    They have got very big ears.
    They have got quite big ears.

3. Cats have got quite small ears.
    They have got quite big eyes.
    They have got a very long tail.

4. Koalas have got very sharp claws.
    They have got quite small eyes.

ex 8/ page 25

Raspunsurile pot varia de la elev la elev; un posibil raspuns poate fi urmatorul:

Monkeys can climb.

Kangaroos can jump.
Crocodiles can't climb.
Sea lions can swim.
Dogs can't fly.
Cats can climb. 

ex 9/ page 26

1. What  - d

2. Where  - f
3. What  - a
4. What  - b
5. How much  - c
6. How  - g
7. How long  - e

ex 10/ page 26

1. Where do green turtles live?

2. What have they got?
3. What do they eat?
4. How much do they weigh?
5. How many eggs do they lay at a time?
6. How long do they live for?

ex 11/ page 26 

1. What are grey seals? Mammals.

2. Where do they live? In the north-east and north-west parts of the Atlantic and in the Baltic sea.
3. What can they do? They can swim very fast and stay underwater for about 15 minutes.
4. What have they got? They have got big eyes, long whiskers and thick grey fur.
5. Why have they got big eyes? To help them see well in dark waters.
6. How much do they weigh? 150 to 230 kilos.
7. What do they eat? Various kinds of fish.
8. How long do they live for? 25 to 30 years.

ex 12/ page 26 

Dialogue 1 and 3 are positive.

Dialogue 2 and 4 are negative.

A: Do you like dolphins?
B: Yes, I love dolphins. I think they are very intelligent.

A: Do you like cats?
B: No, I don't love cats. They are very lazy.

A: Do you like horses?
B: Yes, I love horses. I think they are very clever.

A: Do you like lions?
B: No, I don't love lions. They are very scary.

ex 13/ page 27 

1. d
2. a
3. c
4. b

A: What's your dog's name?
B: Boby.

A: Is it a male or female?
B: It's a male.

A: What kind of dog is he?
B: He's Pechinez.

A: How old is he?
B: He's four years old.

ex 14/ page 27 

1. T
2. T
3. F
4. F
5. T
6. F

ex 15/ page 27 

Kind of animal: Golden eagles
They can: see very well and they can fly very fast
They've got: big wings and long tails
They weigh: from three to seven kilos
They live: in forests and mountains
They eat: small birds and mammals
They live for: about twenty years

ex 16/ page 27 

Raspunsurile pot varia de la elev la elev; un posibil raspuns poate fi urmatorul:

Orang-utans are mammals. They can climb very well. They've got long and strong arms, brown fur and very big cheeks. They weigh from 40 to 85 kilos. They live in the tropical forests of Borneo and Sumatra, Indonesia. Orang-utans eat fruit, nuts, leaves, insects and eggs. They live from 30 to 50 years. 

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