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Rezolvarea exercitiilor de la  UNIT 21 din manualul de limba engleza pentru clasa a VIII-a intitulat HIGH FLYER - UPPER INTERMEDIATE, Students’ Book, Editura Longman, Autori Ana Acevedo si Marisol Gower, Editia 1999

High Flyer – Upper Intermediate


High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.2 / page 86

Robin, the Batcar, the Batwing, The Joker

High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.3 / page 86

1 F  2 T  3 F   4 F  5 T  6 T

High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.4 / page 87

1 – 2b
2 – 1b
3 – 2a
4 - 3

High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.5 / page 87

2. Working a nineteen hour day, Sylvester Stallone would sometimes fall asleep on his feet during the filming of Rambo.
3. In Star Wars an android called R2D2 helps the hero.
4. After escaping from the laboratory, Frankenstein sees his reflection in water.
5. Wanting to play on people’s fears of both technology and crime, the makers of Robocop mixed a cop movie with science fiction.
6. Having traveled to the past in Back to the Future, Michael J. Fox traveled to the future in Back to the Future II.
7. Made with the help of a computer programme, the scenery in First Knight was easy to produce.

High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.7 / page 88

The Ninja Turtles

High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.8 / page 88

1 c  2 d   3 e   4 a  5 b

1.      for making two films into one (to create a visual trick)
2.    Puppeteers are needed to create the facial expressions of life-size creatures. (They do this by moving the facial features by remote control).
3.    Stop motion is the process of filming models one frame at a time and moving the models between each frame.


High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.9 / page 88

1.      In Cinderella, the audience sees the fairy godmother turn a pumpkin into a carriage.
2.     In Dracula the audience sees a vampire sucking blood from his victims.
3.     In Jurassic Park the audience sees a baby dinosaur break out of its eggshell.
4.     In The Flintstones the audience sees a paperboy delivering stone newspapers.

Animatronics and/ or sound effects imitating the sound of breaking eggshell.


High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.10 / page 89

a) 1 scream   2 wail   3 shout
c) I heard someone walking. I heard someone chop vegetables/ food. I heard someone/ a woman humming. I heard someone running. I heard someone playing the piano. I heard a doorbell ringing. I heard someone walking (inside). I heard someone open a door./ I heard a door open. I heard a woman scream. I heard someone slam/ shut a door./ I heard a door slam/ shut. I heard a man shout (‘help’). I heard someone break something made of glass./ I heard a glass break. I heard a woman wailing.

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