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Rezolvarea exercitiilor de la  UNIT 12 din manualul de limba engleza pentru clasa a VIII-a intitulat HIGH FLYER - UPPER INTERMEDIATE, Students’ Book, Editura Longman, Autori Ana Acevedo si Marisol Gower, Editia 1999

High Flyer – Upper Intermediate

High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.4 (Unit 9, page 40-41, Grammar boxes)

… of the Football Association … to do an article on him … we wrote up the article… I do an interview … the only news agency … briefs the children … affects – kids … about the Express … on a story … can buy – lottery tickets … on – daily events … ‘The agency is …’
High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.5 (Unit 8, page 35, Word Watch)
  1. football corruption (1.56)
  2. sports stories (1.54)
  3. a football career (ls.59-60)
  4. a news agency (ls.26-7)
  5. homework (1.53)
  6. the Football Association (1s.7-8)

High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.6 (Unit 7, 8 and 10, pages 31, 33, 36 and 43, Grammar boxes)

1.      Journalism is the career in which she’s interested.
2.    A teacher of his suggested he join the agency.
3.    The reporters can write on issues about which they are concerned.
4.    Zumon Chowdhury, who has been working for the agency for nine months, feels a lot better about his English.
5.     Rachel Bulford joined the agency so that she could get experience in journalism.

High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.8 (Unit 9, page 41, Listening skills box)

a). Hillfield Park, a park which is run-down
b). flower beds, broken glass, benches, overgrown grass, ice cream shop, play equipment
c). 1 little girl 2 older man 3 little girl 4 teenage girl 5 little boy

High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.9 (Unit 11, page 47, Grammar box)

The bench needs mending/ to be mended. The walls of the shed/ house need washing/ painting/ to be washed/ painted. The path needs sweeping. The sign needs painting/ cleaning/ to be painted/ cleaned. The grass needs cutting/ to be cut.


High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.1 / page 52

2. Arthur found the stone (which) Merlin had stuck the magic sword into.
3. The egg-shaped aircraft was the invention (which) Monsieur Sauvant was most happy with.
4. In the camps there are trained leaders (who/that) you can talk to.
5. U2 are the group (who/that) I would most like to play with in a virtual reality concert.
6. Basia is the Polish girl (who/that) the International Conservation Scouts got a letter from.

High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.2/ page 52

2. His adventures are the central theme of the Odyssey, which begins some years after the fall of Troy.
3. Orpheus, who had the gift of music and song, went down to the Underworld and sang to Hades.
4. Thor was the greatest enemy of the giants, who were also hated and feared by humans.
5. Among Thor’s chief enemies was the serpent Jormungang, who was the symbol of evil.

High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.3/ page 52

2. was, had been playing
3. had been studying, realised
4. had been working, asked
5. had been buying, got

High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.4/ page 52

It can’t be suspect. 1. He’s not tall enough./ He’s too short. It can’t be suspect. 2. He’s too old, he’s too tall, he’s too heavy. It can’t be suspect. 3. He’s too young, he’s too tall, he’s too heavy. It must be suspect. 4. He’s tall enough, thin/ light enough and old enough. or He’s not too tall, too thin/ light or too old.

High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.6/ page 53

1.      looks on
2.    brought about
3.    switched on
4.    outs off
5.     looking for

2. Working for Children’s Express has brought many changes about for the young reporters.
3. The young reporter switched the computer on as soon as she arrived at the Children’s Express office.
4. Hugh puts doing his homework off, but he’s always ready to write articles.

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