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Rezolvarea exercitiilor de la  UNIT 23 din manualul de limba engleza pentru clasa a VIII-a intitulat HIGH FLYER - UPPER INTERMEDIATE, Students’ Book, Editura Longman, Autori Ana Acevedo si Marisol Gower, Editia 1999

High Flyer – Upper Intermediate

High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.1 / page 94

(reasons mentioned in the text): international communication between ordinary individuals, understanding computer data, surfing the Internet, international communication between pilots, air-traffic controllers and the police, foreign holidays, listening to pop music, attending the World University


High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.2 / page 95

2 Opinion – Many people’s
3 Fact – Evidence: A statistic is given, which implies an official study or calculation and therefore fairly strong evidence (80% of computer data is in English). Also, English is needed to surf the Internet.
4 Fact – A widely accepted fact, but no specific evidence is given in the text.
5 Fact – No real evidence is given. Changes to educational systems are mentioned but no specific examples are given as evidence.
6 Opinion – ‘Some nations consider … English to be a challenge …’
7 Opinion – The author says ‘it looks as if’ (i.e. it seems probable that)


High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.3 / page 95

1 P  2 A  3 P  4 A  5 P  6 A  7 P

High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.4 / page 96

3. In years to come, students are to learn a second foreign language at university.
5. They are also to learn vocabulary.
7. Students are to work in pairs as well as on their own.  

High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.5 / page 96

2. It looked as if technology was going to/ would solve all problems. It didn’t, it just created more.
3. Competitors believed that the Walkman wasn’t going to/ wouldn’t be popular. It was, Sony has sold/ sold 100 million.
4. Doctors thought (that) Tim was never going to/would never walk again. He did, he can run.
5. When I got up I thought it was going to/ would be sunny all day. It wasn’t, it didn’t stop raining.
6. Miguel thought (that) learning English was going to/ would be very difficult. It wasn’t, he knows a lot of words from English pop songs.


High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.6 / page 96

1 c   2 e   3 b   4 a   5 d


High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.8 / page 96

3 Nilgun’s comments


High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.9 / page 96

Read in English, watch videos in English, continue to study English at school/ college, aim to take one of the external examinations in English. Also mentioned, though with regard to other languages, are: watch cable or satellite television and get a pen friend.

High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.10 / page 97

1.      The first learner
2.    The third and fourth learners
3.    The second learner


High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.11 / page 97

1.      Shall
2.    ‘m going to
3.    ‘ll
4.    shall
5.     Shall, ‘ll
6.    ‘re going to
7.     ‘ll

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