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Rezolvarea exercitiilor de la  UNIT 18 din manualul de limba engleza pentru clasa a VIII-a intitulat HIGH FLYER - UPPER INTERMEDIATE, Students’ Book, Editura Longman, Autori Ana Acevedo si Marisol Gower, Editia 1999

High Flyer – Upper Intermediate


High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.1 (Unit 13, page 54, Reading skills box)

1.      ‘sympathetically written’, ‘extraordinarily interesting’, ‘brilliantly told’, ‘wonderful book’, ‘I want to read it again’
2.    In the Daily Mail, Observer and Daily Herald newspapers
3.    (suggested answer after reading the main review) The experiences and impressions of a woman in World War II London after she came out of a religious community where she had been for twenty-eight years. She was shocked to find a changed world and a changed language.

High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.2 (Unit 17, page 71, Reading skills box)

1.      her return to the outside world (reason for her excitement)
2.    she was used to old-fashioned thick stockings (in contrast to ‘skin-coloured transparent ones’)
3.    it was not what Monica saw that puzzled her the most (a contrast to “language”)
4.    there were many new expressions (a similar idea to ‘this “new” form of music)
5.     catch up with the world (purpose of reading newspapers)
6.    she didn’t go back (contrast to ‘difficulties’)

High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.3 (Unit 14, page 60, Reading skills box)

1.      everybody in the cinema
2.    everyday life
3.    World War II London: cars, short skirts, makeup, women working
4.    stockings
5.     people
6.    newspapers
7.     somebody

High Flyer – Upper Intermediate

1.      Before the days of colour animation, it had not been possible to have films with such bright (to her ‘lurid’) colours and farcical situations, impossible in real life. Monica had only ever seen black and white silent films, with very limited action and storylines.
2.    The short skirts, makeup and the fact that women worked were things she had not seen up to 1914, when women only did paid work on farms and as domestic staff.
3.    The very first Hollywood studio was not built until 1909. When Monica went into the religious community, Hollywood was only just starting to become the centre of the nascent American film industry. The first robot was used in 1928. Therefore the terms were new because the things to which they referred were new to Monica.
4.    She liked it: ‘a moving and amusing account’, ‘a dramatic illustration of the fact that language is not static’, ‘helps us understand how language is constantly changing.’

High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.5 (Unit 15, page 64, Writing skills box)

Monica was a tall thin woman. She didn’t wear any makeup and kept her dark hair short and well-combed. She wore plain, tailored skirt suits and white blouses. Monica seemed rather shy and talked little. She was a good listener, however. When you spoke to her, she looked at you attentively with her sad dark eyes.


High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.8 (Unit 14, page 58, Listening skills box)

a). 1. Children, kids 2. I leap Over the Wall 3. The story of Rip Van Winkle
1. Were children called ‘kids’ when you were young? Did you use the word ‘kids’ to mean ‘children’ when you were young? Was the word ‘kids’ used to talk about ‘children’ some years ago?
2. What’s that you’re reading? What’s that book about? What’s I leap Over the Wall about?
3. What’s that story about the man who falls asleep? There’s a story about a man who sleeps for a long time, what’s his name?


High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.1 / page 76

1.      do classes start?
2.    aren’t coming back
3.    does term end?
4.    are
5.     finishes
6.    are visiting
7.     am going
8.    are going
9.    are

High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.2 / page 76

am having, have got, love, smells, don’t mind, are thinking, thinks, wish

High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.3 / page 76

1.      Modelling can be a good career as long as you don’t expect it to last forever.
2.    You won’t still be a successful model at thirty unless you are extremely good looking.
3.    It is easy to reconstruct pre-Columbian towns provided that you have a computer.
4.    You can become a TV addict unless you limit your viewing to a few programmes a day.
5.     In the TV programme, the Gladiators’ contenders can win as long as they are very fit and very, very fast.
6.    The beaches will continue to be clean providing people always put their rubbish in the bins.

High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.4 / page 76

2. If the Nazcans had been able to fly, the gigantic figures drawn on the earth wouldn’t be so amazing.
3. If archeologist Maria Reiche hadn’t worked tirelessly and never given up, we wouldn’t have so many detailed maps and photographs of the figures.
4. If she hadn’t written Mystery on the Desert, we wouldn’t know about her work.
If the Nazcans hadn’t had a knowledge of arithmetic, the lines wouldn’t be so precise.
If whole generations of Nazcans hadn’t worked on the desert markings, the figures wouldn’t be so complex and mysterious.

High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.5 / page 76

1.      Bob had put on a scruffy old shirt.
2.    Nancy was wearing a beautiful long silk dress.
3.    Together they were walking along the narrow twisting street.
4.    They met a mysterious old man.
5.     They were afraid of him.
6.    They thought he was a dangerous lunatic.
7.     He was afraid of them.
8.    He thought they were nasty violent punks!

High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.6/ page 77

1.      had made up
2.    give up
3.    took off
4.    make up
5.     gave it up
6.    took off

High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.7 / page 77

1.      I wish he’d turn it off/ turn it down.
2.    I regret being rude to my mother./ I wish/ If only I hadn’t been rude to my mother.
3.    I wish/ If only more people didn’t become homeless every day.
4.    I wish they wouldn’t drop rubbish in the street.
5.     I wish they wouldn’t worry so much about my future.
6.    I regret agreeing to take Sam for a walk every day./ I wish/ If only I hadn’t agreed to take Sam for a walk every day.
7.     I wish/ If only it wasn’t dangerous to walk in some areas of big cities.
8.    If only/ I wish she hadn’t asked us to read the whole of Jane Eyre for next Monday.

High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.8 / page 77

1.      You needn’t make my breakfast every day.
2.    I didn’t need to finish reading the book for today, so I watched television instead.
3.    You needn’t have washed the jumper I lent you.
4.    We don’t need to wear a uniform at my school.
5.     You needn’t have brought me a present. It was very kind of you to do so.
6.    You don’t need to get up early to take me to school tomorrow.

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