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Rezolvarea exercitiilor de la UNIT 3 din manualul de limba engleza pentru clasa VI intitulat ENGLISH GRAMMAR BOOK – GRAMMARWAY 2, Editura Express Publishing, Autori Jenny Dooney si Virginia Evans, Editia 1998

UNIT 3: Past Continuous

Exercise 1

2. SA: What were Jim and Robert doing?
    SB: They were checking some reports.
3. SA: What was Sarah doing?
    SB: She was talking on the phone.
4. SA: What were the directors doing?
    SB: They were having a meeting.
5. SA: What was Mary doing?
    SB: She was working on the computer.
6. SA: What was Kim doing?
    SB: She was reading a letter.

Exercise 2

2. was sitting
3. was talking
4. were putting
5. were doing
6. was standing
7. were wearing
8. were holding
9.were shouting
10. was waiting

Exercise 3

2. c
3. a
4. b
5. d
6. f

Exercise 4

2. As/ When/ While Laura was making some tea, she dropped the kettle. Laura was making some tea when she dropped the kettle.
3. As/ When/ While Mrs Jason was sitting in the garden, it started raining. Mrs Jason was sitting in the garden when it started raining.
4. As/ When/ While Peter was driving his car, he got a flat tyre. Peter was driving his car when he got a flat tyre.
5. As/ When/ While she was walking in the park when a dog attacked her.

Exercise 5

2. were walking, began – “Walking” is the longer action.
3. were repairing, arrived – “Repairing” is the longer action.
4. was eating, rang – “Eating” is the longer action.
5. were riding, dropped – “Riding” is the longer action.
6. saw, were driving – “Driving” is the longer action.
7. was watching, broke down – “Watching” is the longer action.
8. were talking, came – “Talking” is the longer action.

Exercise 6

The young man was listening to music.
The two women were talking.
The older man was reading his newspaper.
Two Japanese tourists were drinking soft drinks.

Exercise 7

2. SA: Was the young man listening to music?
    SB: Yes, he was.
3. SA: Was the older man reading a book?
    SB: No, he wasn’t. He was reading a newspaper.
4. SA: Were the women knitting?
    SB: No, they weren’t. They were talking.
5. SA: Were the Japanese tourists taking pictures?
    SB: No, they weren’t. They were drinking soft drinks.
Exercise 8

2. was walking
3. was throwing
4. were running
5. was planting
6. were sitting

2. were wearing
3. were all carrying
4. was crying
5. was shining
6. were smiling

Exercise 9

2. SA: What were you doing at two o’clock this morning?
    SB: I was sleeping.
3. SA: What were you doing at half past nine last Sunday evening?
    SB: I was television.
4. SA: What were you doing an hour ago?
    SB: I was playing tennis.
5. SA: What were you doing at noon last Saturday?
    SB: I was eating lunch.

Exercise 10

2. was dancing
3. were you laughing
4. drank
5. rode
6. was writing
7. was raining
8. played
10. was cleaning

Exercise 11

2. was driving
3. flew
4. tried
5. crashed
6. was not/ wasn’t

1. went
2. was talking
3. arrived
4. gave
5. was
6. ended

1. tidied
2. was tidying
3. found
4. had
5. did not/ didn’t want
6. put
7. stored

Exercise 12

2. decided
3. was shining
4. were singing
5. felt
6. was
7. climbed
8. were admiring
10. looked
11. did not/ didn’t see
12. thought
13. saw
14. decided
15. was examining
16. heard
17. said
18. did not/ didn’t close
19. turned
20. saw
21. knew
22. was watching

Right order: C, A, B

Exercise 13

2. was
3. were having
4. was
5. was shining
6. was
7. hit
8. fell
9.was not/ wasn’t
10. got

Exercise 14

1. Philip was washing the car when the fire started.
2. Neil was studying while his sister was listening to music.
3. Harriet opened the door and walked into the house.
4. We had lunch at a lovely restaurant every day when we were on holiday.
5. Brian was drinking tea at five o’clock yesterday afternoon.
6. Dad was repairing the TV while Mum was cooking dinner.
7. I went to the cinema last Saturday.
8. I bought a new dress for my party yesterday.
9. While Jeff was building the garden shed, he hurt himself.
10. While the teacher was speaking, the students were listening to him.

Exercise 15

1. rang
2. is repairing
3. was reading, called
4. Are, do you want
5. were singing, were playing
6. works

Exercise 16

2. C
3. C
4. A
5. C
6. C
7. C
8. A
9. A
10. B
11. B
12. C

Oral Activity

SA: What was the cashier doing?
SB: He was counting some money.
SA: What did he do when he saw the robbers?
SB: She was sitting on a chair.
SA: What was the child doing?
SB: She was sitting on a chair.
SA: What did she do when she saw the robbers?
SB: She started to cry.
SA: What was the old lady doing?
SB: She was waiting in the queue.
SA: What did she do when she saw the robbers?
SB: She fainted.

Writing Activity

Dear Martha,
… The manager was talking on the phone. When he saw the robbers he stood up. The cashier was counting some money. When he saw the robber he put his hands up. A young child was sitting on a chair and she started o cry. An old lady who was waiting in the queue near me fainted. The robbers took some money and left. The police arrested them later that day. It was a terrible experience. I hope I won’t have another adventure like that too soon! I’ll finish my letter here so that I can post it today. Please write when you have time.



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