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Rezolvarea exercitiilor de la  UNIT 16 din manualul de limba engleza pentru clasa a VIII-a intitulat HIGH FLYER - UPPER INTERMEDIATE, Students’ Book, Editura Longman, Autori Ana Acevedo si Marisol Gower, Editia 1999

High Flyer – Upper Intermediate

High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.2 / page 66

1.      Aurora Davies
2.    Ariadne Matthews

High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.3 / page 67

Aurora: world poverty. Ariadne: unemployment (danger of her father being made redundant), the environment, friendships with boys.

High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.4 / page 67

Ariadne is frustrated because her friends worry only about boys. Aurora’s getting impatient with her brother because he keeps taking her things. Ariadne is worried about her dad and his job, but she doesn’t know exactly what is going on.

High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.5 / page 67

1.      The atmosphere doesn’t feel light and cheerful. It feels so full of and rigid with worry, that one can imagine cutting it with a knife. This kind of atmosphere is felt when people are worried or angry about something and don’t want to or can’t talk about it.
2.    While I am talking about this, in this case about things I find frustrating or annoying.
3.    No matter what Aurora says to her brother about not taking her things, he keeps on taking them. He doesn’t care at all what she thinks or what she says.
4.    pinch = steal, take without permission
5.     There won’t be any more holidays.


High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.7 / page 67

1.      I wish I knew the answers.
2.    I wish she wouldn’t always ask me questions in class./ I wish she’d ask someone else.
3.    I wish she’d stop telling me off./ I wish she wouldn’t keep telling me off.
4.    I wish I could sleep late./ I wish I didn’t have to get up very early every day.
5.     I wish I could afford the clothes.
6.    I wish I was/ were old enough to see the film.


High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.9 / page 68

b). Andy has just announced that he wants to be a football player rather than go to university as his parents had expected him to do. His parents are disappointed. His mother is sad, his father quite angry. Andy feels nervous at first but by the end is quite determined.

High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.10 / page 68

1.      False. ls. 11-2 (I was a bit worried, but not about my grades.)
2.    True. ls. 6, 8-9, 14-5 (Your teachers are very happy with your work. … you’re doing brilliantly. With your expected grades, you’ll have a choice! (of universities))
3.    False. ls. 29-30, 31, 33-34 (A football player! A bright lad like you! How can you do this to us? And now you tell us you want to be a football player!)
4.    False. Neither of them are happy about it, but they react in different ways. Mrs Bailey reacts with disbelief (ls. 19-22) and then sadness (1.31). Mr Bailey reacts angrily at first (ls. 29-30) but then calms down (ls. 39-42)
5.     True. (ls.41-2)
6.    True. (ls.36-7)
7.     False according to Andy (1.43)


High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.11 a / page 69

Vezi mai jos

High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.12 / page 69

1 – 1a)
2 – 1b)
3 – 2b)
4 – 1a)
5 – 2a)
6 – 1 b)

High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.13 / page 69

1.      You needn’t write two pages.
2.    We/you don’t need to/ have to pay…
3.    We didn’t have to/ need to get the bus …
4.    You needn’t work all day …
5.     You needn’t have got here an hour early…
6.    … We don’t have to/ need to get up early…

High Flyer – Upper Intermediate
Ex.14 b and 11 a:

bold words = important points
_________ = emphasized words/ syllables

MR BAILEY: (to Andy) We had a nice chat to your teachers at the parents’ meeting this evening.
ANDY: Actually, dad, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that.
MR BAILEY: Were you worried? Well, you needn’t have been. Your teachers are very happy with your work. In fact, we didn’t have to stay at the meeting very long. They all had only one thing to say: you’re doing brilliantly.
MRS BAILEY: We’re both so proud of you! (She’s enjoying her meal.)
ANDY: Thanks mum. Actually, I was a bit worried but not about my grades. (playing with his food) I …
MR BAILEY: You’d better start thinking about what university you want to go. With your expected grades, you’ll have a choice!
ANDY: Well, that’s what I want to talk to you about. I don’t want to go to university.
MRS BAILEY: You what? (putting down her knife and fork quickly). Oh, of course, it’s the money. You’re worried about the money, aren’t you? Well, let us worry about that. You needn’t give it a second thought. Just concentrate on your studies and …
ANDY: Mum! You’re not listening to me. I’m not going to university. I’ve got other plans.
MR BAILEY: What are you saying, Andy?
ANDY: I’ve thought about it very carefully and I’ve decided to leave school at the end of the year and become a football player.
MR BAILEY: (standing up suddenly) A football player! A bright lad like you!
MRS BAILEY: Oh, Andy! How can you do this to us? We’ve worked hard to give you a good education. You’ve got a brilliant future ahead of you. And now you tell us you want to be a football player!
ANDY: I’m sorry if you’re disappointed. But, look, you needn’t worry about me. I do have a brilliant future – as a football player.
MR BAILEY: You’re right, Andy, we are disappointed. We don’t need to tell you that. But listen. You’ve still got plenty of time. You don’t have to make any decisions now. Why don’t you think things over for a few days?
ANDY: OK, dad. But my mind is already made up.

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