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Rezolvarea exercitiilor de la Unit 9: THEY’VE BEEN BULLYING ME din manualul la limba engleza pentru clasa a V-a intitulat SNAPSHOT - PRE-INTERMEDIATE - Workbook with Grammar Builder, Editura Longman, Autori Brian Abbs, Chris Barker si Ingrid Freebairn, Editia 1999


Snapshot - Pre-Intermediate - ex 1 / page 37


1.     nasty
2.     happy
3.     lonely
4.     miserable
5.     nervous

Snapshot -  Pre-Intermediate - ex 2 / page 37

1. shy - shyness
2. happy - happiness
3. miserable - miserableness
4. jealous - jealousness
5. nasty - nastiness
6. nervous - nervousness 

Snapshot -  Pre-Intermediate - ex 3 / page 37

a. happiness
b. untidiness
c. laziness
d. tiredness
e. fitness
f. kindness 

Snapshot -  Pre-Intermediate - ex 4 / page 38

1. Would you like me to help you for your French test?
2. Would you like me to get the tickets for you?
3. Would you like me to take you to the hospital?
4. Would you like me to go with you?
5. Would you like me to talk to them?

Snapshot -  Pre-Intermediate - ex 5 / page 38

1. He hasn’t been learning Italian for three years. He’s been learning it for four years.
2. He hasn’t been playing in the college football team for four years. He’s been playing in it for two years.
3. He hasn’t begun playing electric guitar since he was 13 years old. He has been playing it since he was 15 years old.
4. He hasn’t been driving since March. He has been driving since last October.
5. He hasn’t been working at Tony’s Pizza Place since September. He has been working there since July.

Snapshot -  Pre-Intermediate - ex 6 / page 39

1. Would you like me to prepare you a sandwich?
2. Would you like me to lend you a magazine?
3. Would you like me to give you a map?
4. Would you like me to take a photo of you?
5. Would you like me to record it for you? 

Snapshot -  Pre-Intermediate - ex 7 / page 39

Kieram was born in Dublin on 12th of April 1981. He lived there until he was a teenager. Since 1994, he moved to New York.
He started playing the guitar when he was 14.
Since May, he has been working on the album “Jealousy” which is going to be released in October.
He has been going to classes for a few months. He has been making progress, but he doesn’t do his homework.

Snapshot -  Pre-Intermediate - ex 8 / page 40

1. Hello, Dave, it’s Josie here.
2. Hi, Josie! You’re coming over to see me later, aren’t you?
3. Well, that’s why I’m ringing. Do you mind if I don’t come this evening?
4. No, of course not. Would you like me to come over to your house? I’ll bring you some magazines.
5. No, I don’t really feel like reading. I just don’t feel well, that’s all.
6. Oh, I see. Well, shall I get a video for you?
7. That’s kind of you, Dave, but I don’t really want to watch a video either.
8. OK. Shall I give a call at the weekend?
9. Yes, call me then. That’d be nice. Thanks. Bye!
10. Bye, Josie. See you soon.

Snapshot -  Pre-Intermediate - ex 9 / page 40

Aici raspunsurile pot varia.
1. No, thank you. My mother will take care of this.
2. Would you like me to make some tapes?
3. Yes, that would be nice.
4. What time does the party start?
5. At 5 p.m.
6. Would you like me to come earlier to help you arranging the room?
7. Yes, of course. If you have some free time.

Snapshot -  Pre-Intermediate - ex 10 / page 40

You: You look fed up, Rick. What’s the problem?
Rick: You know that guy Kevin at school? Well, I lent him my dad’s mobile phone last week and he didn’t give it back to me.
You: Did you ask him to give it back to you?
Rick: Yes, but he didn’t want to
You: Did your father ask you about the phone?
Rick: Yes, he asked me a few times. I’ve been making different excuses but I don’t know what to do now. I know my colleague makes long-distance calls and my dad will have to pay for this.
You: I think you should tell your father the truth.

Snapshot -  Pre-Intermediate - ex 11 / page 40

1.     Have you been living here for a long time?
2.     I fear loneliness more than anything.
3.     Have you been waiting for a long time?
4.     I’ve been reading this book for three months.
5.     Would you like me getting an extra ticket?
6.     It’s OK. Don’t worry.

Snapshot -  Pre-Intermediate 
COOL FM 4 / page 40

1.    T
2.  T
3.  F
4.  F
5.     T

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