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Rezolvarea exercitiilor de la Unit 8: YOU OUGHT TO TRY THEM din manualul la limba engleza pentru clasa a V-a intitulat SNAPSHOT - PRE-INTERMEDIATE - Workbook with Grammar Builder, Editura Longman, Autori Brian Abbs, Chris Barker si Ingrid Freebairn, Editia 1999


Snapshot - Pre-Intermediate - ex 1 / page 33

EGGS: boiled, fried, sliced, scrambled
FISH: grilled, boiled, fried
POTATOES: boiled, fried, sliced
RICE: boiled
SAUSAGES: grilled, fried
CARROTS: boiled, sliced
TOMATOES: boiled, sliced, scrambled

Snapshot -  Pre-Intermediate - ex 2 / page 33

1. boiled rice
2. sliced tomato
3. chopped onion
4. fried
5. baked fish
6. mashed potatoes
7. grated cheese 

Snapshot -  Pre-Intermediate - ex 3 / page 33

Aici raspunsurile pot varia.
Potatoes: I like them fried in little oil and with a lot of grated cheese on them.
Eggs: I like them boiled, cut in half and with ketchup on them.
Fish: I like it fried with a little salt on it.
Cheese: I like it grated and put o a slice of bread with some ham.
Carrots: I like them boiled or fresh. 

Snapshot -  Pre-Intermediate - ex 4 / page 34

1. should do
2. shouldn’t leave
3. shouldn’t go
4. ought not to eat
5. ought to go out
6. ought to see 

Snapshot -  Pre-Intermediate - ex 5 / page 35

1. don’t have to
2. must
3. mustn’t
4. Do you have to
5. does she have to do
6. must 

Snapshot -  Pre-Intermediate - ex 6 / page 35

1. You should save some money and go to the cinema some other time. You shouldn’t be upset if you can’t go to the cinema this week.
2. You should practice a lot before jumping into the pool from the top board. You shouldn’t jump from the top board; it is too high for you.
3. You ought to stay on the beach a few minutes every day. You ought not to stay on the beach for many hours in one single day.
4. You ought to take it to the police. You ought not to keep it because it doesn’t belong to you. 

Snapshot -  Pre-Intermediate - ex 7 / page 35

1. must
2. should
3. ought to
4. has to
5. should
6. must
7. shouldn’t
8. ought to
9. must
10. don’t have to

Snapshot -  Pre-Intermediate - ex 8 / page 36

1. Would you mind getting the bus to school this morning? I have to leave the house early.
Sure. No problem.
2. Would you mind doing the washing-up? I have to go to a parents’ meeting.
I’m sorry, but I can’t. I have to go to my dance class.
3. Would you mind picking-up the dry-cleaning after work? I have to work late this evening.
Sure. No problem.
4. Would you mind clearing the table for me? I have to post some letters.
I’m sorry, but I can’t. I have to wash my hair. 

Snapshot -  Pre-Intermediate - ex 9 / page 36

Lynn : Tom, would you mind working late this evening ? I have to go out.
Tom: I’m sorry, I can’t. I promised to help my mother prepare for Jane’s birthday party.

Snapshot -  Pre-Intermediate - ex 10 / page 36

1. Do you like white sliced bread?
2. Would you mind taking this book back to the library for me?
3. You shouldn’t eat just before you go swimming.
4. We ought to stay in and work this evening.

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