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Rezolvarea exercitiilor din manualul de limba engleza pentru clasa IX intitulat OUTCOMES UPPER-INTERMEDIATE, Editura Heinle Cengage Learning, Autori Hugh Dellar, Andrew Walkley, Editia 2011



Vocabulary – Feelings

Step 1

  1. in stitches = very amused, couldn’t stop laughing
  2. yawning = opening mouth when tired or sleepy
  3. in bits = very upset
  4. stuffed = very full
  5. tossing and turning = restless, unable to sleep
  6. off his head = mad, drunk, incoherent
  7. live up to the hype = fulfil (high) expectations
  8. overwhelmed = unable to deal with strong emotions
  9. rough = unwell, hung-over
  10. mortified = very embarrassed


Step 1
Conversation 1
  1. went to a surprise party
  2. dancing
  3. bit rough; overwhelmed; in stitches; mortified
Conversation 2
  1. went out for dinner
  2. a meeting/ stress
  3. tossing and turning; stuffed; off his head

Step 3

  1. into
  2. through
  3. over
  4. of
  5. of
  6. to
  7. in
  8. off
  9. about
  10. on
  11. by
  12. out

Developing conversations– I bet/ imagine

Step 1

  1. That must’ve been pretty dull.
  2. You must be glad you didn’t go now.
  3. He must’ve been a bit disappointed.
  4. You must be feeling a bit rough now.
  5. You must’ve been mortified.
  6. She must’ve been quite upset.


Step 4

  1. Can-Can course, Rain Man
  2. Rain Man, Blues Brothers
  3. Douglas Bader
  4. Blues Brothers, Odyssey UK, Richmond and Twickenham jazz Club
  5. Can-Can Course, weight loss through Ayurveda
  6. Cupcake decorating, Ayurveda
  7. London treasure hunt
  8. Ice Worlds
  9. Art Bin
  10. Douglas Bader


Step 1

the secret of success, the universe; the format of the lessons, the lecture, the course; a wealth of ideas, products; the centenary of her death, his first novel; the loss of his arms, his eyesight, his one true love; the onset of the recession, the disease; the Battle of the Somme, Waterloo, the sexes; the existence of this chemical, God; a set of ideas, priorities; the disposal of waste, sewage

Step 2

  1. a bundle of fun/ measures/ wood/ clothes
  2. a fraction of the cost/ an inch/ a second
  3. a risk of accidents/ cancer/ failure
  4. a flood of enquires/ complaints/ people
  5. a sign of life/ weakness/ things to come
  6. the supply of water/ drugs/ blood to the brain
  7. the abolition of slavery/ the death penalty/ VAT
  8. the tip of my tongue/ the island/ the iceberg

Grammar – Noun phrases

Step 1

  1. a barber surgeon: noun phrase; Rory McCreadine; nine
  2. on Blues Brothers’ classics: prepositional phrase; a twist; six
  3. dance: noun; class; four
  4. a wealth: noun phrase; hints and tips; six
  5. marking the centenary of his birth: participle clause; display; nine
  6. ice plays throughout the Solar System: relative clause; role; six
  7. London: noun; most vibrant areas; six
  8. six-week: adjective; exhibition; three
  9. receiving four and five-star reviews across the board: participle phrase; sell-out show; thirteen
  10. that follows the journey of Charlie Babbit and his autistic brother Raymond across America: relative clause; film; 17
  11. between the reflected and the real: prepositional phrase; the boundary; eight
  12. and hosted by saxophonist Kelvin Christine and vocalist Lesley Christiane: participle phrase; jazz club; 23
  13. suitable: adjective: yoga and breathing exercises; eight


Step 1

  1. the reading habits of the nation/ the publishing industry
  2. different approaches to reading, celebrities discussing books, space for users
  3. 40,000 book clubs
  4. Vegan Book Club, Socialist Feminist group
  5. provide recommendations/ act as filter
  6. create a community
  7. are really gossiping or dating clubs
  8. sentimental autobiographical writing
  9. the transformative effect of reading
  10. to pass books on to others
  11. community reading project designed to give everyone in an area the opportunity to read and then talk about one book
  12. bookstore events, related arts/ school events

Step 2

  1. f endorse a book = Oprah Winfrey endorses books on her show
  2. c boast over two million members = her book club boasts over two million members
  3. h share their thoughts = users of Oprah’s website can share their thoughts about books
  4. a be down to a number of factors = the surge in popularity of book clubs is down to a number of factors
  5. e see the trend in a positive light = not everyone sees the trend in a positive light
  6. b halt the spread = negative opinions have not halted the spread of communal reading
  7. d track the movement of items = BookCrossing tracks the movement of items (books passed on from one reader to another)
  8. g fund free copies = the city of Liverpool funded free copies of one book as part of its year as European capital of culture (2009)

Vocabulary – Describing books

Step 1

  1. 1 centres   2 plot       3 protagonists   4 dialogue
  2. 1 based      2 bring    3 set                     4 tale
  3. 1 traces     2 explores   3 Revolving   4 tackles
  4. 1 first     2 narrator    3  turns    4 insight
  5. 1 memoir   2  struggle   3  deals   4 recommend

Step 2

slim novel; loosely connected chapters; minimal dialogue; vivid portrayal; uplifting tale; gripping non-fiction work; domestic violence; civil rights movement; comic novel; hysterical effect; moving memoir; troubled relationship; abuse mother; heart-wrenching detail; a real page-turner

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