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Rezolvarea exercitiilor   din manualul de limba engleza intitulat UPSTREAM LEVEL B1+, Student’s Book,  Editura Express Publishing, Autori Jenny Dooley si Virginia Evans, Editia 2003



2a Call of the wild

The song means that nature is calling out for help. The pictures are related to the song because they show animals that are endangered and need our help to survive.

The text is about wildlife in the U.K. It explains what is happening to the animals there as their habits are destroyed. It also talks about what we can do to help.

Para 1: a definition of wildlife
Para 2: a definition of habitat
Para 3: an explanation of what is happening to the wildlife and why
Para 4: an explanation of what we can do to help endangered species

1.      T
2.    F
3.    F
4.    T
5.     F
6.    F
7.     T
8.    T
9.    F
10.      T

1.      no
2.    yes
3.    yes
4.    no
5.     no

2b Vocabulary practice

1.      heating
2.    wind
3.    atmosphere
4.    food
5.     air

1.      A
2.    C
3.    A
4.    A
5.     C
6.    B
7.     D
8.    B
9.    D
10.      A

1.      start
2.    raise
3.    plant
4.    recycle
5.     send
6.    adopt
7.     use

1.      at
2.    from
3.    from
4.    in
5.     in

1.      as brown as a berry
2.    as fresh as a daisy
3.    as green as grass
4.    as red as a rose

1.      die out
2.    make out
3.    run out
4.    is worn out
5.     has brought out

2c Grammar in use

Prohibition: mustn’t (C)
Advice/suggestion: should/ought to (A)
Obligation/duty/necessity: must/have to (B)

2 People should/ought to beware of the bull.
3 Drivers mustn’t drive coaches here. Only cars are allowed.
4 This is private property. People mustn’t enter. People must/ have to stay out.
5 People mustn’t litter. There is a 100 pound penalty.
6 People must/ have to keep dogs on a lead.

1.      should
2.    should
3.    mustn’t
4.    should
5.     mustn’t
6.    must
7.     should

1.      conservation
2.    collection
3.    conclusion
4.    reduction
5.     pollution

1.      a prediction based on what we see
2.    a future plan/intention
3.    a prediction based on what we think/ believe

1.      action in progress at a certain time in the future
2.    action finished before a certain future time
3.    previously planned action

1.      will have been
2.    will have left
3.    will be sitting
4.    will be meeting

1.      leaves
2.    will wait
3.    will meet
4.    finishes
5.     grows up

1.      may die out
2.    could take
3.    I’m going to
4.    mustn’t drop
5.     you have to keep

Dear Mandy,
Hi! How are you? Just dropping you a line to tell you about what I’m going to do to help protect the environment.
I’m going to join environmental group and take part in various activities they organize. We are going to hand out leaflets and take part in a clean-up campaign. I’m also going to adopt an animal. At school we are going to make a pond to help wildlife. I think that we should all help save the environment.
Are you doing anything at school for the environment? Why don’t you adopt an animal too? There are so many animals in danger of extinction nowadays.
Well, that’s all from me. Write back soon and tell me your news.

2d Listening & Speaking skills

1.      … when you are in them you can breathe fresh air and ejoy the silence.
2.    … to take a snack break.
3.    … he drops litter in the forest.
4.    … a rubbish bin.
5.     … pick up the rubbish.

1.      A
2.    C
3.    A
4.    B
5.     B
6.    A

2e Writing a letter asking for information

1.      I am writing
2.    to begin with
3.    in addition
4.    for example
5.     finally
6.    I look forward

Dear Mr Jones,
I am writing with regard to the advertisement that I saw on my school noticeboard. I am interested in projecting the local wildlife and I would like some further information about your event.
To begin with, what time does the event take place and how long will it last for? I would also like to find out where exactly the event will take place.
In addition, I would like to know what we will be doing during the event. Finally, could you tell me whether I need any special clothing or equipment to take part in the event?
Thank you in advance for your help. I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,
Cindy Morgan

Self-Assessment Module 1

1.      Cutting down trees can destroy animal habitats.
2.    Her brother loves to work. He is a workaholic.
3.    Tony keeps an eye on things when I’m away.
4.    He tries to keep on good terms with his neighbours.
5.     Richard takes after his father. Both have got black hair and blue eyes.
6.    Can you take out the rubbish?
7.     Please do me a favour. Watch my house when I’m away.
8.    This awful music drives me crazy.
9.    They’ve been studying English since last May.
10.      He’s always as busy as a bee.

1.      C
2.    B
3.    C
4.    A
5.     B
6.    A
7.     B
8.    A
9.    C
10.      B

1.      has brought out
2.    mustn’t drop
3.    do you mind changing
4.    babysits
5.     can you tell me what Peter looks like

1.      careful
2.    imaginative
3.    extinction
4.    sensible

1.      d
2.    e
3.    a
4.    c
5.     b

1.      yes
2.    no
3.    no
4.    yes
5.     yes
6.    yes

1.      B
2.    A
3.    B
4.    C
5.     A
6.    C
7.     A
8.    A
9.    C

10.      A

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