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Rezolvarea exercitiilor din MANUALUL de Limba Engleza pentru clasa VIII intitulat CLICK ON 4 – Student's book, Editura Express Publishing, Autori Virginia Evans si Neil O'Sullivan, Editia 2002


1.      C
2.    B
3.    A

1.      No
2.    Don’t know
3.    Yes

1.      g
2.    e
3.    f
4.    a
5.     c
6.    d
7.     b

1.      b
2.    g
3.    e
4.    f
5.     a, d
6.    c

A.   1
B.    6
C.    5
D.   2
E.    5
F.    4
G.   3

1.      d
2.    e
3.    c
4.    b
5.     a

1.      A lemon tastes sour.
2.    Two-day-old bread tastes stale.
3.    Honey tastes sweet.
4.    An Indian curry tastes spicy.
5.     Newly laid eggs taste fresh.
6.    Boiled rice tastes bland.

1.      Heat
2.    Slice
3.    peel
4.    chop
5.     fry
6.    beat
7.     pour
8.    Bake

… Next, slice the mushrooms, then peel the onion and chop it into small pieces. Then, lightly fry the mushrooms and onion in the olive oil in a pan. After that, beat the eggs, milk and herbs together and add salt and pepper. Then, pour the mixture into a baking dish and add the vegetables. Finally, bake for 30 minutes until the omelette is golden brown.

1.      g
2.    e
3.    d
4.    b
5.     f
6.    c
7.     a

1.      C
2.    A
3.    A
4.    B
5.     C

1.      horse: eats a lot
2.    butter: to do sth very easily
3.    apple: favourite person
4.    tea: suit sb

There is no point in crying over spilt milk. (There is no point in regretting something that has happened and you can’t change.)
You can’t have your cake and eat it. (You can’t always have everything.); piece of cake  (very easy)
To be nuts about sb (to really like sb)/ to be a hard nut to crack (to be a very difficult person to beat)

Countable nouns: burger, aubergine, pizza, apple, egg, sandwich, potato, tomato, berry, mussel, biscuit, shrimp
Uncountable nouns: coffee, flour, rice, salad, meat, spaghetti, butter, bread, orange juice, water, tea, sugar, honey, salt, milk

1.      a/an, the
2.    some
3.    any
4.    some

A: I’d like some orange juice, please.
B: I’m sorry, there isn’t any left, but there is some water.
A: Okay.

A: I’d like some tea, please.
B: I’m sorry, there isn’t any left, but there is some coffee.
A: Okay.

A: I’d like some rice, please.
B: I’m sorry, there isn’t any left, but there are some potatoes.
A: Okay.

1.      many, few
2.    some, any, some, many
3.    any
4.    no, any, some
5.     much, little

1.      packet
2.    carton
3.    bar
4.    tin
5.     packet
6.    bottle
7.     jar
8.    box
9.    bag
10.      tube

To-infinitive sentence a
That – clause sentence c
-ing form – sentence b
Sentence a – advised
Sentence b – suggested
Sentence c – informed

1.      f   He ordered me to stand to attention.
2.    i   He invited me to come for dinner.
3.    a  He agreed to go to the supermarket.
4.    g   She apologized for hurting her feelings.
5.     h  He promised to pick me up.
6.    j   He denied breaking the vase.
7.     b  She begged him to be careful.
8.    c   She accused him of ending all the chocolate cake.
9.    e   He offered her a cup of coffee.
10.      d  She explained that she hadn’t liked the soup because it was too salty.

1.      Thomas refused to wash the dishes.
2.    Betty threatened to leave if he didn’t stop complaining.
3.    He promised to pick me up at the airport.
4.    Paula complained that her feet were sore./ Paula complained of sore feet.
5.     Mum warned us that the knife was very sharp.
6.    She invited us to her house for lunch./ She invited us to go to her house for lunch.
7.     Gary reminded Bill to pay the rent.
8.    Anne encouraged Sue to go to the party.
9.    Dad advised me to apply to that university.
10.      She ordered me to pick up those clothes.

1.      Ann offered to give me a lift to school the following day.
2.    Karen admitted tearing my new blouse.
3.    Roger denied taking my pen.
4.    She explained to Jim that she couldn’t go to his party because she would be away.
5.     He suggested eating at the Ashtan restaurant that night.
6.    Dad ordered me to go to my room immediately.
7.     Fred encouraged me to try that pie because it was delicious.
8.    The policeman ordered the thief to put his hands on his head.

1.      too
2.    if
3.    they
4.    at
5.     such
6.    by
7.     a
8.    from
9.    instead
10.      more
11.  that
15. at

1.      denied eating the last piece (introductory verb in reported speech)
2.    are only a few/are very few (quantifier)
3.    I were you I would (advice – conditional Type 2)
4.    isn’t much coffee left (quantifier)
5.     to stop me from going (introductory verb in reported speech)
6.    reminded me to go to (introductory verb in reported speech)

1.      on   get on: be friends with
2.    ahead   get ahead: advance, be promoted
3.    around  get around: travel
4.    away with  get away with: go unpunished
5.     away from  get away from: take a break from sth
6.    over  get over: recover
7.     by  get by: live, survive

1.      T
2.    T
3.    F
4.    F
5.     F
6.    F
7.     T

1.      E
2.    D
3.    C
4.    B

1.      I’m afraid I can’t
2.    sorry
3.    I’d rather not

I think the best thing to do would be to research and develop GM foods. GM foods could be developed that would produce larger foodstuff, be resistant to insects and that could fight diseases.

2, 4, 7

1.      C
2.    A
3.    B
4.    B
5.     C

qualities – properties
harmless – without danger
parasites – an insect/animal that lives off something else
insufficiently – not enough
overcome – combated/defeated
last – is able to be used
spoil – rot/go off
poisonous – deadly

The Future of Food?

1.      medicinal
2.    immune
3.    successful
4.    animal
5.     deadly
6.    heart
7.     health
8.    food
9.    farming
10.      negative

1.      of
2.    in
3.    at
4.    to
5.     with
6.    from
7.     in
8.    of

This tomato is the size of a small melon.
In the future, life will be very different to today.
Research into GM food is aimed at solving the problem of world hunger.
Some plants are resistant to certain diseases.
Much of his research is concerned with developing a new drug.
Every spring, I suffer from hay fever.
Her career is moving in a new direction.
Could I have a bag of apples, please?

Key words to be underlined: tourist magazine, write an article, describing a street market, detailed, place, why, recommend
1.      readers of the magazine
2.    location, type of goods, atmosphere
3.    four
4.    past tenses
5.     the last paragraph

a  2      b 4    c 3   d 1

1.      delicious
2.    loud
3.    delicate
4.    heavy
5.     mouth-watering
6.    traditional
7.     exotic
8.    lively

Picture A: 2, 6
Picture B: 3,4
Picture C: 1, 5
a warm glow: sight
brightly-lit interior: sight
light, salty breeze: touch, smell
breathtaking view: sight
mouth-watering flavour: taste
busy chatter: sound

A: The clatter of saucepans could be heard from the kitchen as the cooks rushed to make up the orders. (sound)
B: The smell of roasting meat on the grill made us realize just how hungry we were! (smell)
C: The meat tasted delicious. (taste)

Positive: 1, 3 & 4
Negative: 2

Key words to be underlined: article, describing a visit, favourite restaurant, school magazine, detail, why you recommend it
1.      to describe a visit to a favourite restaurant
2.    readers of the school magazine
3.    four
4.    in the last paragraph
5.     a meal on top of the world

It is an adventure novel.
There may have been wild animals on the island. There may have been hostile natives. They would have had to build some kind of shelter. They would also have had to catch their own food and have had to find a source of water to survive.

1.      A
2.    B
3.    C
4.    D
5.     C

rejoin – go back to
fetch – bring
seized – grabbed
slapping – hitting with the palm of the hand
set about – start to do sth
likely – probably
roundish  - almost round
tasty – delicious
finish off – end/complete

a good variety (food)
oval shape, grey colour, thick rind, very good (taro root)
roundish, rough brown skin, sweet, tasty (yam)
delicious (potatoes)
delicious (plums)

Quality: stale, greasy, undercooked, tasteless
Containers: jar, box, tube, carton, bag
Tastes: sour, spicy, bland
Types: fruit, fish, dairy products, cereals/grains

A: Where was the photo taken?
B: I think it was taken in a restaurant.
A: What can you see in the picture?
B: Well, I can see two people sitting at a table and a waiter standing over them, maybe explaining what is in the dish.
A: What type of food can you see?
B: Let’s see. There’s bread, a dish with a kebab with meat and vegetables and another dish with meat and salad.
A: Have you ever been to a restaurant like this one?
B: Yes, I have been to one like this with my parents.
A: What’s your favourite food?
B: I’d have to say roast chicken and potatoes.

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