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Rezolvarea exercitiilor din MANUALUL de Limba Engleza pentru clasa VIII intitulat CLICK ON 4 – Student's book, Editura Express Publishing, Autori Virginia Evans si Neil O'Sullivan, Editia 2002


Dialogue A  3
Dialogue B  1
Dialogue C  2

1.      F
2.    T
3.    F
4.    T
5.     F
6.    T

Running into – meeting by chance
Delivered – brought after being ordered
Appears – seems
Incorrectly – wrongly
Interrupting – stopping
Full time – a full time job entails working forty hours a week
Stores – saves

sewing machine – Elias Howe – 1844
microwave oven – Percy Spencer – 1946
hair dryer – Alexander Godefoy – 1890
answering machine – Willy Muller - 1935
The sewing machine was invented by Elias Howe in 1844.
The microwave oven was invented by Percy Spencer in 1946.
The hair dryer was invented by Alexander Godefoy in 1890.
The answering machine was invented by Willy Muller in 1935.

I think the microwave oven is the most important because it saves us so much time when we want to heat or cook foods.

1.      tower
2.    screen/monitor
3.    keyboard
4.    mouse pad
5.     mouse
6.    floppy disc

1.      floppy disk
2.    screen
3.    mouse
4.    keyboard
5.     tower
6.    mouse pad

In my home I have a thermostat, a mobile phone, a garage door opener, a smoke alarm, an electric fan, and an instamatic camera.

2. G
3. B
4. D
5. E
6. C
7. F

Picture 2 shows a round yellow tennis ball with lines on it.
Picture 3 shows a small brown straw basket with sunflowers in it.
Picture 4 old rectangular tool box with a lock and key on it.
Picture 5 shows a big blue beach towel with white stripes on it.
Picture 6 black leather golf bag with pockets on it.

A, B, C and E to be ticked.

D   A blue and silver ballpoint pen.
F   A small white plastic calculator.

A: It’s a fairly large rectangular leather thing. I keep notes in it.
B: Is it your wallet? Etc

1.      b
2.    e
3.    d
4.    f
5.     a
6.    c

1.      a cog in the machine
2.    break the mould
3.    press the right button
4.    throw a spanner in the works
5.     pulling the plug on
6.    have got our wires crossed

1.      is
2.    are was
3.    was
4.    have
5.     be
6.    had
7.     be

1.      present
2.    present continuous
3.    past
4.    past continuous
5.     future perfect
6.    a model + passive bare inf
7.     past perfect
8.    with a model

1.      is being photocopied
2.    has been adjusted
3.    is being/will be delivered
4.    be opened
5.     was serviced
6.    are used
7.     will have been completed
8.    was invited

1.      by
2.    with
3.    by
4.    by
5.     with

2. I reported the theft to the police.
3. Have you been/Were you told the time of the meeting?
4. A fire broke out in my block of flats last week.
5. I wasn’t given the news until late last night.

The first passive sentence starts with the person. The verbs in the passive followed by a to inf.
The second passive sentence starts with it and the verb in the passive followed by a that clause.

1.      that/which
2.    that/which
3.    whose
4.    that/which
5.     who

2. That man who is wearing dark glasses is a famous rock star.
3. I go to a local school that/which is just around the corner from my house.
4. He is a good writer whose book was published last week.
5. Sam and Ted, whose restaurant is doing very well, are cousins.

1.      where
2.    when
3.    where
4.    why

1.      … will be informed of the … (passive)
2.    … was allowed to talk to … (passive)
3.    … was severely damaged by … (passive)
4.    … is believed to be … (passive)
5.     … whose name is … (relative)

2. gave in to
3. gave out
4. went under
5. gave up

1.      on
2.    these
3.    or
4.    the
5.     in
6.    between
7.     than
8.    keep
9.    though
10.      who
11.  them
15. more

1.      C
2.    A
3.    D
4.    F
5.     B

1.      other electrical appliance
2.    plug
3.    accidents
4.    covers
5.     ask grown-up
6.    go near

Mr Harris has no electricity.

1.      f
2.    e
3.    a
4.    b
5.     c
6.    d

I think the article will be about a robot called SDR-4X. And the title says that the robot can dance. I would think all of the words and phrases could be found in the article except the one ‘do housework.’

1.      T
2.    T
3.    F
4.    T
5.     F

1.      G
2.    A
3.    F
4.    B
5.     C
6.    H

1.      perfect
2.    footwork
3.    disco
4.    routine
5.     built-in
6.    advanced
7.     uneven
8.    images
9.    company

1.      in
2.    of
3.    for
4.    to
5.     between
6.    of
7.     on
8.    with
9.    for
10.      in

Key words to be underlined: a fax machine; not satisfied; a letter of complaint; problem; action you expect manufacturer to take
1.      a formal letter of complaint
2.    the manager of a manufacturing company
3.    mild – to sound polite
4.    formal – it is a formal letter of complaint
5.     beginning; Dear Sir/Madam; ending: Yours faithfully + full name
6.    Perhaps it jams continuously, a missing lead, illegible printouts

1.      To begin with
2.    What is more
3.    Secondly
4.    To make matters worse
5.     also

Mild tone = 2, 3, 4
Strong tone = 1, 5, 6
You could use 1, 5, 6

2 A     3 B

2 C mild
3 O mild
4 C strong

Key words to be underlined: camcorder; wrong model; overcharged; letter of complaint; what happened; action you expect company to take
1.      no
2.    a complaint about a camcorder
3.    strong tone because you have two serious complaints
4.    Opening: I am writing to express my strong dissatisfaction with…; Closing: I insist on an immediate refund …

To be ticked: 2, 3, 5

Para 1: to complain about a camcorder
Para 2: sent the wrong model; you ordered a C20 but got a different model
Para 3: overcharged; the C20 model was on special offer but you were charged 30 pounds too much
Para 4: I insist on an immediate refund…; I hope that I will not be forced to take further action

Dear Sir,
       I am writing to express my strong dissatisfaction with the service I have received from your company. Please find enclosed a camcorder, which I am returning to you as you have sent me the wrong model.
       I ordered and paid by credit card for, a model C20. however, when I received my delivery and opened the box, I realized I had been sent the wrong product. I specifically wanted the C20 model so that I could use my existing videocassettes, which do not fit the camcorder you have sent.
       I would also like to point out that the camcorder you have sent to me is listed as being 30 pounds cheaper than the one I ordered. When I received my credit card statement last week I realized that I had been overcharged by 30 pounds.
    I insist on a full refund for the camcorder. I hope that I will not be forced to take further action and that this matter will be resolved immediately.
   Yours faithfully,
   Henry T. James

·        Machines can be of use to people but they can’t replace them as they can’t think.
·        People are trying to make machines think but they don’t seem to care if they can improve their way of thinking.

Jules Verne was a French man who wrote science fiction novels. He wrote 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Five Weeks in a Balloon, From Earth to the Moon, and Around the World in Eighty Days. His books are so popular because they inspire people’s imaginations and give them a glimpse of what the future may be like.

1.      The Nautilus is a type of submarine.
2.    A craft is a vehicle that can be used in the air, space or sea. Crafts mentioned in text: ship, submarine, dinghy.
3.    I think he feels very curious; frightened and overwhelmed.

1.      T
2.    F
3.    T
4.    F
5.     F

1.      it was taken in an Internet café.
2.    using a computer.
3.    I suppose computers affect our free time in many ways. Now that computers have become so common, the way we spend out free time has changed. Many people spend hours in chat rooms or playing games on the internet.

The picture shows the inside of an Internet café. A woman is sitting in front of a computer. Etc

1.      C
2.    A
3.    B
4.    A
5.     C
6.    A
7.     C
8.    C

1.      crashed
2.    surfing
3.    skipping
4.    eat

1.      system
2.    line
3.    program
4.    information

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