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Rezolvarea exercitiilor   din manualul de limba engleza intitulat UPSTREAM LEVEL B1+, Student’s Book,  Editura Express Publishing, Autori Jenny Dooley si Virginia Evans, Editia 2003



3a Take a break

Phrasal verbs: saved up, looked forward to, turns into, taking out

1.      looking forward to
2.    not a soul in sight
3.    out of date
4.    lost my temper

Speaker 1: h
Speaker 2: e
Speaker 3: d
Speaker 4: i

Last year we went to Ibiza for a week. The hotel was great and the staff very polite. Unfortunately, on the third day it started raining. It was such bad weather that we had to spend the rest of the week in our hotel.

3b Vocabulary practice

a. ship/ferry (on deck)
b. aeroplane (boarding gate)
c. car (lift)
d. train (platform)
e. motorcycle (helmet, hold tight)

1.      train – passengers, departing, platform
2.    plane – passengers, baggage, check-in, flights
3.    ship/ferry – captain, disembark, sailing

1.      along
2.    on
3.    by
4.    off
5.     towards

1.      set off
2.    rip off
3.    dropped me off
4.    waved Tom off
5.     stopped off

1.      d
2.    b
3.    a
4.    c
5.     e

1.      h
2.    d
3.    i
4.    b
5.     c
6.    e
7.     f
8.    g
9.    a
10.      k
11.  j

3c Grammar in use

1.      was; had
2.    were you doing; rang; was washing; didn’t hear
3.    was surfing; found; told; had already booked
4.    did you miss; were shopping; didn’t hear
5.     did you stay; rented
6.    had been waiting
7.     looked; hadn’t slept; had been waiting

Dark clouds gathered above. Soon it was raining. We had to go back. We tried to start the engine but it wouldn’t. We panicked. Then Claire saw a boat approaching us. It was the Coast Guard. Some locals had got worried when they saw how the weather had changed. They had immediately informed the Coast Guard who came to rescue us.
Back in the house, we felt relieved. We’ll never set sail again without listening to the weather forecast!

We can use would instead of used to in sentences that are talking about past habits.

1.      used to
2.    used to
3.    would/used to
4.    would/used to
5.     used to
6.    would/used to
7.     used to

1.      We were having lunch when Tom telephoned to invite us to go camping.
2.    After we had pitched out tent, we started a campfire.
3.    It didn’t stop raining for the whole of the camping holiday.
4.    As a child, I would/used to go camping with my family every summer.
5.     Before Bob opened his own campsite, he worked as a tour guide for ten years.

When I was younger my family used to go camping every year. We would all decide on the place we wanted to go to and then we would load up the car. When we got to the campsite we would all help set up the tent. Next, we would put on our swimsuits and go to the beach. We would look for seashells and make sandcastles. After a wonderful day at though beach we would go back to the tent.

3d Listening & Speaking skills

1.      drizzle (rain)
2.    howl (wind)
3.    pour (rain)
4.    swirl (wind)
5.     blow (wind)

1.      unfriendly
2.    uncomfortable
3.    inconvenient
4.    misinformed
5.     overpopulated

3e Writing a story (1st person narrative)

The story is about something dangerous that happened while somebody was on a safari.
3, 4, 1, 2

Link similar ideas: and
Show time: then, a few minutes later, as, while, soon, when, after, as soon as, suddenly
Show cause/effect: so that

1.      As soon as I got to my room, I started to unpack.
2.    I changed my clothes and then I went out for the night.
3.    I was excited because it was my first visit to Rome.
4.    Before I ordered a taxi, I packed my suitcase.
5.     When I realised I didn’t have my passport, I started to panic.

It was a nice summer morning. My brother and I had been looking forward to this trip. We got on our ship and set sail.

3 Culture Clip

The announcement suggests a holiday at some kind of camp.

There were many things visitors could do at the camp. People could play games, enter talent shows and other competitions, ride on a railway, swim, play in the playgrounds, and go to the theatre.

small: miniature
terrible: awful
variety: range
amusement park: funfair
dated: out of fashion
fixed: set
cosy: comfortable
survive: remain
roomy: spacious

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