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Rezolvarea exercitiilor din manualul de limba engleza pentru clasa IX intitulat OUTCOMES UPPER-INTERMEDIATE, Editura Heinle Cengage Learning, Autori Hugh Dellar, Andrew Walkley, Editia 2011




  1. An area with crumbling or derelict buildings is neglected and run down.
  2. If you rip your shirt you need to mend or repair it.
  3. If a situation is grim it is very bad.
  4. When an economy is thriving it’s doing well.
  5. If you need to clear rubble, a building or part of it has collapsed.
  6. If you’re thrilled with something you feel very excited and pleased.
  7. Houses or flats are burgled by a burglar.
  8. An area might go downhill because it becomes poor, or people leave it or don’t want to live there.
  9. You might single someone out because they are especially good at something.
  10. Close-knit describes a community.
  11. Politicians try to cover up a scandal, e.g. their expenses.
  12. If there’s a craze everybody wants to be part of something e.g. Facebook, or wants to have something, e.g. iPhones.
  13. If someone is bitchy they gossip in a nasty way about others.
  14. Crime, or drug use, might be cracked down on by increasing the power of the police.
  15. Four different grounds for divorce are: unfaithfulness, cruelty, neglect, irretrievable, breakdown.


Step 1
1.      I’m putting across the opposite point of view to make for a more interesting discussion.
2.    I’ve got nothing to do.
3.     He’s difficult to get on with.
4.    She really wants it/ wants to do it.
5.     She said what she thought.
6.    He betrayed me.
7.     I accept things as they are without worrying unnecessarily.
8.    You should insist on something.
9.    We didn’t get on when we met.
10.                        He does nothing to help with housework.
11.  It was very unexpected.
12.It would be very lucky if that happened.
13. They are very rich.
14.It’s not appropriate.
15. It spread very fast.


Exercise A
a.      Speaker 4
b.     -
c.     Speaker 3
d.     Speaker 5
e.      Speaker 2
f.       Speaker 1
g.     -
Exercise B
a.      -
b.     Speaker 4
c.     Speaker 5
d.     Speaker 1
e.      -
f.       Speaker 3
g.     Speaker 2

Exercise A
1.      that
2.    had
3.     would
4.    having
5.     would
6.    lack
7.     fact
8.    be
Exercise B
1.      has tripled since
2.      wouldn’t have been so/got so
3.      going to trigger an
4.      drives/ makes me mad is the amount
5.      gone through
6.      hadn’t rigged the

Language patterns

1.      She’s one of those people who’s always moaning.
2.    It’s nowhere near as complicated as it sounds.
3.     correct
4.    He’s utterly unable to make up his mind.
5.     correct
6.    I read it three times out of disbelief.

1.      to
2.      of
3.      on
4.      in
5.      with
6.      against
7.      as
8.      in

1.      sprawling
2.      acrimonious
3.      vibrant
4.      secular
5.      filthy
6.      thriving
7.      deprived
8.      long-standing

Missing words
1.      stand
2.      figure
3.      pocket
4.      narrow
5.      crawling

1.      cloth
2.      dishwasher/ washing machine
3.      toilet
4.      drill
5.      ladder
6.      string/ rope
7.      nail
8.      tap

Word families

1.      assumption
2.    underestimate
3.     ridiculously
4.    reservations
5.     commitment
6.    capability
7.     wilful


1.      B frail
2.    A voices
3.     C benefit
4.    A by and large
5.     C been through
6.    A mixed up in
7.     C run-up
8.    A offering

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