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Rezolvarea exercitiilor de la  SELF-ASSESSMENT MODULE  2:  din manualul de limba engleza intitulat UPSTREAM UPPER INTERMEDIATE, Student’s Book,  Editura Express Publishing, Autori Bob Obee si Virginia Evans, Editia 2003


Vocabulary & Grammar

Upstream –Upper Intermediate
ex 1/ page 77

1. retired
2. in
3. centre
4. thinking
5. money
6. afford
7. driver
8. away
9. makes
10. in
11. down
12. since
13. last
14. furnished
15. up
16. stand
17. at
18. put
19. place
20. out

Upstream –Upper Intermediate
ex 2/ page 77

1. C
2. B
3. D
4. A
5. D
6. A
7. D
8. D
9. C
10. B

Use of English

Upstream –Upper Intermediate
ex 3/ page 77

1. … no point in waiting for …
2. … why she had not tried …
3.  … apologised for being late for …
4. … never met such a kind …
5. … was not big enough to …

Upstream –Upper Intermediate
ex 4/ page 78

1. dissatisfied
2. various
3. irrelevant
4. designer
5. unreliable

Upstream –Upper Intermediate
ex 5/ page  78

1. back
2. √
3. from
4. for
5. of


Upstream –Upper Intermediate
ex 6/ page 78

1. ideas/ suggestions
2. I’d do
3. thought of
4. This would be
5. not for

Upstream –Upper Intermediate
ex 7/ page  78

1. a
2. a
3. b
4. b
5. a


Upstream –Upper Intermediate
ex 8/ page 78

1. C
2. C
3. A
4. B
5. B
6. C
7. D


Upstream –Upper Intermediate
ex 9/ page  80

1. agreement
2. flexibility
3. high-flyers
4. alternative
5. control
6. productivity
7. atmosphere
8. structured routine
9. extra skills
10. time management


Upstream –Upper Intermediate
ex 10/ page  80

Students A and B
A: I think a garage is useful and important. They are good for security and they protect the car from bad weather.
B: Yes, a garage is very useful and not only for keeping cars in. in a lot of countries, many people who have a garage use it for storage or as a workshop.
A: Now, what about the kitchen? I’d say it is more than useful; it is essential because everyone needs to prepare and cook meals.
B: I absolutely agree. It would be impossible to live in a house without a kitchen. The next picture shows a living room. I think that is useful, don’t you?
A: Yes, I do. It is important to have a living space where you can relax and watch TV and spend time with your family.
B: That’s true. …

Upstream –Upper Intermediate
ex 11/ page 80 

1. A: The main advantage is ownership itself. Property is an asset which you can sell or pass on to your children.
    B: I agree. Also, paying rent every month seems like a waste of money when you can pay a mortgage instead.
A: Yes, and when a house belongs to you, you can remodel it and decorate it to your own tastes you can’t do when you rent it.

2. A: I miss my bedroom. It’s the place where I spend most of my time and I feel really relaxed there. How about you?
    B: I miss my things. I like all my books and toys and CDs and everything around me. I like to look at my posters on the wall and my ornaments and everything.

3. A: My bedroom is the place where I feel the most comfortable. It’s where I hang out with my friends or by myself. I decorated it myself so it’s just how I want it. What about you?
   B: I feel most at home in my kitchen because it’s a very cosy room. It’s also bright and friendly. I like to cook too, so I feel happy in the kitchen.


Upstream –Upper Intermediate
ex 12/ page 80

To: John Smith, Camp Leader
From: Katy Brown
Subject: Places of interest for the students to visit
Date: 12th March 20…

The purpose of this report is to make suggestions for places which students may be interested in visiting during their say next week.

Durris Castle
This is an eighteenth-century castle, built on top of a hill and surrounded by forests. There are lots of interesting things to see there such as the dungeons and the gardens. Entrance fee for castle and gardens: 2 pounds (with student card).

Trelawney Cove
This is a beautiful beach with white sand. It is very safe for swimming. It is usually not crowded, except at weekends. A wide range of water sports are available such as windsurfing and waterskiing.

Roscommon Leisure Centre
This indoor leisure centre is climate controlled and has a number of different swimming pools and eating places. There are water slides, wave machines and a games arcade. A perfect place to visit when the weather is bad.

Overall, I believe that the places of interest suggested in this report offer a wide variety of activities and experiences that visiting students will enjoy during their stay.

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