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Rezolvarea exercitiilor de la  Unit 6: PAST CONTINUOUS – USED TO – WAS GOING TO  din manualul la limba engleza pentru clasa a VI-a intitulat ROUND-UP 4 – NEW AND UPDATED,  Editura Longman, Autori Virginia Evans, Editia 1992

Unit 6

Round-Up 4 – New and Updated
ex 78

2. sequence of actions, He washed up and fed the dog an hour ago.
3. simultaneous actions, Last night she was knitting while he was watching TV.
4. interrupted action, They were sunbathing when it started to rain.
5. action which won’t happen again, He built the Eiffel Tower.
6. completed action, They had a party last night.
7. interrupted action, While he was cooking yesterday, he burnt his finger.
8. simultaneous actions, He was laughing while she was crying yesterday morning.
9. non-continuous verb, The chicken tasted awful yesterday.

Round-Up 4 – New and Updated
ex 79

2. He was going to catch the bus…
3. They were going to watch TV… / He was going to turn on the TV…

Round-Up 4 – New and Updated
ex 80

… the music was playing loud. Bob and Ben were drinking Coke while Kristi was eating sandwiches. Ted and Steve were singing. Alex was cleaning while the dog was barking. James was sleeping on the sofa while Sheila was trying to wake him up. Edward and Lucy were laughing. Susan was bringing coffee. Chris was leaving the party while Paula was crying because she didn’t want him to leave.

Round-Up 4 – New and Updated
ex 81

2. Helen used to have …
She didn’t use to have long hair.
She has (got) long hair now.
3. Helen used to have …
She didn’t use to have a dog.
She has (got) a dog now.

Round-Up 4 – New and Updated
ex 82

I used to go to bed very early. I didn’t use to watch television very often. I used to play with dolls. I used to be frightened of dogs. I didn’t use to like eating vegetables. I used to play with my brothers in the garden.

Round-Up 4 – New and Updated
ex 83

2. dreamt
3. were taking
4. was
5. were
6. were traveling
7. was
8. were sitting
9. were drinking
10. were dancing
11. was playing
12. were having
13. arrived
14. was waiting
15. stayed
16. were beating
17. were singing
18. (were) dancing
19. was getting
20. could
21. was
22. was

Round-Up 4 – New and Updated
ex 84

2. was taking
3. noticed
4. was climbing
5. was hanging
6. broke
7. fell
8. ran
9. was shouting
10. couldn’t/ wasn’t able to
11. was thinking
12. came
13. explained
14. went
15. talked
16. ended
17. thanked
18. was

Round-Up 4 – New and Updated
ex 85

2. C (while)
3. E (while)
4. A (and)
5. D (when)

Round-Up 4 – New and Updated
ex 86

2. was driving
3. were shining
4. was
5. stopped
6. looked
7. seemed
8. was looking
9. heard
10. was flying
11. couldn’t
12. shone
13. felt
14. was wondering
15. went
16. thought
17. was getting into
18. was talking
19. looked
20. was

Round-Up 4 – New and Updated
ex 87

2. used to
3. didn’t use to
4. used to
5. used to
6. didn’t use to

Round-Up 4 – New and Updated
ex 88

2. was watching
3. was making
4. were going to have
5. didn’t have
6. used to go
7. happened
8. thought
9. heard
10. went
11. didn’t see
12. realized
13. were having
14. were setting off
15. wasn’t

Round-Up 4 – New and Updated
Oral Activity 11

Was Alex cleaning? Yes.
Were Mary and George drinking Cola? Yes.
Were Ted and Steve sleeping? No, they were singing.
Was James sleeping? Yes.
Was Sheila crying? No, she was trying to wake James up.
Were Edward and Lucy leaving? No, they were laughing.
Was Chris crying? No, he was leaving.
Was Paula dancing? No, she was crying.

Round-Up 4 – New and Updated
Oral Activity 12

1.     The baby was sleeping. He woke up and started crying.
2.   Clara was carrying a tray. She dropped the tray and split coffee on the carpet.
3.   Mum was cooking. She dropped the saucepan.
4.   Father was washing his hair. He came out of the bathroom with soap in his hair.
5.    The boys were playing. They stood up and ran to the door.
6.   The girl was sitting on a chair and fell off it.

Round-Up 4 – New and Updated
Writing Activity 9

… Clara was carrying a tray of coffee, which she dropped onto the carpet. It made a terrible mess! Mum was cooking at the time and she dropped the saucepan with all the dinner onto the floor. Dad was in the bathroom washing his hair, but he ran out with soap in his hair and eyes. The two boys were playing in the hall and immediately ran to the door. I was sitting on a chair reading a book and was so scared, I fell off the chair! It was very frightening. I hope you never have an earthquake in Germany.
Love, Sally

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