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Rezolvarea exercitiilor de la  Unit 5: PRESENT PERFECT CONTINUOUS din manualul la limba engleza pentru clasa a VI-a intitulat ROUND-UP 4 – NEW AND UPDATED,  Editura Longman, Autori Virginia Evans, Editia 1992

Unit 5

Round-Up 4 – New and Updated
ex 73

2. have been playing
3. have been going
4. has been living
5. has been leaving
6. has been coming
7. has she been doing
8. has been looking for

Round-Up 4 – New and Updated
ex 74

2. recently completed action, have just got married
3. recently completed action, has been playing
4. anger or annoyance, Have you been cooking
5. recently completed action, has had
6. unstated time/ personal experience, has been
7. unstated time, have bought
8. emphasis on number, has written
9. emphasis on duration, has been writing

Round-Up 4 – New and Updated
ex 75

2. ‘ve finished
3. have you been doing
4. ‘ve been playing
5. ‘ve seen
6. has beaten

Round-Up 4 – New and Updated
ex 76

2. ‘ve finished
3. have you been doing
4. ‘ve been playing
5. haven’t had
6. have you seen
7. has just phoned
8. ‘s been waiting

Round-Up 4 – New and Updated
ex 77

2. since
3. for
4. since
5. since
6. for
7. for
8. for
9. since
10. since

Round-Up 4 – New and Updated
Oral activity 9

He has been wearing the same suit since he got married.
He has been drinking mineral water for 25 years.
He has been playing chess since he was a boy.
He has been watching the same TV programmes for 15 years.
He has been going to bed at the same time for 20 years.
He has been smoking the same cigarettes since 1960.
He has been feeling miserable for a long time.

Round-Up 4 – New and Updated
Oral Activity 10

3 months ago
Tim was thin three months ago.
Kevin didn’t smoke three months ago.
Lucy hadn’t got her degree three months ago.
Jane was fat three months ago.
George smoked three months ago.
James didn’t wear glasses three months ago.
Allan was with Kim three months ago.
Jack was fine three months ago.
Kate had long hair three months ago.
Tim has put on weight/got fatter.
Kevin has started smoking.
Lucy has graduated/ finished university.
Jane has lost weight/ got thinner.
George has stopped smoking.
James has started wearing glasses.
Allan has started seeing Beth.
Jack has hurt his finger.
Kate has had her hair cut.

Round-Up 4 – New and Updated
Writing Activity 8

Dear David,
A lot of things have happened since I saw you last. I have changed my job and I have started working in a bank. I have stopped smoking and I have joined a gym. I have met a lovely man and we have got engaged. We have decided to get married in August. Also, I have lost your telephone number, so please phone me soon!
Love, Mary

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