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Rezolvarea exercitiilor de la  Unit 10: QUESTIONS – QUESTION WORDS – QUESTION TAGS din manualul la limba engleza pentru clasa a VI-a intitulat ROUND-UP 4 – NEW AND UPDATED,  Editura Longman, Autori Virginia Evans, Editia 1992

Unit 10

Round-Up 4 – New and Updated
ex 139

2. How often does she go to parties?
3. When did they go to parties?
4. Why is she crying?
5. Can Peter dive too?
6. Who hasn’t arrived yet?
7. Will he do the washing-up too?
8. Where does Paula work?

Round-Up 4 – New and Updated
ex 140

2. Who
3. What time/ When
4. How much
5. Which
6. Why
7. What
8. How often/ When
9. How many
10. Where
11. How long

Round-Up 4 – New and Updated
ex 141

2. Who did Roger speak to?
3. Who phoned Stuart?
4. Who will Jenny see?
5. Who has Steve left a message for?
6. Who does Ted love?
7. Who will visit Tom?
8. Who is Joanne marrying?
9. Who is he talking to?
10. Where do they come from?
11. Who is Jim waiting for?
12. Who is Rosa writing to?
13. What is he worried about?

Round-Up 4 – New and Updated
ex 142

2. Where
3. What
4. When
5. How
6. How old
7. How much
8. Why
9. How long
10. what
11. What

Round-Up 4 – New and Updated
ex 143

2. Where did you go?
3. How long did you go there for?
4. Who did you go with?
5. How did you get there?
6. Where did you stay?
7. What did you see?
8. What else did you do?/ Where else did you go?
9. When did you come back?/ When did you arrive home?

Round-Up 4 – New and Updated
ex 144

A: Who hit George?
B: Andrew hit George.
A: Who did George hit?
B: George hit John and Mark.

A: Who hit Andrew?
B: Mark hit Andrew.
A: Who did Andrew hit?
B: Andrew hit Phil and George.

A: Who hit Dave?
B: Paul and John hit Dave.
A: Who did Dave hit?
B: Dave hit Simon and Mark.

A: Who hit Mark?
B: Dave and George hit Mark.
A: Who did Mark hit?
B: Mark hit Paul and Andrew.

A: Who hit Simon?
B: John and Dave hit Simon.
A: Who did Simon hit?
B: Simon hit Paul.

A: Who hit Paul?
B: Simon, Mark and Phil hit Paul.
A: Who did Paul hit?
B: Paul hit Dave.

A: Who hit Phil?
B: Andrew hit Phil.
A: Who did Phil hit?
B: Phil hit Paul.

Round-Up 4 – New and Updated
ex 145

2. Where was she murdered?
3. When was she murdered?
4. Who discovered her body?
5. Where did she find the body?
6. Who are the police looking for?
7. Why are they looking for him?
8. What time/ When did he leave the hotel?
9. What did he take?
10. What was the woman’s name?

Round-Up 4 – New and Updated
ex 146

2. doesn’t she
3. doesn’t he
4. has he
5. aren’t they
6. isn’t she
7. did he
8. will she
9. were they
10. didn’t she
11. shall we
12. haven’t they
13. aren’t I
14. doesn’t he

Round-Up 4 – New and Updated
ex 147

2. didn’t she
3. will she
4. will/ won’t you
5. hasn’t she
6. are they
7. can’t she
8. won’t they
9. does he
10. shall we
11. did she
12. doesn’t she
13. will/ won’t you
14. didn’t he
15. doesn’t she
16. aren’t I

Round-Up 4 – New and Updated
ex 148

2. hasn’t he, he hasn’t
3. doesn’t he, he does
4. isn’t he, he is
5. don’t they, they do
6. didn’t you, I did
7. isn’t she, she is
8. does she, she doesn’t
9. aren’t they, they aren’t
10. isn’t she, she is

Round-Up 4 – New and Updated
ex 149

Sure: 3, 6, 7,9, 10, 11, 12
Not sure: 2, 4, 5, 8, 13, 14, 15, 16.

2. He’ll bring his wife, won’t he?
3. Those shoes are too big, aren’t they?
4. Your friends won’t come tomorrow, will they?
5. They were on the same plane as us, weren’t they?
6. You don’t understand the exercise, do you?
7. Prince Andrew and Sarah are divorce now, aren’t hey?
8. You’re not busy tonight, are you?
9. Look, that’s the President, isn’t it?
10. They live next door, don’t they?
11. Dorothy lost her purse last night, didn’t she?
12. He’s got beautiful blue eyes, hasn’t he?
13. Ann can’t dance, can she?
14. William Shakespeare didn’t die in 1621, did he?
15. This coat belongs to Abi, doesn’t it?
16. Daphne got married last year, didn’t she?

Round-Up 4 – New and Updated
Writing Activity 13

You: Where do you live Ann?
Ann: I live in California.
You: When did you start singing?
Ann: I started singing when I was 10.
You: When did you leave school?
Ann: I left school at 16. (I had to get a job because my parents were poor.)
You: What was your first job?
Ann: I worked in a restaurant.
You: How long did you do that for?
Ann: For two years.
You: How did you become famous?
Ann: I won a singing competition which my friend told me about.
You: How do you feel about singing?
Ann: It makes me very happy.
You: have you visited many countries this year?
Ann: Yes, about 10.
You: Thank you Ann.

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