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Rezolvarea exercitiilor de la Unit 7 din caietul de limba engleza pentru clasa a VI-a intitulat WAY AHEAD 6 - Workbook, Editura Macmillan, Autori Printha Ellis si Mary Bowen, New Edition 2005

UNIT 7 Lesson 1:

Let’s go to the fun fair! – No, I don’t like those scary rides.
Why don’t we go to the swimming pool? – Have you seen the new water slide? It’s terrific!
We could go to the circus. – Great! I love watching the acrobats.
What about the beach? – Good idea! We can try windsurfing.
Let’s go to the museum! – Yes. It’s always interesting to look at the dinosaurs.

1.      OK. Where shall we go?
2.    Oh no! How shall we go faster?
3.    Who shall help us?
4.    Me too. What shall we eat?
5.     All right. Where shall we look for them?

Umbrella, goat, ant, horse, face, ink, net

UNIT 7 Lesson 2:

1.      I eat lunch in the picnic area. So do I.
2.    I don’t feed the animals. Neither do I.
3.    I put rubbish in the bin. I do too.
4.    I don’t tease the animals. Neither do I.

1.   Let’s go to the cinema.
2.   Yes, of course.
3.   Ok, good idea.
4.   Because it is raining.
5.   I’m sorry but I’m busy.
6.   I’d love too!

UNIT 7 Lesson 3:

1.      They are big and heavy. They live at the North Pole.
2.   The penguins are very funny. They live at the North Pole.
3.   Bears live in the woods. They eat berries.
4.   Tigers are very dangerous. They eat meat.
5.   Elephants are very heavy and huge. They live in the jungle.

1. Don’t ride in the park!
2. Don’t pick the flowers!
3. Don’t climb the trees!
4. Don’t put the rubbish on the road!
5. Don’t play football in the park!
6. Don’t fish in the park!

UNIT 7 Lesson 4:

1.      I’ll do it for tomorrow.
2.   will be ten
3.   will visit his friends
4.   they will be busy all day long
5.   she will get a good mark
6.   he will invite me to the party.

1.      It is going to sleep.
2.   She is going to pick up the apples.
3.   He is going to eat the icecream.
4.   The horse is going to jump.
5.   He is going to play the piano.

1.      Ken is going to but some new trainers on Saturday.
2.   Lucy is going to visit her grandma tomorrow.
3.   Next week Ann and Ben are going to visit Egypt.

4.   We are going to do our homework tomorrow.

Unit 7 sudy skills

  1. brushes
  2. leave
  3. has
  4. meeting
  5. went

  1. We have never seen that film.
  2. Meg speaks Spanish.
  3. Paul always enjoys playing tennis.
  4. Does Jane like to go shopping?
  5. I bought some flowers yesterday.

  1. n
  2. br
  3. s
  4. f
  5. l
  6. fl
  7. r
  8. t

  1. flight
  2. right
  3. bright
  4. tight
  5. light
  6. fight
  7. night
  8. sight
Unit 7 composition

Dear John,
Thank you for your letter, I am replying immediately because tomorrow I am going to the seaside with my family. We are going to travel by car. We will arrive there in about 5 hours.
We are going to stay at a nice new hotel on the beach. We are going to stay on the beach all mornings and swim in the water. In the afternoons we are going to walk. I would like to buy some souvenirs for my grandparents and friends.
I will send you a post card when I get there. When I come back I will tell you more about the trip. Now I have to finish packing. I wish you all the best.

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