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Rezolvarea exercitiilor de la Unit 8 din caietul de limba engleza pentru clasa a VI-a intitulat WAY AHEAD 6 - Workbook, Editura Macmillan, Autori Printha Ellis si Mary Bowen, New Edition 2005

UNIT 8 Lesson 1:

4 “green” methods of transport: horses, sailing boats, steam trains, bicycles
4 things which give us energy: the sun, rivers, wind, oil
3 things which cause pollution: electric trains, factories, cars
4 examples of wildlife: foxes, butterflies, eagles, snakes
3 things which you put in a dustbin: litter, rubbish, waste

chart: Who is going to make a chart? Jane will.
poster: Who is going to design a poster? Mark will.
graph: Who is going to draw a graph? Eric will.
talk: Who is going to give a talk? Ian will.
report: Who is going to write a report? Susie will.

Unit 8 lesson 2

2. are green because they don’t cause pollution.
3. are green because they don’t cause pollution.
4. is green because it doesn’t cause pollution.
5. are green because they don’t cause pollution.

He has to do his homework.
He has to buy a present for his mum.
He has to phone granddad.
He ought to tidy his room.
He ought to email Marco.
He ought to clean his bike.

I have to go shopping.
I have to write a letter.
I have to eat.
I ought to get some rest.
I ought to wash the dishes.
I ought to read a book.

Unit 8 lesson 3

He could go to school, but I think he should stay at home.
He could put on a jumper, but I think he should wear a thick coat.
They could buy a cat, but I think they should get a canary.
He could go by car, but I think he should take a plane.
She could go forget about it, but I think she should buy her a new one.

Unit 8 lesson 4

I must buy him a present.
I should organise a party.
I could make a cake.

Unit 8 study skills

  1. careless
  2. jogging
  3. colourful
  4. natural
  5. waving
  6. wooden
  7. exploding
  8. explorer
  9. centuries
  10. happiness
  11. beautifully
  12. widest

  1. colourful
  2. happiness
  3. centuries
  4. explorer
  5. beautifully
  6. waving
  7. wooden

  1. flight – kite
  2. bear – hair
  3. palm – harm
  4. deer – hear
  5. comb – home
  6. put – fruit
  7. boot – foot
  8. great – plate
  9. calf – laugh
  10. bought – port
  11. grey – weigh
  12. heart – cart

Unit 8 composition

Being ‘green’ at home
My family is not very big: my mother, my father, my brother and i. we don’t live in a house; we live in an apartment. We are looking after the environment.
My family throw much rubbish every day. We throw empty bags, paper, etc. A big car comes every day in the morning to take the rubbish. If I think better we could cut down rubbish, by trying not to damage things so much.
To save energy is very important. We try to save as much energy as we can. We turn off the light when we watch TV, we go to sleep earlier. We should do more things in order to try to save energy. This will be good for us and our planet.

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