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Rezolvarea exercitiilor de la Unit 15 din caietul de limba engleza pentru clasa a VI-a intitulat WAY AHEAD 6 - Workbook, Editura Macmillan, Autori Printha Ellis si Mary Bowen, New Edition 2005

UNIT 15 Lesson 1:

  1. d
  2. e
  3. b
  4. c
  5. a

  1. arrived, burned
  2. drunk, poisoned
  3. fallen, crushed
  4. drowned, pulled
  5. frozen, left
  6. buried, sunk


Unit 15 lesson 2

  1. had hit, would have been
  2. had covered, would have dropped
  3. had dried, would have set
  4. would have caused, had landed
  5. would have frozen, had fallen
  6. would not have died, had not hit

would have died
would have caused tidal waves
would have caught fire
wouldn’t have died
I would have been very scared.

  1. it had been too much.
  2. people had not been careful.
  3. they had been on their way.
  4. it had been too cold.
  5. they had been protected.

Unit 15 lesson 3

  1. c
  2. e
  3. a
  4. f
  5. b
  6. d

2. Temperatures dropped to -10. As a result, rivers and lakes froze.
3. The volcano erupted. Because of this, a nearby town was buried by lava.
4. There was an enormous tidal wave. As a result, houses on the coast were destroyed.
5. No rain fell for many weeks. As a result, forest fires spread across the land.
6. Heavy snow fell on high ground. Because of this, mountain roads were blocked.

2. If Joe had done his homework, the teacher would not have been angry.
3. If the traffic had not been terrible, Sally would not have arrived home late.
4. If it had not rained, Alex and Mark would have gone to the beach.
5. If Mr Gordon had not run to the station, he would have missed the train.
6. If Linda hadn’t lost her purse, she would have bought Sally a birthday present.

Unit 15 lesson 4

2. If diplodocus had not had a long neck, it couldn’t have eaten leaves from high branches.
3. If tyrannosaurus had not had sharp teeth, it couldn’t have eaten meat.
4. If hypsilophodon had not been very fast, it could not have run away from its enemies.
5. If triceratops had not had horns and a beak, it could not have fought off its enemies.
6. If pterodactyl had not had wings, it could not have flown.

1. Name: Tyrannosaurus;  Date: 67 MYA; Appearance: very sharp teeth, Food: meat
2. Name: Diplodocus;  Date: 185 MYA; Appearance: long neck, Food: leaves from the trees
3. Name: Stegosaurus;  Date: 150 MYA; Appearance: spines on its back, Food: plants

Unit 15 study skills

Notes: interesting creatures, in the sea; starfish; beautiful, not intelligent; 5 arms; some 44; jellyfish, unintelligent, dangerous; octopus, very intelligent, 8 arms, change the colour

The text:
Sea creatures
The starfish is a very interesting creature which lives in the sea. It is very beautiful, but it is not very intelligent. It has five arms; some of the starfish could have even 44 arms. The jellyfish is not intelligent; it can be very dangerous. Another creature in the sea is the octopus. It is very intelligent. It has 8 arms. One interesting thing about it is that it can change its colour.

  1. angry
  2. beautiful
  3. golden
  4. famous
  5. dangerous
  6. lucky
  7. pleasant
  8. friendly
  9. expensive
  10. fifth
  11. favourite
  12. valuable

Unit 15 Composition

Three dinosaurs
Tyrannosaurus Rex is 14 m long and 5 ½ m height. It eats meat and smaller dinosaurs. It lived 67 million years ago in North America and perhaps in South America.
It is large and has strong legs, short arms, and sharp teeth. It is very dangerous and fierce.
Diplodocus has an 8 m long neck and a 14 m long tail. Unlike Tyrannosaurus Rex, it eats leaves from tall trees. It lived 185 million years ago in many parts of the world.
It is one of the longest dinosaurs; it has a small head. It is gentle; it is not dangerous and fierce.
Stegosaurus is 7 ½ m long. Like Diplodocus it eats plants. It lived 150 million years ago in North America.

It has spines all along its back and a very small head. Compared to Tyrannosaurus Rex and Diplodocus, Stegosaurus had an extremely small brain.

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