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Rezolvarea exercitiilor de la Unit 18 din caietul de limba engleza pentru clasa a VI-a intitulat WAY AHEAD 6 - Workbook, Editura Macmillan, Autori Printha Ellis si Mary Bowen, New Edition 2005

UNIT 18 Lesson 1:

Canada; Mexico; Italy; Germany; Maroc

English; Arabic; Chiness; English; French

Spanish; Scotish; Egyptian; Jordanian; Japaness

Pacific Ocean; Atlantic Ocean,
Black Sea, Red Sea, Death Sea,
Danube River,

Asia;  Cairo; Europe; London; India; Switzerland

Unit 18 lesson 2

Animals: duck, dolphin, fox
Clothes: coat, tie, boot, scarf, glove, sandals
Parts of the body: tongue, knee, finger
Sports: basketball, skiing, diving, tennis
Food: bread, grape, chocolate
Transport: lorry, helicopter, bus

Unit 18 lesson 3

  1. scissors
  2. ang
  3. out
  4. make a telephone call; make a bed; do homework; make a friend; make a mistake
  5. kindness; happiness; sadness
  6. write; too; four; pour
  7. 2; 10; 100
  8. Michael; John. Antonio
  9. salt and pepper; knife and fork; cup and plate
  10. short; short; plain; narrow; fat

unit 18 lesson 4

  1. read the text
  2. Space ships of the future
  3. 1. tourists 2. traveler 3. airport 4. tropical jungles 5. trips 6. expensive 7. set off
1. Where was the ship designed?
2. Will it take astronauts?
3. What’s the name of the ship?
4. How many passengers can it carry?
5. Where will it go?
6. How long will the passengers spend there?
7. How much will be the tickets for a journey with this ship?
8. Did the travellers like the trip?

1. Frankly, I wouldn’t.
2. Naturally, I would like that.
3. Actually, I would like to.
4. Obviously, I would like this.

Unit 18 study skills

  1. The children have brought two little kittens to school.
  2. I always enjoy playing tennis with my brother.
  3. Have you ever seen a shooting star?
  4. Two ponies were being ridden by a boy from the farm.
  5. Mauritius is an island in the Indian Ocean.
  6. If I had had the money, I would have gone to America.

  1. h
  2. l
  3. h,t
  4. c
  5. b
  6. gh
  7. gh
  8. p
  9. daughter
  10. comb
  11. cupboard
  12. whistle
  13. whale
  14. science
  15. straight
  16. talk

  1. ?
  2. ,
  3. ,   ,
  4. ,
  5. !
  6. .
  7. What a terrible smell!
  8. While she was sleeping, the phone rang.
  9. Would you like a glass of water now?
  10. Harry, who was swimming, saw a shark.
  11. If anyone asks, say I have gone to India.
  12. The claves have gone into the field.

  1. beautifully
  2. loudly
  3. prettily
  4. quickly
  5. usually
  6. carelessly
  7. happily
  8. carefully
  9. naturally
  10. dangerously
  11. lazily
  12. hopefully
  13. loudly
  14. carefully
  15. loudly
  16. quickly
  17. carelessly

Unit 18 Composition

Dear Tom,
Thanks for your email. It was nice to hear from you.
About me I can tell you that I am fine. I’m very happy that we will have just a few days until the long summer holiday. These are our last days of school. We stay at school just for a short while to end our lessons and get our homework for the vacation. In this vacation I have so many plans, but I don’t know for sure what I am going to do.
I would like to go to the seaside for a few days but I would also like to spend more time with my family especially with my brother. We some so many things in common and we like spending time together. My parents will have some free days too, so maybe we will go on a trip together.
When you have some time, please write me and maybe will fine some time to meet soon.
All the best, John

Unit 18 revision

2. had not left, would have missed
3. had forgotten, would not have told
4. I would have won, had swum

2. If Jane had seen Fiona, she would have spoken with her.
3. If it hadn’t been raining, they would have gone to the beach.
4. If she hadn’t felt ill, she would have eaten the icecream.

5. If he had studied harder, he would have passed the exam.

  1. 195,000,000
  2. 18,000,000
  3. 300,000
  4. 3,000,000

  1. Fifty-four million
  2. Two hundred million
  3. One hundred and ninety-five million
  4. Twenty million
2. she could have a pet.
3. she could email very often.
4. it would be very fast.
They would understand their homework.

2. I wish the sun would be shining.
3. I wish the baby would sleep.
4. I wish he would play with me.
5. I wish my key pal would email me.

2. Cars will be powered by solar energy.
3. Will the earth be visited by aliens?
4. The housework will be done by machines.
5. Children will not be taught by computers.
6. Teachers will be helped by robots.


  1. turning
  2. buying
  3. playing
  4. to be cut

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