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Rezolvarea exercitiilor de la UNIT 15 din manualul de limba engleza pentru clasa VI intitulat ENGLISH GRAMMAR BOOK – GRAMMARWAY 2, Editura Express Publishing, Autori Jenny Dooney si Virginia Evans, Editia 1998

UNIT 15: Conditionals – Wishes

Exercise 1

2. If you go to Rome, you can see the Colosseum.
3. If you go to New York, you can see the Empire State Building.
4. If you go to Paris, you can see the Eiffel Tower.
5. If you go to Egypt, you can see the Pyramids.
6. If you go to Sydney, you can see the Sydney Opera House.
7. If you go to Venice, you can see some gondolas.
8. If you go to Hawaii, you can see some palm trees.

Exercise 2

2. – a If you are hungry, make a sandwich.
3. – e If you are bored, read a good book.
4. – b If you are thirsty, get something to drink.
5. – d If you are seasick, take one of these pills.

Exercise 3

2. If
3. If
4. unless
5. unless
6. unless
7. if

Exercise 4

2. does … (exercise),
3. need
4. Will … be
5. saves
6. rains,
7. work (hard),
8. Will … give
9. (homework), … won’t let
10. pay
11. arrives (on time)

Exercise 5

1. will/’ll make
2. leave, will/’ll get
3. wash, will/’ll cook
4. will/’ll go, have
5. finish, will/’ll give
6. look, will/’ll find

Exercise 6

3. Sarah will be disappointed unless you send her a birthday card.
4. Maria won’t go to the theatre unless Peter goes with her.
5. Unless you pay the electricity bill, it will be cut off.
6. If Kate doesn’t come home soon, her parents will call the police.
7. Unless the children behave themselves, they won’t go to the zoo.
8. If my mother doesn’t offer to help me, I won’t have time to make all the preparations.
9. If you don’t tidy your room, I won’t take you to the party.
10. Unless Dennis writes soon, I will be very upset.

Exercise 7

2. If a shop assistant was/were rude to me, I would complain to the manager.
3. If I fell over and broke my arm, I would go to hospital.
4. If I burnt my dinner, I would order a pizza.
5. If there was a power cut in my house, I would light some candles.
6. If I caught a bad cold, I would stay in bed.

Exercise 8

2. SA: Shall I order a salad or a sandwich?
    SB: If I were you, I’d order a salad.
3. SA: Shall I have some coffee or some orange juice?
    SB: If I were you, I’d have some orange juice.
4. SA: Shall I buy a dog or a goldfish?
    SB: If I were you, I’d buy a goldfish.
5. SA: Shall I go to Japan or France?
    SB: If I were you, I’d go to Japan.
6. SA: Shall I take up golf or baseball?
    SB: If I were you, I’d take up golf.

Exercise 9

2. had, would/ could/ might go
3. would/ could/ might buy, had
4. didn’t cost, would/ could buy
5. would/ could/ might lend, asked
6. would/ could/ might open, had
7. would/ could/ might paint, had
8. got, would/ could/ might go
9. was/were, would never work
10. would/ could post, had

Exercise 10

… he would have arrive in New York on time. If he had arrived in New York on time, he would have attended the meeting. If he had attended the meeting, he would have signed the contract. If he had signed the contract, his boss would have been pleased with him. If his boss had been pleased with him, she would have given him a promotion.

Exercise 11

2. had remembered, would/ could/ might have sent
3. hadn’t been, could/ would/ might have gone
4. would/ might not have broken, had been
5. would/ could/ might have got, hadn’t taken
6. had gone, wouldn’t/ might not have shouted
7. would/ could/ might have passed, had studied
8. had closed, would/ could/ might not have run away
9. would/ could/ might have lost, hadn’t picked
10. had saved, would/ might / could have been able

Exercise 12

2. … he wouldn’t have fallen off (it).
3. If he hadn’t fallen off the ladder, he wouldn’t have broken his leg.
4. If he hadn’t broken his leg, he wouldn’t have gone to hospital.
5. If he hadn’t gone to hospital, he wouldn’t have met Linda (there).
6. If he hadn’t met Linda, they wouldn’t have fallen in love.
7. If they hadn’t fallen in love, they wouldn’t have got married (six months later).

Exercise 13

2. were, would talk
3. won, would/ could buy, would buy
4. had studied, wouldn’t/ might not have failed
5. were/ was, would go
6. hadn’t left, wouldn’t/ couldn’t/ might not have escaped
7. hadn’t been, wouldn’t have missed
8. would you go, could, could, would go
9. were/ was, would report
10. had been, wouldn’t have cut

Exercise 14

2. were/ was
3. would/ could/ might have had
4. would give
5. leave
6. hadn’t met
7. would/ might/ could have been
8. had
9. phones
10. would get

Exercise 15

2. If I cut some wood, I will be able to/ can make a fire. (1)
3. If I had some food, I wouldn’t be hungry. (2)
4. If I sit under a tree, I won’t get wet. (1)
5. If I get some water from the stream, I’ll be able to/ can have a drink. (1)
6. If anyone could hear me, I would shout for help. (2)/ No one will be able to hear me if I shout for help. (1)/ No one would be able to hear me if I shouted for help. (1)
7. If it wasn’t/ weren’t dark, I would/ might be able to/ could find the path. (2)

Exercise 16

·       I wish I didn’t have a sore throat.
·       I wish I could play outside in the snow.
·       I wish I didn’t have to take medicine.
·       I wish I didn’t have to stay in bed.
·       I wish I could go to my friend’s party tonight.
·       I wish some of my friends were here with me.

Exercise 17

·       I wish the beach hadn’t been a long way from the hotel.
·       I wish the hotel hadn’t been dirty.
·       I wish my hotel room hadn’t been small.
·       I wish I hadn’t lost my luggage.
·       I wish my wallet hadn’t been stolen.

Exercise 18

2. I wish Mrs Parker’s dog wouldn’t bark all day.
3. I wish Mr Fox wouldn’t mow the lawn at 5 a.m.
4. I wish Mrs Edison wouldn’t leave rubbish on the pavement.
5. I wish the Smiths wouldn’t have a party every weekend.
6. I wish Miss Brown wouldn’t pick my flowers.

Exercise 19

2. had seen
3. had done
4. would remember
5. didn’t have
6. was/ were
7. hadn’t cost
8. could

Exercise 16

2. I wish I could remember the recipe.
3. I wish I could find my umbrella.
4. I wish I had remembered to lock the front door.
5. I wish I wasn’t on a diet.
6. I wish I had studied.
7. I wish I had enough money to go on holiday.

Exercise 21

2. wish you would stop
3. were you, I would go
4. wish you would

Exercise 22

1.     I wish I could go home now.
2.   If I were you, I would ask my father’s advice.
3.   Unless you ask her, she won’t come.
4.   I wish you would listen to me.
5.    I wish I had seen the play when it was on at the theatre.
6.   I wish I could go on long holiday to hot places.
7.    If I have time, I will tidy up before I go out.

Exercise 23

2. The silver was polished (by the maid) yesterday.
3. The dog must be taken to the vet.
4. The new cinema will be opened (by the mayor) tomorrow (by the mayor).
5. The fire couldn’t be put out because of the wind.
6. Has the washing been done yet?

Exercise 24

2. A
3. B
4. C
5. A
6. A
7. B
8. A
9. C
10. A

Oral Activity

·       He wishes his children wouldn’t ask him for money all the time.
·       He wishes he had some time for himself.
·       Laura wishes she didn’t feel lonely.
·       She wishes she went out more often.
·       She wishes she didn’t have difficulty making friends.
·       She wishes she had some hobbies.

Writing Activity

1.     were
2.   wouldn’t feel
3.   would listen
4.   were
5.    took up

Dear Miss Smithers,
        Thank you for your letter asking for my advice.
         To begin with, if I were you, I would try to find ways to change my life. If you met some new people, you wouldn’t feel lonely. If you went out more often, you would feel much happier. If you joined a club, you would make friends more easily. Finally, if you took up some hobbies, you would feel a lot better and a lot more confident.
       I hope my advice will help.
                                                                            Best wishes,

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