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Rezolvarea exercitiilor de la UNIT 13 din manualul de limba engleza pentru clasa VI intitulat ENGLISH GRAMMAR BOOK – GRAMMARWAY 2, Editura Express Publishing, Autori Jenny Dooney si Virginia Evans, Editia 1998

UNIT 13: The Passive

Exercise 1

2. A lot of rice is eaten in India.
3. Snails are eaten in France.
4. Coca Cola is produced in the USA.
5. Coffee is grown in Brazil.
6. Cricket is played in England.

Exercise 2

2. a
3. f
4. b
5. e
6. c
7. g
8. h

A: Who was the ‘Mona Lisa’ painted by?
B: It was painted by Leonardo da Vinci.
A: Who was the Eiffel Tower built by?
B: It was built by Gustave Eiffel.
A: Who was the ‘Jurassic Park’ directed by?
B: It was directed by Steven Spielberg.
A: Who was the ‘Carmen’ composed by?
B: It was composed by Georges Bizet.
A: Who was the Alexandria founded by?
B: It was founded by Alexander the Great.
A: Who was America discovered by?
B: It was discovered by Christopher Columbus.
A: Who was the telephone invented by?
B: It was invented by Alexander Graham Bell.

Exercise 3

3. SA: Have they repaired the photocopier?
    SB: Yes, it has already been repaired.
4. SA: Have you typed last month’s reports?
    SB: No, they haven’t been typed yet.
5. SA: Have you placed the advertisement in the newspaper?
    SB: No, it hasn’t been placed yet.
6. SA: Have you paid the bills?
    SB: Yes, they have already been paid.

Exercise 4

c The plants had been watered.
d The carpet had been hoovered.
e The cat had not been fed.
f The dinner had not been cooked.
g The rubbish had been taken out.
h The windows had not been cleaned.

Exercise 5

2. was recently asked/ have recently been asked
3. will be delivered
4. was informed
5. is being repaired
6. be typed
7. is looked after
8. were painted
9. are washed, are dried
10. is being serviced
11. had already been posted
12. will be punished
13. was given
14. have just been moved
15. has been promoted

Exercise 6

2. Dinner hasn’t been made by the chef.
3. A dinosaur egg has been found by an explorer.
4. The baby will be looked after by Mrs Gates.
5. He won’t be taken home (by them) after the party.
6. The front door was left open.
7. The window wasn’t broken by Jenny.
8. The computer is being used.
9. He was taught to drive by his brother.
10. English is spoken by many people.
11. He had already been told by the doctor to go on a diet/ to go on a diet by the doctor.
12. A new book is being written by the author.

Exercise 7

2. Will the bedroom be decorated by Susan tomorrow?
3. Was the ring found in the garden?
4. Is the picture being drawn by Tom?
5. Have the invitations been sent by Simon yet?
6. Had the door been repaired by Paul before he left for work?

Exercise 8

3. Who is the party going to be organised by?
4. What was he stung by?
5. Who was this delicious turkey cooked by?
6. Who are these books published by?
7. What was the soldier killed by?

Exercise 9

2. a Mary has been offered a watch by Fred.
    b. A watch has been offered to Mary by Fred.
3. a. Tim is being sent an invitation by Lisa.
    b. An invitation is being sent to Tim by Lisa.
4. a. I was brought some oranges.
    b. Some oranges were brought by me.
5. a. I am going to be lent some money by Sonia.
    b. Some money is going to be lent to me by Sonia.
6. a. I will be shown the new car by Jack.
    b. The new car will be shown to me by Jack.
7. a. He was paid a lot of money for the job.
    b. A lot of money was paid to him for the job.

Exercise 10

2. This saucepan can be used for cooking spaghetti.
3. My homework has to be finished tonight.
4. Your bedroom must be tidied.
5. These clothes ought to be put away.
6. The secretary was given some letters to type by the boss/ by her boss to type.
7. This cake should be eaten immediately.
8. Peter was sent a birthday card by Sally.
9. The dog must be taken for a walk.
10. The mouse is not being chased by the cat.
11. Is oil produced in Spain?
12. Was he bitten by a dog?
13. A new song has not been recovered by Edward.

Exercise 11

I was sent a bunch of flowers. They were delivered to my house by the man from the flower shop. I was told that they were a present. They had been ordered by a young man. No card had been put in the flowers. I still don’t know who they were sent by.

Exercise 12

A fire was started in the Courtney National Park early yesterday morning. A match and some petrol had been used to start the fire. A lot of trees had been burnt (by the fire) before the fire brigade was called. A man has been arrested (by the police). He is still being questioned.

Exercise 13

2. are being planted
3. was being chased
4. has not/ hasn’t been cleaned
5. had been eaten
6. must be finished
7. was sent
8. should be informed

Exercise 14

2. is taken
3. is driven
4. goes
5. are carried
6. buys
7. needs
8. has been invited
9. will be held/ is being held
10. is looking forward

Exercise 15

1. The dishes have been washed.
2. The letters are opened every morning in the office.
3. Your homework must be finished by Monday.
4. The woman was seen taking the children to school.
5. Mike has been told about the new job.
6. The cars were stolen from the car park.
7. The house has been decorated recently.
8. The centre will be visited by the King next month.

Exercise 16

2. A
3. A
4. C
5. A
6. B
7. C
8. B

Oral Activity

The windows have been replaced.
Garden lights are being put in.
The roof has been repainted.
Trees have been planted.
The sign has been put up.
The door is being fixed.

Writing Activity

… and the windows have been replaced. Garden lights have been put in and the roof has been repainted. Trees have been planted, the sign has been put up and the door has been fixed. I hope you’ll come to the opening, which will be soon. I’ll send you an invitation.

Best wishes,

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