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Rezolvarea exercitiilor de la UNIT 14 din manualul de limba engleza pentru clasa VI intitulat ENGLISH GRAMMAR BOOK – GRAMMARWAY 2, Editura Express Publishing, Autori Jenny Dooney si Virginia Evans, Editia 1998

UNIT 14: Reported Speech

Exercise 1

2. said
3. told
4. said
5. told
6. tell

1.     said
2.   said
3.   tell
4.   said

1.     said
2.   said
3.   said

Exercise 2

2. he, his
3. they, their
4. his, him
5. he, his
6. he, me, his, him

Exercise 3

2. He said (that) they were working in the garden.
3. She told us (that) they had got married six months before.
4. He said (that) he would go shopping the following/ next day.
5. He said (that) he had bought a new car the previous week/ the week before.
6. They said (that) they weren’t doing anything the next/ following week.
7. She told me (that) she couldn’t go out that night.
8. He said (that) he had forgotten to pay the bill.
9. She told me (that) they had brought me a present.
10. She told Peter (that) she would phone him the following/ next/ the day after.

Exercise 4

3, 6, 8 and 12 do not change tense because they are general truths.
5 does not change because the introductory verb is in the present simple.
2. Rose said (that) she had put the washing in the washing machine.
3. He said (that) a giraffe is bigger than a mouse.
4. She said (that) they hadn’t seen Tom for two weeks.
5. She says (that) she hasn’t phoned her uncle last month.
6. The student said (that) birds can fly.
7. She said (that) he was studying for an exam then/ at that time.
8. He said (that) leaves fall from the trees in autumn.
9. They said (that) they had visited the circus the previous weekend/ the weekend before.
10. Tony said (that) she had dropped the vase on the floor.
11. She said (that) he had taken the money to the bank that morning.
12. The teacher said (that) the Earth moves round the sun.

Exercise 5

2. She asked George when he would call her.
3. She asked if/ whether I could play the piano.
4. He asked who was there.
5. She asked Jonathan if/ whether I had gone to work the previous day/ the day before.
6. Mother asked what I had done that day.
7. Jim asked if/ whether I had gone to work the previous day/ the day before.
8. He asked how I had got there.
9. She asked if/ whether I had seen her blue jacket anywhere.
10. He asked if/ whether I would take him to work the following/ next day/ the day after.
11. She asked where I had been.
12. She asked if/ whether they would visit us in the summer.

Exercise 6

2. who had called the fire brigade.
3. if/ whether we/ they had asked people to leave the building.
4. if/ whether anyone had been injured.
5. how many fire-fighters were there then/ at that time.
6. if/ whether any of the houses had been damaged.

Exercise 7

2. told
3. asked
4. ordered
5. begged

Exercise 8

2. The fire-fighter told/ ordered them to stand back.
3. The fire-fighter told/ ordered them to bring the light nearer.
4. The fire-fighter told/ ordered them to pass him the axe.
5. The fire-fighter told/ ordered them to go to the other side of the plane.

Exercise 9

2. The shop assistant told the child not to touch anything.
3. The secretary asked me to wait there.
4. She suggested going swimming.
5. The park keeper told them not to walk on the grass.
6. He told them not to stay out late that night.
7. Annie begged Barry to help her.

Exercise 10

2. He asked Jill to get him a glass of water.
3. She refused to help Jim.
4. Her mother promised to buy her something nice for her birthday.
5. He warned us not to play near the road because it was dangerous.
6. She offered to do the shopping.
7. She begged her parents not to leave her alone in the dark.
8. He suggested going to the cinema that night.
9. His father ordered him to go to bed at once/ immediately.
10. They suggested watching a video.

Exercise 11

2. Alison offered to help organise the meeting.
3. Alex offered to give them copies of the plan.
4. Bob suggested doing some research on the subject.
5. Nick promised to give them all the details the following week.
6. Diana warned them not to decide until they knew the cost.

Exercise 12

2. Sarah said to me, ‘I’m looking for a new job.’
3. Brian asked, ‘What time does the train to Leeds leave?’
4. She said, ‘I don’t like jogging.’
5. ‘I’ll be back tomorrow,’ he said.
6. He asked, ‘How much did your new car cost?’
7. ‘Can you do the shopping for me, please?’ I asked Marie.
8. Jill said to Roy, ‘Please close the windows.’

Exercise 13

2. He asked her why she had done that.
3. ‘Titanic is the best film I’ve ever seen,’ Susie said to her mother.
4. ‘Put the rubbish in the bin,’ he said to them.
5. He asked her to answer the telephone.
6. ‘We’re going to Hawaii for our honeymoon,’ Alex said.
7. Ben asked me if/ whether I was going out on Saturday night.
8. ‘I’ve never ridden a horse before,’ said Adam.
9. Mother said that we would go to the circus the following day.
10. ‘Pick up the paper from the floor,’ Mr Carter said to them.
11. ‘Please, please let me go to the party,’ Julia asked her parents.
12. Greg suggested having a party on his birthday.

Exercise 14

‘Can you give me your phone number, please?’ she asked me.
‘Call me very soon,’ I said to her.

Exercise 15

1. He asked me where the post office was.
2. She suggested visiting the zoo.
3. Mother said, ‘You must always tell the truth.’
4. The doctor told me not to exercise a lot.
5. My parents offered to give me a lift to the railway station.
6. Our teacher told us that the test was quite easy.
7. She asked how she could contact me.
8. He said that Kate had left the previous month/ the month before.
9. The old man said good night and went to bed.
10. Jenny said to me, ‘I hate Maths.’

Exercise 16

2. Have you done, did
3. myself
4. enough
5. used to
6. needn’t
7. have been washing
8. was written
9. whose
10. Shall, will
11. which
12. used to

Oral Activity

SA: What else did Tim Stevens say?
SB: He said (that) he had already been to Venice and Florence.
SA: What else did Tim Stevens say?
SB: He said (that) he had already been to France two months before.
SA: What else did Tim Stevens say?
SB: He said (that) he had starred in a film called ‘L’amour’.
SA: What else did Tim Stevens say?
SB: He said (that) he would return with his wife in the summer.

Writing Activity

… that he had already been to Venice and Florence and that he had been to France two months before. He said that he had starred in a film called ‘L’amour’ and that he would return with his wife in the summer.

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