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Rezolvarea exercitiilor din MANUALUL de Limba Engleza pentru clasa VIII intitulat CLICK ON 4 – Student's book, Editura Express Publishing, Autori Virginia Evans si Neil O'Sullivan, Editia 2002


Key words to be underlined: manager, Health Spa, owner, report, assessing current situation, suggest way spa upgraded, customers, facilities, pricing policy
1.      The owner of the Bliss Health Spa
2.    The Manager of the spa
3.    Introduction, customers, facilities, pricing policy, conclusion
4.    membership fee, types of customers, special offers
5.     Formal, impersonal style

1.      Introduction
2.    Types of customers
3.    Facilities
4.    Pricing
5.     Conclusion

Similar ideas – moreover; in addition, furthermore
Opposing ideas – however; although
Synonyms similar ideas – what is more; also
Synonyms opposing ideas – on the other hand; yet; but

Positive points
Negative points
Types of customers
Standard number of clients (mostly middle aged businessmen)
Attend only in the evenings/at weekends
Attract wider range clients e.g. women/young people
Massage, sauna, gym and pool are satisfactory
Too basic, too few facilities available
Renovation/expansion, offer beauty treatments & natural therapies, provide outdoor activities
Reasonable, gives discounts
May lose existing customers if charge higher prices
Offer two forms of membership

2. There is a wide variety of activities available.
3. In addition, it would be a good idea to have a swimming pool.
4. The gym is open from 10 am to 10 pm daily.
5. In my view it is rather expensive.
6. The gym offers a wide range of facilities.


Positive points
Negative points
Wide range of activities available/new and modern equipment
Not enough exercise machines/wait for a long time
Prices and opening hours
Open seven days a week/10am to 10 pm
Prices not competitive/ no special offers
Staff and service
Well-trained instructors/sufficient staff
Staff not very friendly/slow to help

The gym is open seven days a week from 10 am to 10 pm. This way, a lot of people are able to use the facilities. However, the prices are not competitive and there are no special offers available.

Key words to be underlined: editor, newspaper, journalist, report, good and bad points, Bayside Sports Centre, facilities, prices, opening hours, service and staff

To: Tom Allan, Editor
From: Janet Jones, Journalist
Subject: Bayside Sports Centre

The purpose of this report is to assess the positive and negative points of the Bayside Sports Centre.
There is a wide range of facilities available. In addition, the equipment is all new and modern. However, there are not enough exercise machines, the customers have to wait a long time.
Prices and Opening Hours
The sports centre is open seven days a week from 10 am to 10 pm, which is very convenient. However the prices are not very competitive and there are no special offers available.
Staff and service
All the instructors at the gym are well trained. What is more, there are sufficient staff to meet the customers’ needs. On the other hand, the staff are not very friendly. In addition, they are rather slow to help when asked.
My overall impression is that there is much room for improvement. All in all, I would not recommend the Bayside Sports Centre unless they lower their prices and improve their service.

·        It is better to deal with a problem in time than to seek a remedy after the damage is done.
·        Leading a regular life (going to bed and wake up early) is the key to success and health.
·        Laughter makes you feel good and can help you get better quicker.
·        If your mind is healthy then it follows your body will be healthy too and vice versa.
·        A healthy diet helps prevent illness.

1.      General Practitioner
2.    National Health Service
3.    Registered Nurse
4.    Accident and Emergency
5.     Ear, Nose and Throat

a 2   b 1   c 3

The work ambulance is often written backwards so that drivers can read it in their rear view mirrors.
Ambulances are usually brightly coloured so that they can easily be seen.

The article must be about the people working for the St. John Ambulance Brigade.

1.      C
2.    C
3.    C
4.    I
5.     I
6.    I

Where and when founded: In Britain in 1887
Number of members: About 250,000 worldwide
What services it offers: First aid and ambulance services, volunteer pilots, mountain rescue and water-borne teams, services to the elderly and the homeless, first-aid training courses
How many units it has: Ambulance service, Air Wing, mountain rescue team, water-borne team
How important it is: Very important – it provides a valuable public service

A: I think Tim is very angry.
B: You’re right. I wonder why he feels that way.
A: He may have had a problem with his computer.
B: Do you think so? I think … etc
A: Joanne seems to be very pleased.
B: I couldn’t agree more. I wonder why she feels that way.
A: She might have been promoted or been given a pay rise.
B: Do you think so? I believe … etc
A: In my opinion Tony looks quite shocked.
B: that’s true. Why do you think that is?
A: He may have heard some unexpected news.
B: No, I really can’t agree with you. I think … etc

A: I think we need to pack a tube of cream.
B: You’re right. We’ll need it in case we get sunburnt.
A: I don’t think we need to pack any syringes.
B: That’s true. I also think we need to pack a bandage.
A: I absolutely agree. We’ll need in case we get a sprain.
B: I don’t think we need to pack a stethoscope.
A: You’re right. I think we also need to pack a thermometer.
B: I couldn’t agree more. We’ll need it to take out temperature.
A: I think we need to pack some plasters.
B: I absolutely agree. We’ll need them in case we cut ourselves. I don’t think we need to pack any cough syrup, though.
A: You’re right. Etc

1.      c
2.    e
3.    a
4.    b
5.     d

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