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Rezolvarea exercitiilor din MANUALUL de Limba Engleza pentru clasa VIII intitulat CLICK ON 4 – Student's book, Editura Express Publishing, Autori Virginia Evans si Neil O'Sullivan, Editia 2002


Pages 20 – 33

Picture B shows a man standing in a river and holding a fishing rod. He is fishing. He is wearing waterproof trousers to keep himself dry. It looks like it is very sunny and he is wearing a hat on his head to protect himself from the sun. He looks relaxed. I don’t like fishing. I find it boring.
Picture C shows a couple sitting at a table eating a meal. There is a blue and white checked tablecloth on the table and it looks like they are eating sandwiches and a salad. They are sitting outdoors on a balcony. They both look very happy. I like eating outdoors. I find it very relaxing.
Picture D shows a man and his son camping. The boy is inside the tent and he is handing his father a sleeping bag. They are wearing jeans and shirts. They both look happy. I like camping. I find it enjoyable.
Picture E shows two people in a canoe traveling down a river. They are padding with oars and the place looks quite tropical with a white, sandy beach in the background. They are wearing life jackets and shorts. They look like they are enjoying themselves. I like canoeing. I find it adventurous.

A: What are your plans for your summer holidays?
B: I’m visiting my grandparents. I’ve already booked my train ticket. What about you?
A: Well, I’m traveling abroad with my family.

Picture C
A: So, here we are at last, on holiday.
B: Yes, isn’t it wonderful?
A: It certainly is. Why don’t we go for a walk after lunch and explore the town?
B: That’s a great idea!

Picture D
A: Here, Danny, put the sleeping bags in the tent, will you?
B: Sure Dad. I think this is the best place to camp, don’t you?
A: Yes, and it’s quiet, too.

Picture E
A: I’m getting a bit tired. Why don’t we stop at that nice beach and have a swim?
B: Yes, we could do some sunbathing, too.
A: Make sure you don’t drop the paddle.
B: Don’t worry.

Types of holiday: package holiday, backpacking holiday, camping holiday, caravanning, cruise, sightseeing, beach holiday
Accommodation: guesthouse, hotel, campsite, B&B, resort, campsite, hostel
Means of Transport: canoe, coach, boat, plane, car, motorbike, ferry
Activities: hiking, sunbathing, shopping, eating local cuisine, swimming, sports, painting, bird watching, drawing

(from left to right and top to bottom)
suitcase, summer dress, sunhat, beach towel, baseball cap, flip flops, tie, shorts, compass, sunglasses, camera, insect repellent, t-shirt, snorkel and mask, hiking boots, rucksack, sun screen, passport, skis, trainers

A cruise
A: If you are going on a cruise you need to pack a camera as you will be visiting many places of interest and it would be great to have photos.
B: I agree or else you won’t have any photos to show your friends. You also need a sunbath to protect yourself from the sun while you are on deck.

A skiing holiday
A: If you are going skiing you need to pack skis.
B: I agree or else you won’t be able to go skiing. You also need sunglasses to protect your eyes from the bright snow and sunlight.

1.      beach
2.    shop
3.    street
4.    hotel
5.     food
6.    mountain

it was a lovely holiday. I spent two weeks sunbathing on the sandy beach, which was nice and secluded. The hotel was near a small town, which had very trendy shops where I bought lots of souvenirs for my family. In the evenings you could walk along the cobbled streets and admire all the antique shops. The local food was delicious and I ate out every night. One day I went on an excursion to the nearby snow-capped mountain. We even went skiing, although it was summer.

1.      B
2.    B
3.    C
4.    A
5.     C
6.    C
7.     A

Ann: flight delay, travel sickness, stolen passport
Tony: noisy, no pool
Emily: puncture, no spare lyre, low battery

1.      fog
2.    rain
3.    cloud
4.    storm
5.     lightning
6.    shines
7.     calm

all in a fog: confused
come rain or shine: no matter what
cast a cloud over: ruin, depress
weather the storm: get through a difficult situation
lightning never strikes twice: something bad will not happen in the same place twice
make hay while the sun shines: take advantage of a good opportunity
the calm before the storm: the quiet period before a storm

1.      e present simple
2.    b going to
3.    a going to
4.    d present continuous
5.     c future continuous
6.    f future simple
7.     g future simple

2. is going to
3. am going to
4. will/is going to
5. will

1.      fear
2.    request
3.    promise
4.    hope
5.     offer

Will you post this letter for me please? (request)
Don’t worry. I’ll wake you up on time. (promise)
I believe I will finish the project on time. (hope)
I never take the train. I always think it will crash. (fear)
Shall I cook you dinner this evening? (offer)

I’m having my hair cut this evening. (plan for today)
I’m going to be a teacher when I leave school. (ambition)
I hope I’ll go on holiday pretty soon. (hope)

We will go swimming when the weather improves.
We will have dinner after we visit the museum.
I won’t book the tickets unless I get paid.
I will pack the luggage as soon as I have lunch.
I will show you the photos after they are ready.
We will go swimming before we visit the museum.

1.      will be lying (future continuous action)
2.    is booking (fixed arrangement)
3.    is going to rain (prediction based on proof)
4.    will pass (prediction about the future)
5.     departs (timetable)
6.    arrives (after time expression)

1.      will give (1)
2.    won’t go (1)
3.    will you tell (1)
4.    get (0)

When can be used in: 1,3 & 4.

If you leave now, you will be on time for school.
If/When I see Peter, I will ask him to dinner tonight.
If/When you need help, ask Tina.
If he works late, he will finish the report.
If you lose your wallet, report it to the police.
If/When Ben has enough money, he will go to Disneyland Paris.

1.      B
2.    C
3.    A
4.    B
5.     A
6.    C
7.     A

1.      THE
2.    the
4.    the
6.    the
7.     the
10.      the
11.  the
20.    the

A suitable title for the article would be: A spectacular monument

1.      is meeting Bill after work (planned arrangement)
2.    no doubt that Henry will (prediction + simple future)
3.    will be stormy (prediction)
4.    is going to be a (intention)
5.     all in a fog (idiom)
6.    offered to wash the dishes (offer)
7.     unless he saves up (unless + present simple)
8.    rain or shine I (idiom)

1.      up on
2.    back
3.    off
4.    in
5.     out
6.    for
7.     in
8.    off

check up on: investigate
call back: phone again
call sth off: cancel sth
call in: visit sb (usually spontaneously)
check off: mentally or literally mark the things one has accomplished (usually on a list)
call for: demand
check in: let sb in authority know that you have arrive

1.      seasonal
2.    accommodation
3.    employees
4.    extensive
5.     spacious
6.    enjoyable
7.     weekly
8.    successfully
9.    application
10.      references

Speaker 1 e
Speaker 2 a
Speaker 3 d
Speaker 4 b

Picture 2 shows a horse and cart in the countryside.
Picture 3 shows an elephant taxi in India.
Picture 4 shows a junk on a river in China.
Picture 5 shows a gondola in Venice.
Picture 6 shows a monorail in a city.
Picture 7 shows a rickshaw in Asia.

Hotel (reservations) clerk and a customer who wants to book a room.

1.      c
2.    d
3.    a
4.    e
5.     f
6.    b

1. A: Is Harry coming to the barbeque?
    B: I hope so.
2. A: Has the carnival started yet?
    B: I don’t think so.
3. A: Is Peter coming to your graduation party?
    B: I hope so!
4. A: Is Anna still in Lisbon?
    B: I suppose so.

Travel Brochure about Mexico
Suggested questions
What can you do in Mexico?
Are there any nice beaches there?
When is the best time to visit Mexico?

If I went to Mexico on holiday, I would like to experience the culture because it would be very different to my own.
If I went to Mexico, I would like to meet the locals because they would have a different way of life to mine and that would be very interesting.

1.      c
2.    a
3.    d
4.    b

1.      C
2.    D
3.    C
4.    A
5.     B
6.    A
7.     B
8.    D
9.    B
10.      D

Key words to be underlined: international travel magazine, article, describing a place you have visited, things to see and do, why you would recommend it.
1.      An article describing a place
2.    Readers of an international travel magazine
3.    Main sights, entertainment, museums and art galleries

Para 2: describe place
Para 3: say what you can do there
Para 4: comments/feelings and recommendations

Sentences to be underlined: Pamukkale, is one of the most extraordinary natural wonders you will ever see. For those interested in history, a visit to the ancient Roman town of Hierapolis is a must.

You will be amazed by the natural beauty of Pamukkale.
If you are interested in history, visit the ancient Roman town of Hierapolis.

remarkable – special
extraordinary – unusual
enormous – huge
lukewarm – tepid
natural – not man-made
ancient – very old
original – first
charming – delightful
restored – repaired
unforgettable – memorable

2. You should visit the ancient city which has an incredibly wide street.
3. You can visit the National Art Gallery where you can see a wonderful collection of paintings.
4. The Tate Gallery, which is situated on the banks of the river Thames in London, houses the largest collection of British art in the world.
5. When you have visited all the ancient sites, you can relax in one of the open cafes.
6. You can take a bus tour of the city centre or you can wander through the cobbled streets.

Tourist Attractions: naval museum, art gallery, ancient sites, ancient monuments, stone castles, stone bridge, marble statues, botanical gardens, famous landmarks, picturesque buildings
Places to shop: shopping centre, street market, souvenir shop, fashionable boutique, antique shop, trendy shops
Entertainment: street café, open-air theatre, colourful funfair, expensive restaurant, amusement arcade, dance clubs

Name of the place: Prague
1.      Location/reason for choosing: Prague is situated on the banks of the Vitava River in the Czech Republic. It is the capital city.
2.    Tourist attractions: Picturesque Prague Castle on top of Castle Hill, Mal Strana, The Charles Bridge
3.    Place to shop/Entertainment: museums, art galleries and theatres, fashionable restaurants, music and dance clubs
4.    Comments/feelings/recommendation: long and interesting history, huge variety of things to do, any visit would be unforgettable

Para 1: Situated on the banks of the Vitava River, Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic.
Para 2: Prague has a number of tourist attractions that are worth visiting.
Para 3: For those interested in experiencing the culture of Prague first hand, there are many museums, art galleries and theatres to visit.
Para 4: Try to make sure you pay Prague a visit.

Key words to be underlined: local newspaper, competition, article, place worth visiting in your country, describing the place, things to see and do

Para 1 : Prague – It is situated on the banks of the Vitava River, in the Czech Republic. Prague is the perfect destination for those interested in the past.
Main Body
Para 2-3: Prague Castle, Mala Strana, Charles Bridge, Visit museums, galleries and theatres, eat at fashionable restaurants; go to music and dance clubs
Para 4: Prague has a long and interesting history and a huge variety of things to se and do. A visit to Prague will be unforgettable.

       Situated on the banks of the Vitava River, Prague is thecapital city of the Czech Republic. With its rich history and picturesque buildings, Prague is the perfect destination for those interested in the past.
Prague has a number of tourist attractions which are worth visiting. Among these is Prague Castle, which is a magnificent stone castle standing on top of Castle Hill. Parts of the building date back to the 9th century. At the foot of the hill is Mala Strana, a charming area whose streets are lined with castles and other beautiful, old buildings. Charles Bridge, the oldest stone bridge in Central Europe, is also a sight not to be missed.
       For those interested in experiencing the culture of Prague first hand, there are many museums, art galleries and theatres to visit. Prague is also well known for its fashionable restaurants, which offer a variety of international, as well as Czech cuisines. The nightlife is also exciting, with a range of music and dance clubs to choose from.
         Try to make sure you pay Prague a visit. With its long and interesting history as well as the huge variety of things to se and do, a visit to Prague will certainly be an unforgettable one.

When you go to a new place you might become too attracted to it to leave. So in order to avoid this happening you should try and be neutral.
When you travel, you go to new places and meet new people and exchange ideas with them. This can make you see things from a different point of view.

Brave teams of people take part in the events.
It is difficult to cross the river.
The river is covered with ice floes.
They have to be careful of the powerful currents.
One of the main events is the dog sled race.
Visitors can go on sleigh rides.
It really is a spectacular show.
You can see bands marching to the music.
Don’t miss the grand finale.
You can listen to traditional Scottish music.
There are many famous guest performers.
At the end of the show there are spectacular fireworks.

1.      A
2.    B
3.    B
4.    A
5.     A
6.    B

A: I think the most interesting festival to attend would be the Winter Carnival in Quebec.
B: What would you find interesting about it?
A: Well, I have never seen a castle built out of ice and snow. That must be very spectacular.
B: I think I would prefer to go to the Edinburgh Tattoo. There you can listen to lots of different bands playing traditional music. We don’t have bag pipers in my country and I would like to see that.

The picture shows a family of four at the beach. The kids are holding fishing nets. All of them are wearing light clothes and seem very happy. I think they are on holiday.

1.      C
2.    B
3.    E
4.    D
5.     A

trendy shops
sandy beach
cobbled streets
snow-capped mountains
express train
phrase book
adult fare
spectacular view
travel sickness
direct flights
Many Greek islands have wonderful sandy beaches.
I had difficulty walking along the cobbled streets. etc.

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