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Rezolvarea exercitiilor din manualul de limba engleza pentru clasa XI si XII intitulat INNOVATIONS UPPER-INTERMEDIATE Second Edition, Editura Heinle Cengage Learning, Autori Hugh Dellar si Darryl Hocking 



2. Who did what?
Speaker 1 decided to move house.
Speaker 2 decided to change her job.
Speaker 3 decided to stop smoking.
Possible expressions that help students to find the answers above:
Moving house: things lying around all over the place, get everything all boxed up and into the van, we had to make five trips just to shift everything.
Changing a job: every day there was hell, once I’d handed in my notice
Stopping smoking: I had my last one, stubbed it out, the craving really started, I found myself absolutely dying for one

3. What a nightmare!
Speaker 1: It was total chaos. What a nightmare!
Speaker 2: It was a real weight off my shoulders. I just couldn’t stand it any more.
Speaker 3: I felt really pleased with myself. After that, it was plain sailing.


1. Giving explanations
1.      ‘d been reading
2.    ‘d been thinking, ‘d been trying
3.    ‘d been doing
4.    ‘d been arguing
5.     ‘d been living
6.    ‘d been having

The time expressions are:
1.      since Sally told me about her trip
2.    for a while/for ages
3.    for years
4.    for months
5.     since I left home
6.    for a while


1. Idioms focus
1.      cake
2.    stone
3.    nothing
4.    depth
5.     sailing
6.    done

2. Talking about jobs
The jobs in the picture are: bouncer, surgeon, fireman, soldier, and police officer.


1. Second conditionals
1.      earned
2.    had
3.    met
4.    wasn’t/weren’t
5.     wanted
6.    didn’t exist

1.      I’m sure Rachel would understand if you explained it to her.
2.    If we had more time, we could look round the museums.
3.    The fact is I’d buy one if it wasn’t/weren’t so expensive.
4.    I often think that if I didn’t have any children, I’d travel round the world.
5.     I often think that life would be easier if everybody just told the truth.

2. Likely or unlikely?
1.      met
2.    thought
3.    live
4.    lived

1. b
2. c
3. d
4. a


1. Decisions, decisions
1.      right
2.    immediate
3.    wise
4.    wrong
5.     unpopular
6.    joint


1.      While you listen (Forty a day!)
1.      Jason decided to give up smoking in order to become a fireman and to move to London.
2.    He decided to give up smoking because it was destroying his lungs and he needed to pass the physical to get into the fire brigade. He joined the fire brigade because he wanted to do something exciting and different. He moved to London mostly because of work, but also because he was fed up with where he was living.


1. How come?
1.      Why did you pay so much for your car?
2.    Why did you get here so early?
3.    Why did you refuse the invitation?
4.    Why didn’t you accept the job in LA?
5.     Why are you so interested in Tibet?
6.    Why isn’t there any beer left in the fridge?
7.     how come
8.    why
9.    why
10.      how come
11.  why
12. how come

2. Jokes
1.      I want to be ready in case there’s an accident!
2.    I wanted to be near my mum!
3.    Because I left the plane tickets on it!
4.    They didn’t look!

3. Explaining your decisions
(Main stress underlined)
a.     We just got bored with each other.
b.    I’ve always been interested in it.
c.     I’d always wanted to.
d.     I just got fed up with it.
e.     I just felt like it.
f.       A friend of mine recommended him.

1.      I’d always wanted to.
2.    A friend of mine recommended him.
3.    I just got fed up with it.
4.    I just felt like it.
5.     I’ve always been interested in it.

6.    We just got bored with each other

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