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Rezolvarea exercitiilor din manualul de limba engleza intitulat NEW INSIDE OUT – Upper intermediate- Student’s Book, autori Sue Kay & Vaughan Jones, Editura Macmillan, Editia 2009



Exercise 1 Page 46

a.     3
b.    5
c.     4
d.     2
e.     1

Exercise 2 Page 46

a, b, c, d, h

Listening & Vocabulary

Exercise 1 Page 48

a.     Laura’s father is very fond of his car and treats it better than a pet. T
b.    When Laura was a child, her dad often took the family out in the car. F
c.     Laura’s sisters vandalized the seats and damaged the car doors. F
d.     Her dad has always gone through exactly the same procedure before setting off. T
e.     He backs out of the drive very carefully and very slowly. T
f.       Laura thinks he probably used to go through a similar ritual before taking off in a plane. T

Exercise 2 Page 48

a.     domestic animal
b.    a cosy blanket
c.     a sudden urge
d.     slam the door
e.     a box of matches
f.       first go
g.     at breakneck speed
h.    Royal Air Force


Exercise 1 Page 48

a.     have a go on
b.    in one go
c.     give it a go
d.     have a go at
e.     on the go
f.       make a go of it


Exercise 2 Page 49

1.      will get
2.    hates
3.    will have
4.    will never be
5.     doesn’t usually get ready
7.     will get
8.    will always leave
9.    varies
10.                        usually depends

Exercise 4 Page 49

a.     play with my friends
b.    read some jokes
c.     write some exercises
d.     eat pizza
e.     listen to some music
f.       take a bath
g.     geography
h.    music
i.       football
j.       many friends
k.     in myself
l.       my parents

Exercise 5 Page 49

Will for present
Would for past
Used to for past habits and past states

Exercise 6 Page 49
Unit 5 Exercises page 135

a. will insist
b. used to live
c. i used to spend
d. didn’t use to have
e. I won’t go
f. would take
g. will speak

Reading & Vocabulary

Exercise 1 Page 50

The picture is very nice. It could be a perfect setting for a wedding. But, from my point of view, a wedding place must be larger and more romantic.
A few years ago I went to a wedding which took place in a small village and everything was green and full of flowers. The pictures were absolutely wonderful and everybody felt great.

Exercise 2 Page 50

a.     The wedding took place in June.
b.    Hank was the groom’s father. Mat was the groom.   Rebecca was the bride. Ron DeCar was the most sought after soloist in the Las Vegas wedding industry.
c.     The groom and his father wore pink and black because pink and black are Elvis’s favourite colours.

Exercise 3 Page 50

a.     F  Elvis conducted the ceremony.
b.    T
c.     F  They went for white Vegas flared rather than black leather Elvis.
d.     F  They didn’t have a short practice before the wedding.
e.     F His father accompanied him down the aisle.
f.       F The groom’s father wore gold Elvis shades.
g.     F After the vows, Elvis did his two-pronged stage point at each of them, passed the rings and then uttered the magic words.

a.     ceremony = service
b.    bride and the groom = young people
c.     suitable = inspiring
d.     short practice = run
e.     accompanied = walked
f.       sunglasses = shades
g.     declared = pronounced

Listening & Vocabulary

Exercise 1 Page 51

YES. In Romania we have a, e and g.

Exercise 2 Page 51

b.    Jorge
c.     Laila
d.     Ilhan
g.     Sandra

Speaking: anecdote Page 51

a.     It was my brother’s wedding.
b.    The ceremony took place in July in a small town in the center of the country. It was summer.
c.     The weather was sunny.
d.     I was wearing a red dress.
e.     The bride wore a beautiful white dress and the groom a black suit.
f.       I knew for about one hundred people.
g.     The reception took place at a very nice restaurant.
h.    We ate soup, meat balls in cabbage and steak.
i.       The Godparents took speeches.
j.       Yes, they gave them many presents.
k.     The ended with a very big and nice bride cake.
l.       Yes, I enjoyed the wedding very much.

Reading & Vocabulary

Exercise 1 Page 52

All the jokes are very nice, but the last one I liked most.
A successful marriage is the one of two people who love and respect each other very much.

Exercise 2 Page 52

1.      bringing
2.    telling
3.    looking
4.    to have
5.     spending
6.    practising
7.     to attract
8.    driving
9.    going
10.      being

1.      to bring
2.    to tell
3.    to find
4.    having
5.     to spend
6.    buying
7.     looking
8.    to drive
9.    to go
10.      to be

Vocabulary & Grammar

Exercise 1 Page 53

stop, forget, remember, try

Exercise 2 Page 53

3. I forgot watching TV.
4. I hope you won’t forget to bring me the money.
5. Stop playing the music so loud!
6. He stops the music to do his homework.
7. I’m trying fixing the car.
8. My father tried to repair my bike but he didn’t succeed.

Exercise 3 Page 53

a.     buying
b.    to bring
c.     travelling
d.     to pack
e.     to have
f.       sleeping
g.     coming
h.    to take

Exercise 4 Page 53
Unit 5 Exercises page 137

1. to get on with
2. flirting
3. seeing
4. arguing
5. to have
6. bringing
7. getting
8. buying


Exercise 1 Page 53

a.     2
b.    1
c.     3
d.     4

Exercise 2 Page 53

a.     remembering
b.    to buy
c.     meeting
d.     saying
e.     looking
f.       to make

Useful phrases & Pronunciation

Exercise 4 Page 54

a.     can’t stand
b.    annoys
c.     winds
d.     annoys
e.     can’t
f.       find
g.     gets
h.    annoying
i.       makes
j.       drives

Writing Extra

Exercise 1 Page 55


Exercise 3 Page 55

a.     in my view, in my opinion
b.    for instance
c.     But are they making a terrible mistake?
d.     What strikes me is that, personally, It is worth considering
e.     First and foremost, understandably, not surprisingly

Exercise 4 Page 55

Traditions should be kept alive
It is true that life changes everyday and a lot of new technologies appears daily in our lives. Most of them are very useful. But there are a lot of old things and fact that are good too. There are a lot of traditions which less and less people use or know about. Most of them were very important for our parents and grandparents and during their youth these traditions were very important. Young people should ask their parents to tell them and teach them about the old traditions and try to keep them alive because some of them are very interesting and they represented the most enjoyable moments in our parents’ lives.

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