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Rezolvarea exercitiilor din manualul de limba engleza intitulat FCE GOLD PLUS – Student’s Book, autori Rawdon Wyatt with Jacky Newbrook and Judith Wilson, Editura Longman, Editia 2008



Exercise 1 Page 54

1.      They are ‘the coolest kids’ in a school or neighbourhood.
2.    They can use alpha pups to market their products.

Exercise 4 Page 54

1.      D
2.    C
3.    C
4.    B
5.     B
6.    A
7.     A
8.    D

Speaking 1

Exercise 1 Page 56

The photos show: an advert on a hoarding for a car insurance company; a travel brochure advertising holidays; a poster in a shop window advertising reductions; a young woman handing out promotional leaflets on the street; a TV advert for soap powder

Vocabulary 1

Exercise 1 Page 56

1.      consumer
2.    advertisments
3.    commercials
4.    advertising
5.     marketing/agency
6.    launch/campaign/publicity
7.     promotions/dicounts
8.    logos

Exercise 2 Page 56

1.      announcer announce announcement
2.    advertiser advertising advertise advertisment
3.    commerce commercial commercialisation
4.    promoter promote promotion
5.     publicity publicise
6.    economics economy economical

a. The stressed syllable changes in 2, 3, 5, 6.

Exercise 3 Page 56

1.      consumption
2.    markets
3.    promoting
4.    launched/campaign
5.     advertise
6.    campaigned

Use of English

Exercise 1 Page 57


Exercise 2 Page 57

1.      B
2.    B
3.    D
4.    A
5.     A
6.    C
7.     A
8.    D
9.    B
10.      A
11.  B

Listening 1

Exercise 1 Page 57

1.      b
2.    a
3.    e

Exercise 2 Page 57

Who could use it 1, 2
What it can do 1, 2
Effect of the product 2, 3
Size 1
Convenience 1
Price 1, 3

Exercise 4 Page 57

You’ll never again be without something to …
You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.
Take advantage of our special discount.
This offer won’t last long.
You won’t regret it.
A price that suits your pocket.
Pop in to see our wide selection.

Vocaabulary 2

Exercise 1 Page 58

1.      b
2.    d
3.    e, g
4.    a
5.     f, h
6.    e, g
7.     f
8.    c

1.      incredibly compact
2.    wide selection
3.    amazing discount
4.    total control
5.     free sample
6.    special price

Exercise 2 Page 58

1.      for
2.    for
3.    in/for
4.    as
5.     for
6.    to
7.     to

1.      a
2.    d
3.    b
4.    c
5.     f
6.    d, e
7.     f

Grammar 1

Exercise 1 Page 59

2. got  3. saw  4. found  5. he wanted  6. asked  7. where  8. was  9. him I was going  10. following  11. would take  12. he couldn’t

Exercise 2 Page 59

1.      Jane asked her mother if she could borrow the car.
2.    Nobody told us why the manager had left.
3.    I asked whether she had bought the jacket she wanted or not.
4.    I asked my friend to come to the cinema.
5.     Can you tell me where the library is?
6.    Has anyone found out how much it costs?
7.     Tim said he would meet me the following day.
8.    John said he had seen the film last week.
9.    I told him that I would be late.

Exercise 3 Page 59

1.      c) me to open my suitcase
2.    e) not to worry – it would be fine
3.    h) if he would slow down
4.    d) him there were some good shops in the town centre
5.     f) how much it cost
6.    a) her to hurry up
7.     b) John if he would give me a hand
8.    g) he didn’t have time

Exercise 4 Page 59

1.      Because he believed the advert, and thought it would give him smooth, manageable hair.
2.    The claims were false – the man’s hair looks terrible after using JollyGel.

Listening 2

Exercise 2 Page 60

1.      F
2.    B
3.    D
4.    A
5.     C

Grammar 2

Exercise 1 Page 60

1.      C – offered is followed by infinitive + pronoun (offered to buy her)
2.    A – told must be followed by an object
3.    B – demanded is followed by a that clause
4.    B – advised is not followed by the infinitive
5.     A – remind is not followed by an –ing form
6.    C – accused is followed by an object + of + -ing
7.     A - apologised must be followed by to (someone)
8.    C – explained is followed by that (explain that) or to + object (explain to someone that)

verb + infinitive: agree, promise, offer
verb + object + infinitive: tell, advise, invite, persuade, remind
verb + that: suggest, recommend, demand, realise, accept, explain
verb + object + that: promise, tell
verb + -ing: recommend, admit, deny
verb + object + preposition + -ing: accuse, forgive, blame

Watch out! suggest
d) is not possible

Exercise 2 Page 60

1.      I refused to go.
2.    He reminded Jake to buy some bread on the way home.
3.    Mum congratulated Kerry on passing her exam.
4.    Clare apologised for forgetting Sally’s birthday/ apologised to Sally for forgetting…
5.     I warned Mary not to sit on that chair a sit was broken.
6.    Brad suggested meeting at the beach.
7.     She threatened to give me a parking ticket if I didn’t move my car.
8.    She invited me (to come) round for dinner on Saturday.

Exercise 3 Page 60

1.      In Wilkinson’s they told me they had just sold their last copy. They apologised and explained that it was very popular. They said I might find one in GamesRUs, as it is/was a bigger shop.
2.    In  GamesRUs they said they were out of stock, but would be getting some more in next/the following week. They offered to give me a ring when the games came in, if I gave them my name and a contact number.
3.    In VHM they told me they weren’t sure if they had any left. The assistant offered me a seat while he went to the stockroom to look. They told me I was in luck as they had one copy left. They asked me if I wanted it.

Exam focus

Exercise 1 Page 61

1.      had never been/gone
2.    was brought up by
3.    going to India appeals to
4.    if he would like to
5.     had been very confused by
6.    was made up of
7.     not made many appearances
8.    on luck as well

Vocabulary 3

Exercise 1 Page 62

1.      sales/reductions
2.    receipt/exchange
3.    bargain/discount
4.    in cash/by cheque
5.     budget/economical
6.    queue/checkout

Exercise 2 Page 62

1.      e
2.    b
3.    d
4.    c
5.     a
6.    f

Speaking 3

Exercise 1 Page 63

Photo A: checkout, cashier, shelves, trolley, shopping bag, special offers, bargains, advertisements
Photo B: fitting room, rail, special offers, bargains, assistant, department store

Exercise 2 Page 63

Similarities: In both photos people are shopping and both the shops are indoors.
Differences: In the first photo the adults are with their children, whereas in the second photo they’re shopping alone. In the first photo they are shopping for food, but in the second photo they are shopping for clothes. In the first picture they are buying something whereas in the second picture they are browsing.

Exercise 3 Page 63

I’m not sure, but they might be…, it’s not very clear, but probably/I think…, Perhaps…, It looks as if…, They seem to be -ing


Exercise 1 Page 64

1.      films, plays, restaurants, magazines, concerts, shows, exhibitions, events
2.    b
3.    a, c, d, e
4.    1. Say what you are reviewing. 2. Give details of what you are reviewing. 3. Give your own opinion of what you are reviewing.

Exercise 2 Page 64

1.      Your favourite website.
2.    To give the students some ideas about what will make a good website and to collect some examples.
3.    Students who will design the college website.
4.    Semi-formal.

Exercise 4 Page 64

Sample answer
One of the best websites I know is the one for the sports centre I belong to.
One of the reasons why I like it is that it is very user-friendly. If you want to check information such as prices and opening times, it is very easy to find what you are looking for. The website is updated regularly so that the information is always correct. Another good thing about this website is the interactive part. There is a section where people can write their own comments or make some suggestions for improvements or for future events. There are also lots of fun activities such as quizzes, which they regularly put online.
Finally, the graphics are really good, with great photos of the centre and the sports teams. So overall I think this is an excellent site, with lots of good ideas that we could use on our school website.

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