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Rezolvarea exercitiilor din manualul de limba engleza intitulat NEW INSIDE OUT – Upper intermediate- Student’s Book, autori Sue Kay & Vaughan Jones, Editura Macmillan, Editia 2009



Exercise 1 Page 24

a.     John Sutter was a Swiss immigrant, who wanted to build a private empire, but a lot of Americans came into California and his dream became a disillusion.
b.    James Marshall was sent to the American River to build a sawmill and by the time it was complete, he found a half the size and shape of a pea.
c.     President James Polk spoke about the days ‘gold fever’ descended on the country and because of this gold fever hundreds of thousands of people were called ‘Forty-Niners’ because they left their home in 1849.

Exercise 2 Page 24

John Sutter: businessman, conservative, entrepreneur, dreamer, farmer, opportunist
One of the Forty-Niners: risk-taker, visionary


Exercise 2 Page 25

a.     3
b.    10
c.     8
d.     1
e.     4
f.       6
g.     2
h.    9
i.       5
j.       7


Exercise 1 Page 25

a.     idea
b.    statement
c.     chance

Exercise 2 Page 25

a.     make
b.    take
c.     have

Exercise 3 Page 25

a.     mess
b.    sense
c.     responsibility
d.     difficulty
e.     sugar
f.       go

It’s not easy to make money.
It doesn’t make any sense!
The event took place here.
Do you have to take an exam?
Please, have a look at this car!
He has a chat with his mother.


Exercise 1 Page 26

The verb TO MOVE

Exercise 2 Page 26

a.     trickle, flood, deluge
b.    drifted
c.     streamed

Exercise 3 Page 26

1.      spare
2.    precious
3.    worth
4.    wasting
5.     profitably
6.    food
7.     chewing
8.    half-baked
9.    digest
10.      running out
11.  spend

Exercise 5 Page 26

a.     make
b.    run
c.     waste
d.     reason
e.     spend

Reading & Grammar

Exercise 3 Page 27

a.     She had asked me to sell the car.
b.    I have arranged a surprise for you. We are going to Paris next weekend. I have booked a luxury suite in a five-star hotel.
c.     How can you afford it?
d.     I have inherited a sum of money from my grandfather. He died a few months ago.
e.     He has apologised but I still have no idea why he has done it.

Exercise 4 Page 27

b. how could he afford it – can you afford it
c. I have inherited a sum of money from my grandfather. - He has inherited a sum of money from his grandfather.
d. died a few months previously – died a few months before

Exercise 5 Page 27

Unit 3 Exercises page 135

a. that he was just thinking about me
b. they had gone to Paris a few days before
c. that when he gets his bonus he is going to spend it wisely
d. how do we manage to live on so little money
e. what is going to happen to them the next day
f. that may work was excellent
g. if she could afford a holiday this year


Exercise 1 Page 28

a.     vowel
b.    stressed
c.     always

Listening & Vocabulary

Exercise 2 Page 28

1.      being broke: Patti
2.    football: Lee
3.    hapiness: Lee
4.    being practical: Patti
5.     two shillings a week: Eric
6.    toy soldiers: Eric


Exercise 1 Page 29

a.     5
b.    3
c.     1
d.     4
e.     2

Exercise 5 Page 29

Unit 3 Exercises page 135

a. If you could speak English fluently, what would you do?
b. If you won the lottery, what would you buy?
c. If you were rich, where would you go?
d. If you could afford an expensive car, which one would you choose?
e. If I didn’t arrive on time this morning, what would happen?
f. If I were the president of my country, what would I change?
g. If it didn’t rain yesterday, what would you do?
h. If you didn’t have to work last weekend, where would you go?

a. If I could speak English fluently, I would go to America.
b. If I won the lottery, I would buy a new house.
c. If I was rich, I would go on a trip.
d. If I could afford an expensive car, I would choose a red one.
e. If I didn’t arrive on time this morning, I would miss my lesson.
f. If I was the president of my country, I would change many things.
g. If it didn’t rain, I would go for a walk.
h. If I didn’t have to work, I would relax.

Reading & Vocabulary

Exercise 2 Page 31

a.     T
b.    F
c.     T
d.     F
e.     T
f.       T
g.     T
h.    T

a.     did it = went through with it
b.    the price = the deal
c.     left = walked off
d.     is going to happen next = the future hold for me
e.     the main clause = the root of it all
f.       begin a new life = to start afresh
g.     hoping to get = is after
h.    everything together = as a job lot


Exercise 1 Page 31

a.     2
b.    1
c.     3

Useful Phrases

Exercise 1 Page 32

a.     Julia is his girlfriend.
b.    John’s original budget is two or three hundred pounds.
c.     In the end he spends 950 pounds.

Exercise 2 Page 32

a.     b. 1
c. d. 4
e. f. 2
g. h. 3

a.     It wasn’t worth much. 1
b.    I just got something cheap and cheerful. 3
c.     I was really hard up at the time. 2
d.     I’m not made of money. 6
e.     You have to be prepared to splash out. 4
f.       This is a time when you have to push the boat out. 7
g.     My budget is two or three hundred pounds. 5
h.    I could stretch to 1,000 pounds. 8

Exercise 3 Page 32


Writing Extra

Exercise 1 Page 33

1.      just as
2.    then
3.    while
4.    after
5.     by the time
6.    until
7.     during
8.    as soon as
9.    when
10.      as

Exercise 2 Page 33

… to admire the breathtaking view…
… my personal vigorous fitness trainer …
… our luxurious fastest plane …
… the extremely efficient flight …
… favourite huge city …
… I had a light lunch …
… I met my close friend …
… spent the latest rest of …

… It was absolutely the perfect end…

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