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Rezolvarea exercitiilor din manualul de limba engleza pentru clasa XI si XII intitulat INNOVATIONS UPPER-INTERMEDIATE Second Edition, Editura Heinle Cengage Learning, Autori Hugh Dellar si Darryl Hocking 



1. Planning expressions
The expressions Gavin uses are:
1.      I guess I’ll probably
2.    I’m going to try to
3.    Unfortunately, I’ve got to
4.    I imagine I’ll
5.     I guess I’ll probably


1. Four different future forms
a.     Going to
b.    Present simple
c.     Present continuous
d.     ‘ll

2. Grammar discussion
1.      I decided earlier, before now.
2.    It’s a scheduled event.
3.    I decided now, at the moment of speaking!
4.    Yes this is a plan; they know about it already.

3. Grammar check
1.      I’ll do
2.    gets in
3.    I’ll do
4.    I’m going
5.     is going to give
6.    I’m going to sneeze

4. Grammar in context
1.      c
2.    a
3.    d
4.    b
5.     h
6.    g
7.     e
8.    f


1. While you listen (Thank goodness it’s Friday!)
Steve is going out for dinner with his parents tonight to a little French place near his house. He’s got to get up early on Saturday to do some cooking and clean the house because he’s got some people coming over. They’ll probably go and see a film in the evening. Ken is probably just going to stay in tonight because on Saturday night he’s going to a party on a boat. On Sunday, he’s got to do some things for work.


1. More ways of talking about the future
Probable answers:
1.      I’ve got a friend coming round to help me with my homework on Sunday.
2.    I’m supposed to be going shopping with a friend on Saturday, but I’ll probably stay at home.
3.    I might be going to the cinema, but I’m not sure yet.
4.    I’ve got to write an essay this weekend.
5.     I’ve got to clean my flat this weekend.
6.    I think Steve might be having a party tomorrow night.
7.     I’m supposed to be meeting some friends on Sunday for lunch, but I don’t know if I’ll feel up to it.
8.    I’ve got my mother coming round on Saturday afternoon.

3. Famous futures
1.      shall
2.    ‘ll
3.    ‘ll
4.    gonna


1. Collocations with go
The wrong collocations are:
1.      shopping tonight
2.    my friend up in Yorkshire
3.    shopping
4.    the pub
5.     driving
6.    some shopping

2. Vocabulary check
1.      c
2.    d
3.    a
4.    b
5.     f
6.    e
7.     h
8.    g

6. Idioms focus
a.     see
b.    devil
c.     choosers
d.     me
e.     present
f.       joking

1.      Long time no see
2.    no time like the present
3.    Rather you than me
4.    talk of the devil
5.     Beggars can’t be choosers

6.    You must be joking

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