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Rezolvarea exercitiilor din manualul de limba engleza intitulat NEW INSIDE OUT – Upper intermediate- Student’s Book, autori Sue Kay & Vaughan Jones, Editura Macmillan, Editia 2009



Exercise 1 Page 4

a – Millennium celebrations
b – First Moon landing
c – Death of Princess Diana
d – Beijing Olympics

Listening & Reading

Exercise 1 Page 5

Alec – b
Belinda – c
Chris – a
Dana – d

Exercise 2 Page 5

1.      used to think
2.    would live
3.    happened
4.    can ever happen

1.      annoyed
2.    believe
3.    think

1.      were standing
2.    had been waiting
3.    exploded
4.    had never seen
5.     felt

1.      visited
2.    had finished
3.    did
4.    had ever seen

Exercise 3 Page 5

When my brother was born; when I entered the university; when I visited the Disneyland.


Exercise 1 Page 5

a.     I’ve known
b.    I’ve had
c.     I was talking
d.     I like
e.     I’ve been learning
f.       I’ve gone
g.     I’d already met
h.    I used to have

Exercise 2 Page 5

a.     I’ve known Peter since I was five years old.
b.    I’ve had lunch with Tomas today.
c.     I was eating pizza just before the film started.
d.     I like Janet – she is my best friend.
e.     I’ve been learning Spanish since I was a child.

Exercise 3 Page 5 :
Unit 1 Exercises - page 133

a. remember; heard
b. I’ve seen
c. watched
d. think; was
e. used to; have changed
f. affected
g. ‘d never enjoyed; saw


Exercise 1 Page 6

- I think that clothes are very important.
- Yes, you’re right, but they are not the most important. In my opinion the manner also are important.
- Indeed. And the voice and the appearance, don’t you think?
- Yes, everything is important.

Exercise 2 Page 6

a.     designer
b.    bright
c.     round
d.     spiky
e.     strong
f.       charming
g.     warm
h.    deep

Exercise 3 Page 6

a.     handshake
b.    face
c.     smile
d.     eyes
e.     hair
f.       voice
g.     clothes
h.    manner


Exercise 1 Page 6

a.     They are English.
b.    They are working in NY.
c.     The conversation stops because the man felt embarrassed.

Exercise 2 Page 6

The man
The woman

is English.
is on holiday.
is working in New York.
works for a bank.
likes New York.
has been in New York a long time.
is an artist.
is from London.
was a good student.
left school in 1989.


Exercise 1 Page 7

Neither the man nor the woman is on holiday.
Both the man and the woman are working in New York.
The man is from London, and so is the woman.
Both the man and the woman left school in 1989.
Neither the man nor the woman was a good student.

Exercise 2 Page 7

a.     I was born in Brasov./ I was born in 1970s./ I was born in a small village.
b.    I’m not used to sleep late at night./ I’m not used to smoke./ I’m not used drink alcohol.
c.     I’m interested in Geography./ I’m interested in sport./ I’m interested in cooking.
d.     I used to smoke./ I used to play the piano./ I used to drive very fast.
e.     I’ve got a new house./ I’ve got a blue car./ I’ve got a new friend.
f.       I can’t swim./ I can’t dance./ I can’t fly.
g.     I’ve never been to Paris./ I’ve never been to New York./ I’ve never been to Sibiu.
h.    I’d like to go home./ I’d like to fly./ I’d like to get a good job.
i.       I hardly ever go to the market./ I hardly ever go shopping./ I hardly ever go home.

Grammar & Pronunciation

Exercise 1 Page 7

Positive statement – negative question tag
Negative statement – positive question tag
Rising intonation – asking a real question
Falling intonation – asking for agreement

Exercise 2 Page 7

a.     isn’t it
b.    aren’t I
c.     wasn’t it
d.     have you
e.     are they
f.       do you

Exercise 3 Page 7:
Exercises Page 132

a. So have I/ I haven’t
b. So I am/ I’m not
c. Me neither/ I do
d. So was I/ I wasn’t
e. So have I/ I haven’t
f. So did I/ I didn’t
g. Me neither/ I can
h. Me neither/ I would

a. aren’t you
b. isn’t it
c. can she
d. have we
e. mustn’t he
f. have they
g. shall we
h. will you

Speaking: anecdote

He is my uncle.
His name is John.
I met him at a family wedding.
I was twenty. He was fifty-two.
I was a student. He was an engineer.
We stayed at the same table.
Because he is so clever and knows a lot of things.
I learnt that in life I must have a lot of patience.
Now he works for a big company.
I saw him last time two months ago.


Exercise 2 Page 8


Exercise 3 Page 8

Controversy – e)
Early life – c)
Pop icon – a)
No plans to retire – b)
Motherhood – d)
Reinventing the brand – f)

Exercise 4 Page 8

a.     trademark
b.    on
c.     raised
d.     with
e.     date
f.       controversy
g.     criticism
h.    gracefully

Exercise 5 Page 8

My favourite singer is Celine Dion.


Exercise 1 Page 8

a.     do
b.    prepare
c.     erect
d.     think
e.     copy
f.       find

Grammar & Speaking

Exercise 3 Page 11

  1. Do you know where the cheapest clothes shop in town is?
  2. Do you think that cheap clothes are good value for money?
  3. Where do you think I can buy good jeans?
  4. I’d like to know if you have ever sewn a button on a shirt.
  5. Do you mind telling me how much money would you spend on a leather jacket?
  6. Could you tell me how many pairs of trainers have you got?
  7. Would you say that clothes and fashion matter to you?


Exercise 1 Page 11

a buckle: belt
buttons: shirt, blouse
a collar: shirt, blouse
cuffs: shirt, blouse
a hem: trousers, pyjamas
sleeves: shirt, coat, jacket
a zip: trousers, jeans, jacket

Exercise 2 Page 11

  1. off-the-cuff
  2. belt down
  3. as bright as a button
  4. collars
  5. tighten his belt
  6. on her sleeve

Useful phrases

Exercise 1 Page 12

  1. Rose, Ian and Mike are at the show.
  2. They are friends.
  3. Mike meets Sally at the bar.

Exercise 2 Page 12

  1. 2  Ian
  2. 3  Rose
  3. 6  Ian
  4. 5  Rose
  5. 1  Mike
  6. 4  Ian

Exercise 3 Page 12

a.     that woman
b.    in the
c.     spitting image
d.     look anything
e.     the same
f.       that smile
g.     a very
h.    no resemblance
i.       looking woman
j.       changed so

Exercise 4 Page 12

  1. the spinning image
  2. got the same eyes
  3. a distinctive way of walking.
  4. like her
  5. no resemblance to the rest of the family
  6. was an amazing-looking woman

Writing Extra

Exercise 3 Page 13

1 – j
2 – n
3 – k
4 – a
5 – g
6 – c
7 – l
8 – h
9 – i
10 – p
11 – m
12 - b
13 – o
14 – f
15 – e
16 – d

Exercise 4 Page 13

23 Flower Street
3rd March 2010

45 Johnson Street

Hello, George,
      Thank you for your letter. I received it yesterday and now I want to tell you a few things about me and my family.
      First of all I would like to tell you that I was born on 12th of February 1998 in Bucharest. My family is composed of four members: my mother (Mary, 45 years old), my father (Ken, 48 years old), my sister (Janet, 10 years old) and I. We love each other very much and spend a long time together.
      I go to a very good school which is close to our home. My teachers are great and there I learn a lot of new things. I meet my friends almost everyday and we do our homework together. Then we play some games.
       What about you? I’m waiting for your letter to tell me about your childhood, your family, school and town.

Your new pen friend

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