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Rezolvarea exercitiilor de la Unit 18: IT WAS A WARM EVENING din manualul la limba engleza pentru clasa a V-a intitulat SNAPSHOT - STARTER - Student's Book, Editura Longman, Autori Brian Abbs, Chris Barker si Ingrid FreebairnEditia 2001

SNAPSHOT - STARTER - Unit 18: It was a warm evening.

Snapshot - Starter - ex 1 / page 105

1. A: What's the weather like in Rome?
    B: It's warm and sunny. 
2. A: What's the weather like in Tokyo?
    B: It's raining. 
3. A: What's the weather like in London?
    B: It's cold. 
4. A: What's the weather like in Manchester?
    B: It's foggy. 
5. A: What's the weather like in Berlin?
    B: It's cloudy. 
6. A: What's the weather like in New York?
    B: It's snowing. 
7. A: What's the weather like in Las Vegas?
    B: It's hot. 
8. A: What's the weather like in Brighton?
    B: It's wet and windy. 

Snapshot - Starter - ex 7 / page 107

1. c
2. e
3. a
4. h
5. f
6. b
7. d
8. g

Snapshot - Starter - ex 8 / page 107

1. went
2. left
3. was
4. decided
5. heard
6. turned
7. saw
8. came
9. asked
10. looked
11. hit
12. fell
13. took
14. shout
15. ran

1. A: What time did he leave the restaurant?
    B: He left the reastaurant at 11 o'clock.
2. A: What  did he ldo then?
    B: He walked along the beach.
3. A: What did he hear?
    B: He heard a noise.
4. A: What did he see?
    B: He saw three boys.
5. A: What did one boy do?
    B: One boy came up to him and hit him.
6. A: What did the man do?
    B: He looked down at his watch.
7. A: What did the other boy do?
    B: The other boy took his wallet.
8. A: What time did it happen next?
    B: The man shout for help and the boys ran away.

Snapshot - Starter - ex 9 / page 108

1. C
2. E
3. B
4. D
5. A

Snapshot - Starter - AFTER THE MUGGING/ page 109

Cu rosu veti gasi partea care lipseste din text.

Imaginea 1:

Where are the children?
Maybe they missed the bus.

Imaginea 2
I'm going to call the police.

Imaginea 3
Where were you?

Imaginea 4
There was a mugging.
Did you see it?

Imaginea 5
And the ambulance took the man to hospital. 
And I made a statement to the police.

Imaginea 6:                      
We came home in a police car.

Imaginea 7
Would you like a cup of hot chocolate, daniel?

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