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Rezolvarea exercitiilor din manualul de limba engleza pentru clasa IX intitulat OUTCOMES UPPER-INTERMEDIATE, Editura Heinle Cengage Learning, Autori Hugh Dellar, Andrew Walkley, Editia 2011




  1. People network to build up business contacts.
  2. The opposite of upholding a decision is overturning a decision.
  3. Jobs which might be emotionally draining often involve troubled people e.g. social worker.
  4. People bluff when they have bad cards and they want to convince their opponents their cards are good (e.g. at poker)
  5. A person, a car, a computer could be temperamental, I.e. mood-changing or unreliable.
  6. It’s good if cancer goes into remission.
  7. People flee an area because there is war, an earthquake or a flood.
  8. You might need a skin graft when you have burns.
  9. A drain/ sink could clog/ clog-up with mud, food or rubbish.
  10. If a town or city is sacked it is attacked and valuable goods are destroyed/ stolen.
  11. You could confess to a crime, an accident (when you broke something), a n affair, etc.
  12. Hare Krishna is a chant. There are also football/ sport chants.
  13. If a team is relegated, it goes down to the next division. The opposite is promoted.
  14. You might glare at someone who has been rude.
  15. Shops might get looted during a war or after a natural disaster.


Step 1
1.      We’re all in the same situation.
2.    He’s teasing you.
3.    I’ve been terribly busy.
4.    Maybe you can show me around and explain how things work?
5.     It was unnecessarily cruel and direct.
6.    He is more aggressive verbally than physically.
7.     I don’t think he’s contributing enough.
8.    I had to stop myself from saying what I wanted to say.
9.    It’s a way of making a change from one stage of life to another.
10.      She is secretive.
11.  They keep changing the rules or parameters.
12.Let me check what you mean.
13. We are being used by more powerful people.
14.Her parents are separated or divorced.
15. It’s up to you/ It’s your decision.


Exercise A
a.     Speaker 5
b.     Speaker 2
c.      Speaker 1
d.     -
e.      Speaker 3
g.     Speaker 4

Exercise B
a.     -
b.     Speaker 3
d.     Speaker 5
e.      Speaker 1
f.       Speaker 2
g.     Speaker 4

Exercise A
  1. Under no circumstances are you to leave your post unattended.
  2. If it hadn’t been for my old Chemistry teacher, I wouldn’t be working here now!
  3. Only after a full enquiry did we understand the full horror of the incident.
  4. That can’t have been much fun. I would’ve gone crazy if it’d happened to me.
  5. I wouldn’t work for that firm even if the money was amazing.
  6. It was awful. My phone went off while I was being interviewed.
  7. I can’t believe he failed. He must be feeling dreadful now.
  8. I don’t mind you answering the call in class as long as it’s quick.
Exercise B
    1. shouldn’t have been texting
    2. can’t have been feeling well
    3. no sooner had I started there
    4. at no time did he
    5. a day goes by without
    6. ‘m not very adept

Language patterns

1.      be
2.    longer
3.    better
4.    from
5.     worse
6.    more

1.       on
2.      of
3.      for
4.      of
5.      on
6.      on
7.      to
8.     on

1.       civilian
2.      conservative
3.      malignant
4.      significant
5.      good
6.      quick
7.      privileged
8.     substantial

Missing words
1.       impact
2.      grasp
3.      award
4.      spiral
5.      hand

1.       draw up
2.      retain
3.      put forward
4.      exacerbate
5.      bypass
6.      administer
7.      forge
8.     cite

Forming words

1.      findings
2.    redundancy
3.    occurrence
4.    dealings
5.     scarcity
6.    recurrent
7.     workers


1.      C hurdles
2.    B transition
3.    C formality
4.    B rigorous
5.     C painstaking
6.    A leadership
7.     C witty
8.    A delegate

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