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Rezolvarea exercitiilor din manualul de limba engleza pentru clasa IX intitulat OUTCOMES UPPER-INTERMEDIATE, Editura Heinle Cengage Learning, Autori Hugh Dellar, Andrew Walkley, Editia 2011




  1. You might feel rough because you are tired, ill or hungover.
  2. If you were mortified you would feel very embarrassed.
  3. Authors, musicians and artists are all paid royalties.
  4. If someone holds a grudge, they feel bitter about something done against them in the past, and possibly seek revenge.
  5. A murder or violent crime might be described as cold-blooded.
  6. If fighting escalates, it increases and gets more violent.
  7. A politician might seize power by staging a coup.
  8. If something is prevalent, there is a lot of it.
  9. You could devise a plan, a scheme, a set of rules, etc.
  10. A political party or country with financial interests in the country at war might have a vested interest in a war continuing.
  11. Examples: there is a negative correlation between income and birth rate: the richer the country, the lower the birth rate. A positive correlation might be: there is a positive correlation and getting good jobs.
  12. You could manipulate figures, statistics or a person to prove a point or get what you want.
  13. A mountainous and rocky landscape is rugged.
  14. Someone might butt in (interrupt) when you are having a conversation with someone else and you might feel annoyed.
  15. Rodents (e.g. mice, rats, hamsters) gnaw.


1.      He was mad, drunk or under the influence of drugs.
2.    I couldn’t sleep.
3.     We couldn’t stop laughing.
4.    He was very upset.
5.     We need to forgive and forget.
6.    You can see signs of something – usually bad – about to happen.
7.     We are at risk of things deteriorating in the future.
8.    The research is flawed.
9.    You’re being inaccurate about what I said.
10.      I didn’t get a chance to speak.
11.  Don’t drop hints – speak directly.
12.Can you say what your main point is?
13. I got used to it.
14.He was teasing someone.
15. It was incredible.


1.     Predators and Prey
2.     overwhelming
3.     photo journalism
4.     make new connections and get insights
5.     taking photos of construction projects
6.     was threatening wetland
7.     vested interests
8.     of relaxing
9.     lion
10. people’s protests

Exercise A
1.      I did go to several shops, but they weren’t on sale anywhere.
2.    It’s an adventure story, based on his travel experiences.
3.     I occasionally wish I did something else, but generally I like my job.
4.    The disease is believed to have a genetic component.
5.     We won’t be gone that long, will we?
6.    They’re building a thirty-five-storey office clock which is due to open next year.
7.     I wish I’d said something, but I didn’t.
8.    The device can withstand high temperatures after being treated with the special paint.

Exercise B
1.      ended up being thrown out
2.      If only I hadn’t sold
3.      so am I
4.      I didn’t live
5.      have two teeth taken out
6.      prize-winning economist

Language patterns

1.      usual
2.    hardly
3.     all
4.    as
5.     that
6.    had

1.      into
2.      around
3.      out
4.      from
5.      of
6.      on
7.      for
8.      to

1.      fertile
2.      sparse
3.      fierce
4.      flawed
5.      stuffed
6.      arid
7.      adverse
8.      elaborate

Missing words
1.      called
2.      issue
3.      plot
4.      murmurs
5.      track

1.      establish
2.      express
3.      draw
4.      gain
5.      claim
6.      carry out
7.      diminish
8.      grasp

Forming words

1.      fatalities
2.    frantically
3.     exploratory
4.    settlement
5.     resolutions
6.    underlying
7.     harassment


1.      C boasted
2.    A traces
3.     B insight
4.    A endorse
5.     A freely
6.    A down
7.     C memoir
8.    B appeal

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