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Rezolvarea exercitiilor din manualul de limba engleza pentru clasa XI si XII intitulat INNOVATIONS UPPER-INTERMEDIATE Second Edition, Editura Heinle Cengage Learning, Autori Hugh Dellar si Darryl Hocking 



2. Not as often as I used to
1. often
2. time
3. often
4. every
5. Whenever
6. couple
7. ever
8. used

4. How- questions
1. long
2. far
3. long ago
4. much
5. long
6. well
7. hard/difficult/easy
8. often
9. many
10. worried


They have less in common than they think.


1. Grammar in context
The incorrect responses are:
1. So have I
2. Me too
3. Neither do I
4. Neither have I
5. So do I
6. Me neither

3. Auxiliary verb practice
1. So do I
2. Neither do I
3. So am I
4. So have I
5. Neither do I
6. So would I
7. So was I
8. Neither can I


1. Not really keen
1. b
2. f
3. a
4. e
5. d
6. c
The examples of really in this exercise are:
a. It’s not really my kind of thing/ I don’t really understand.
b. Really? I’m not really very keen on them myself.
c. It’s not really my kind of thing.
d. I don’t really like things like that myself.
e. I’m not really that keen on …
f. It’s not really my kind of thing.

1. winter sports
2. have fun
3. interested in politics
4. It’s not my kind of thing.
5. get hurt
6. classical music
7. I don’t see the point of it.
8. It put me off for life.


1. Idioms focus
1. cup
2. street
3. own
4. taste
5. accounting
a. There’s no accounting for taste. Oh well, each to their own.
b. It’s not really my cup of tea.
c. It should be right up your street.
d. It’s an acquired taste.

3. Expressions with thing
1. one thing after another
2. I don’t know the first thing about
3. It’s just one of those things
4. It’s just not the done thing
5. the thing is

6. for one thing

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