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Rezolvarea exercitiilor din manualul de limba engleza intitulat FCE GOLD PLUS – Student’s Book, autori Rawdon Wyatt with Jacky Newbrook and Judith Wilson, Editura Longman, Editia 2008


Exercise 1 Page 127

1.      The battery of my mobile phone needs refilling recharging.
2.    The two stars were upset at being snapped by journalism journalists during their honeymoon.
3.    I need to do make an urgent phone call.
4.    She claims she never says tells lies.
5.     You shouldn’t speak say bad things about people in your family.
6.    It doesn’t matter how what you look like here.
7.     Several people dropped out of the project before the end.
8.    The shop sells microwaves, toasters and other types of kitchen equipments equipment.
9.    The school has excellent facility facilities, including a swimming pool and computer centre.
10.   The design of the new library is spectacle spectacular.
11.  Lucy carried out an interesting experiment.
12.My grandmother was always very supporting supportive of me, and helped me a lot.
13.I don’t feel confidence confident about making a speech.
14.I can’t make up my mind what to wear tonight.
15. Scientists can be rather unaccurate inaccurate in their predictions.

Exercise 2 Page 127

  1. That must be a photograph of my grandmother when she was young.
  2. You could try with looking on the Internet.
  3. Ben might have been abroad in 2006.
  4. Once personal computers had been developed, their use it spread quickly.
  5. It’s likely that you will be offered the job if your qualifications are satisfactory.
  6. I’ve found the book that you left it at school.
  7. The town where I used to live in hasn’t changed much.
  8. If I have a headache, I take an aspirin.
  9. We’d get there more quickly if she took the car.
  10. You won’t make me to change my mind.
  11. It’s high time Benjy had his dinner.
  12. When we were little, we were use to go to bed very early.
  13. I have two brothers who are both older than me.
  14. Surely you needn’t go yet?
  15. You need to check his work carefully.

Exercise 3 Page 127

  1. different (touched up = improved, enlarged = made bigger)
  2. different (can’t be = it is not possible, don’t have to be = it is not necessary)
  3. same
  4. same
  5. different (would get = habit in the past)
  6. same
  7. different (I like = a real situation, I’d like = a possibility or imaginary situation for the future)
  8. different (tried to record = made an effort to record and perhaps did not succeed, tried recording = recorded it to see what would happen)
  9. different (sister’s son = nephew, not uncle)
  10. same
  11. different (received a lot of encouragement from Cindy = Cindy encouraged him)
  12. same
  13. same
  14. different (fit – size, suit = style/colour)
  15. same

Exercise 4 Page 128

  1. D
  2. A
  3. C
  4. B
  5. A
  6. A
  7. B
  8. C
  9. A
  10. D
  11. A
  12. C

Exercise 5 Page 128

  1. themselves
  2. by
  3. its
  4. to
  5. in
  6. someonee/ somebody/ anyonee/ anybody
  7. up
  8. than
  9. only
  10. the
  11. there
  12. as

Exercise 6 Page 129

  1. practical
  2. easily
  3. healthy
  4. artistic
  5. creativee
  6. actions
  7. thought
  8. unusual
  9. memorise
  10. difficulty

Exercise 7 Page 129

  1. to give up
  2. is capable of succeeding
  3. (really) wish I could
  4. been a rise in
  5. you must have passed
  6. don’t/ do not need to
  7. ‘m/ am getting used to it, ‘m/am getting to like it
  8. was worn by

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