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Rezolvarea exercitiilor de la Unit 12 din caietul de limba engleza pentru clasa a VI-a intitulat WAY AHEAD 6 - Workbook, Editura Macmillan, Autori Printha Ellis si Mary Bowen, New Edition 2005

UNIT 12 Lesson 1:

Cold weather: fur coat, scarf, snow boots, gloves, jumper
Hot weather: swimsuit, shorts, sandals, sunglasses
Wet weather: umbrella, rubber boots, raincoat

  1. She told me to wear a jumper.
  2. She told me not to forget my swimsuit.
  3. He told me to take my gloves.
  4. He told me not to forget some boots.
  5. She told me to remember my sandals.
  6. He told me to bring a scarf.

In winter I like to wear short and T-shirts because the weather is hot. My favourite T-shirt is of red colour and it has many blue stars on it. It is very comfortable and I like it a lot.

Unit 12 lesson 2

She said that we were arriving on July 20th.
She told Samia that she was really excited.
She said she couldn’t wait to meet me.
She told Samia she had some new summer clothes.
She said we went camping here too.
She told Samia she didn’t have a tent.

  1. Samia told Sally to pack some summer dresses.
  2. She told her not to forget her passport.
  3. She told her not to bring a lot of money.
  4. She told her to learn a few words of Arabic.
  5. She told her to bring her sunglasses.
  6. She told her to buy some sandals.
  7. She remembered her to pack her swimsuit.
  8. She told her not to worry about bringing a tent.
  9. She told her not to miss the plane.
  10. She told her to have a good journey.

Unit 12 lesson 3

  1. the snow can slide off.
  2. they reflect the sun.
  3. they stay cool inside.

  1. Houses have steep roofs so that snow can slide off.
  2. Houses are painted white so that they stay cool inside.
  3. Adobe huts have grass roofs so that cool breezes come in.
  4. Asian houses are built on stilts so that they reflect the sun.
  5. Nomads roll up the sides of their tents so that they do not flood.
  6. People build skyscrapers so that many people can live in a small space.

  1. Houses have large windows so that the light can get in.
  2. Windows have curtains so that the sun can’t come inside.
  3. Some windows have shutters so that the rain doesn’t touch the glass of the window.
  4. Some houses have chimneys so that the smoke to get out.
  5. Skyscrapers have lifts so that we can get to the upper floors faster.

Unit 12 lesson 4

A, C, B, C, A

  1. Because they were easy to put up, take down and carry.
  2. They use it to stay dry and warm.
  3. I think it was cold without any source of heat.
  4. No, I wouldn’t like to live in a teepee, because it is very small.
  5. I don’t know anything about other nomadic people.

Unit 12 study skills

  1. centuries
  2. knives
  3. sheep
  4. mice
  5. women
  6. The leaves were falling from the trees.
  7. Sue likes going to birthday parties.
  8. Bob has not brushed his teeth yet.
  9. Meg has not seen the deer in the wood.
  10. A space ship has gone to the moon.

1.      heavy traffic
2.      serious illness
3.      natural disaster
4.      happy ending
5.      fast food
6.      deep sleep
7.      heavy traffic
8.      natural disaster
9.      serious illness
10.  fast food
11.  deep sleep
12.  happy ending

Unit 13 Composition

Buddy’s guitar
Buddy got a guitar for his birthday and he wanted to play it. First he went to the living room and he sat down and started to sing. His father was watching TV. He can’t hear anything at the TV because of the noise made by the guitar, so he told the boy to go into his room.
Buddy went into his room. His brother was there, at the table trying to do his homework. So he couldn’t play the guitar there either.

He went downstairs and started to play. His mother was there and she told him that his song is very nice but she has a very bad headache. So he stops playing the guitar again. He is very disappointed that he can’t play music anywhere in the house. So that he takes his guitar and went out. He sat on a bench in the garden and nobody disturbed him any more. Now he is very happy!

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