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Rezolvarea exercitiilor de la Unit 10 din caietul de limba engleza pentru clasa a VI-a intitulat WAY AHEAD 6 - Workbook, Editura Macmillan, Autori Printha Ellis si Mary Bowen, New Edition 2005

UNIT 10 Lesson 1:

  1. g
  2. e
  3. a
  4. d
  5. h
  6. c
  7. m
  8. f

  1. T
  2. T
  3. F
  4. F
  5. T
  6. T

  1. If you eat a lot of fried food, you will be very fat.
  1. You will not have good teeth if you eat lots of sweets and ice cream.

Body-building foods: chicken, milk, rice, bread, biscuits, beef, cheese
Energy-giving foods: chocolate
Foods containing vitamins: bananas, carrots, grapes, tomatoes

Unit 10 lesson 2

  1. will harm, eat
  2. do not eat, will not be
  3. boil, will lose
  4. will get, take
  5. drink, will keep

  1. you eat much chocolate.
  2. you make sport.
  3. you will be sick.
  4. you don’t eat sweets.
  5. you will get sick.
  6. you will be healthy.

  1. overweight
  2. chocolate bar
  3. boil, fry, steam
  4. fish, eggs, lamb
  5. fig, pineapple, vitamins
  6. onion, lettuce, bean
  7. energy

the odd one out: DATE

Unit 10 lesson 3

  1. The child is tired. He is late for school.
  2. He is fat. He eats too much chocolate.
  3. She starts a new school and she doesn’t have any friends. She should meet them at her house.
  4. He doesn’t clean his room. His mother is angry with him.

2. his teacher wouldn’t be angry.
3. his teeth would be healthier.
4. she could sleep better.
5. he would get slim.
6. she would solve the problem with her eyes.

Unit 10 lesson 4

  1. had tried, would have felt
  2. had eaten, would have been
  3. would have done, had been able to
  4. would have lost, had taken
  5. would have looked, had not bitten

  1. If he had gone to bed earlier, he would have been able to wake up early in the morning.
  2. If Jane had asked her teacher to explain her the lesson, she would have gotten a good mark at the test.
  3. If you hadn’t eaten so many sweets, you would have been so fat now.
  4. If you had asked your teacher to lend you some books, you would have had the chance to read more.
  5. If they had been more careful, they wouldn’t have forgotten to do their homework.
  6. If she had brushed her teeth more often, she wouldn’t have had problems with them.

Unit 10 study skills

African grasslands, zebras, giraffes, lions, meat eaters, grass and leaves

  1. through – flew
  2. hole – foal
  3. seal – wheel
  4. sort – note
  5. friend – mend
  6. thieves – leaves
  7. flower – hour
  8. boat - note

Unit 10 composition

Dear Laura,
I know you are having some problems at the moment because you have just moved to another school.
It is not easy to change things in life but you have to get used to it. You can do a few things to make your life happier. One of them is to make new friends. If you can do this, it is going to be fine. Try to tell your colleagues about you and your home village. They will be curious to find out new things and they will become your friends.
I know you miss your pet friends too. In a flat it is pretty hard to grow an animal. You can go to the zoo and there you will see a lot of animals.
Please try to be positive and think about the good things near you. When you have some free time, please send me a letter and tell me about you and your new life there.

Love, Uncle Bob

Unit 10 revision

  1. fed
  2. chased
  3. built
  4. given
  5. cut
  6. driven

  1. The girl is being given a present.
  2. The boy is being chased by the dog.
  3. The car is being driven by a monkey.
  4. A house is being built in the forest.
  5. The seals are being fed by the man.
  6. Sue’s hair is being cut by her mom.

  1. was being swept; arrived
  2. went; was still being cleaned
  3. was being mended; broke
  4. walked; was being followed.

  1. I will swim in the sea.
  2. he will watch TV.
  3. I will be twenty

  1. It is going to fall!
  2. It is going to be broken!
  3. It is going to bark!

  1. He could rest for a while but I think he should go to the doctor.
  2. He could tell him what happened but I think he should buy him a new one.
  3. They could postpone their homework but I think they should do both of them.

Mrs Brown must go shopping and phone Grandma.
Mrs Brown out to do the ironing and clean the car.

  1. An artist is someone who plays a role at the theatre.
  2. Astronauts are persons who fly in the space.
  3. A vacuum cleaner is a device which cleans the dust.
  4. An explorer is someone who explores new places.

  1. up; into
  2. after
  3. down; on
  4. up; with

  1. are; will miss
  2. rains; won’t go
  3. exercised; would
  4. did; would be able

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